10 years ago, the Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay was first presented to us

Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto is one of the largest IP in the gaming industry. GTA 5 is the last game of the franchise, and in the next two years another game is expected to exit.

The franchise has always offered a high -quality gameplay with the open world. GTA 5 is perhaps the best part of the franchise, and it continues to enjoy unsurpassed success in the gaming industry.

Although the game has not yet reached its 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games showed the first GTA gameplay 5 ten years ago – July 9, 2013.

A gameplay video introduces an overgrown open world of the latest version of Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar. It shows several diverse locations covering areas such as mountains, oceans and other parts of Los Santos.

Rockstar also introduced three playable characters in a gameplay video. For the first time in GTA 5, several characters were represented, each of which has unique personal qualities and several distinctive game abilities.

A few months after the show of this video, the game was officially released for PS3 and Xbox 360. More than a year later, it was released for the PC and consoles of the new generation, which made it even more successful.

The game received an extraordinary reception from the industry and won various awards. In addition, this release has become a record for Rockstar Games: today GTA 5 has been sold in an amount of more than 180 million copies.

After incredible launch, Rockstar introduced in the game GTA Online. This mode continues to receive updates to this day, supporting the latest Grand Auto game on modern platforms.

The success of the game turned it into a real giant of the industry, which led to extremely high expectations regarding the next Grand Theft Auto release from Rockstar. Perhaps Rockstar will remember the anniversary and show us the first trailer Grand Theft Auto 6?