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Blizzard shares the details of the next update for Diablo 4, where the power will be returned to Varvara and Mag

As promised, developers from Blizzard Studios are starting to work on their own mistakes. The studio published a long list of changes in the next large patch for Diablo 4, which will be released only in a week. In the role action, they are going to improve the class of barbarian and magician, as well as process monsters.

Blizzard published a complete list of notes for updating version 1.1.1 for Diablo 4. This patch is designed to mainly fix the problematic launch of the first season in the game and improve the overall balance of the gameplay, including all classes and some features of monsters. The developers deliberately shared all the changes in advance so that all players could openly share their impressions of innovations.

List of changes in version 1.1.1 for Diablo 4 turned out to be huge, below we give only the main points of the patch:

  • Magician – improved survival at the end of the game, mainly due to abilities in the section of improvement.
  • Balanced some class mechanics.
  • For Barbara, the accumulation of rage in basic skills and the strength of unique objects has been increased.
  • Strengthened assemblies that do not reach a high power level.
  • Increased options for using legendary objects and other effects that are too dependent on the situation.
  • Bosses above 60 levels will have more health. Examples:
  • Bosses of the 60th level and below remain unchanged.
  • Bosses of the 80th level have 50% more health.
  • Bosses at the level of 100 have 100% increase in health.
  • In bosses of 120th level, health is increased by 120%.
  • In bosses of 150-level and higher health increased by 150%.

A full list of changes in patches can be found on the official website. Version 1.1.1 will be available on August 8, and until then players can share their opinions regarding improvements in the balance sheet.

We will remind, earlier it became known how much the poor start of the first season in Diablo 4 on the developers themselves influenced. As it turned out, Blizzard is now busy searching for a new gameplay designer.

Starfield information leaks disappointed one of Bethesda employees

It’s no secret that the last creation of Bethesda, Starfield is the subject of universal attention. Each fan in the game sphere is looking forward to the release of this space role -playing game. This is felt in theories that fans build, and in lively discussions on social networks, and even in the statements of popular personalities, such as, for example, Post Malone and others.

However, within a few weeks preceding the solemn presentation of Starfield, which will take place on September 6, a certain tension is felt. The basis of this tension is the leakage of information. From screenshots of intra -game messages to someone’s thoughts after the first 15 hours, which should be under NDA, and, especially noteworthy, details about game achievements – unauthorized and very early disclosure of information caused an ambiguous reaction.

On the one hand, leaks are not harmful. At least for now. The latest details do not violate the essence of the game – gamers have yet to be convinced of this on their own experience. However, this point of view is not universal. Obviously, as the release day approaches, more and more leaks will appear that can ruin the key surprises, carefully thought out by the Bethesda team.

In his statement, which caused a wide resonance, Matt Frery, the director of Bethesda on public relations, frankly expressed his rejection of such leaks.

Without touching Starfield directly, he drew a bright picture: the thorough efforts that developers invest in any project can be nullified by unreasonable exposures. However, in the era, when the information is currency, large editions often use leaks bypassing the embargo, closing on an insatiable thirst for the public to get a fresh sensation.

However, to blame the publications for doing their job is also wrong. The root of the problem lies in another – in the methods of encryption Bethesda Game Studio and/or in its decision to propose preliminary download at such an early stage, presumably in an attempt to get reviews before the release date of Starfield in the early access.

What is even worse, Bethesda seems to give out press copies to little-known personalities, even with an unverified track record. It is possible that someone takes a chance to violate the NDA, not knowing about the consequences, and all in order to become popular.

Since the announcement of Starfield, they joked that this is a typical Bethesda game – an amazing experience with the expected degree of errors and problems. But those who have been daring enough to penetrate into the bowels of the cosmos, into the territory full of spoilers, will find that very little is said about the problems of the game in leaks, if even at all.

In this case, unintentional leaks serve as a potential and, more importantly, organic marketing tool. It can even be argued that Bethesda itself drains some details. Most likely, this does not happen, but, apparently, this is possible – the more people say about Starfield, the better, in the end.

For the game community, leaks can cause mixed feelings: the delight of obtaining the first information or disappointment from the fact that the key points were spoiled. But for developers, they represent a violation of trust and a potential threat to many years of work.

The release of the new game from Todd Howard will be held on September 6 on PC and consoles Xbox Series S | X. By the way, the game can be won on our website, and you can find out about how to get more bonuses here.

Gamesvoice studio has released the fourth diary of the Russian voice acting Hogwarts Legacy

Gamesvoice studio a month ago held a gameplay demonstration of the English voice acting of the role -playing game Hogwarts Legacy, and today the team published a new video day about how the studio works on English localization.

The fourth video from the planned cycle of English voice acting diaries Hogwarts Legacy will show the process of voice acting and show new actors.

The time has come for a more detailed acquaintance with participating actors. So, you will find out who gave the voice to the ancestor of Olivander, how the centaurs sound in English, and that in the case of Ominis we acted for sure!

Well done for 2 million rubles)

What did you want? This is a very difficult work, and they gathered just gold, the voices of legends that could not be heard not to hear the voice actors. Yes, and the voice acting will be better than the original English since Gamevoice reacted with trepidation to fans.

And in your opinion, a doshas should work for a pack ? .

The most important thing is that Sebastian sounds, most of the rest of the dialogs still squeeze the hunt)

That’s exactly, it would be better if these dialogues were a cat scenes where the character would have at least some kind of character instead of these polite boring phrases

KAEF! Hogwarts sounds in English incomparable, divine, no words. It would be more likely to play in a normal beautiful English language and forget about the English original as a terrible dream of a student Hogwarts.

I will go once again, I really liked the voice acting

Fire, I’ll wait for a discount, and I will take it for myself)

they found the actor of the voice acting like their character?)

Red Dead Redemption 2 would still be voiced by the same composition and there would be a straight fairy tale!

Thanks for the labors! Will wait.

You will have to get used to new voices. But it’s still good that they are alien not from the neural network.

The neural network of the scourge of mankind. This technology will still come to people.

Acting labor is not leading to many gamers, since in addition to the game where most of the life passes, they have no time to develop their consciousness and mind. Therefore, a fee for actors can only call them a redneck.

It will not be a pity in the consoles of the translation

Another minus of the consoles, what to do.

Gather yourself PC yourself, 1) Start with the purchase of the MOTSA, preferably with a video man for the first time, 2) motherboard, 3) RAM, 4) SSD, 5) BP can be taken for the first time, an inexpensive cooler for the processor, and then you can save it on RTX -4090😊

Then already at 5090, why is this a jam on which almost all modern games are slowing down

One word – well done.

It’s good that children are called children. Another option, when children’s voices are portrayed by adults, breaks the atmosphere of games.

Well, it is subjective, I like it more when adults portray children

Yes damn, I’m just pouring right now, I play Valgalla and atm children disgusting

In the assassins a priori, the voice acting of secondary and background characters was always so -so, and sometimes there were even the same voices of rather poor quality

I don’t think so, not always.

Uraaaa, Vlad Kopp, my favorite voice!

How good a caste is, I just can’t believe it!

Honestly, the majority of English voice acting is better than the original.The original voice acting was not very good.I think if Andrei Yaroslavtsev would be alive. He would be called here.

I see young actors pull up.

Cool! Look forward to!

It’s cool that we undertook to saw their voice acting, but there is one but.

Such a voice acting has a huge minus, unlike the official translation – the character is voiced in the blind t.e. not visible the circumstance of not the facial expressions at the time of the recording. As far as I know from the personal lapet (I was a witness to the studio for one project), the voice actor not only reads the text, but also looks after the scene of what is happening in order to feel the essence. Because of this, many voice acts made on outsource and not in the developer studio – without a sound engineer familiar with the stage, voice acting and it turns out by.

Let’s hope that the dudes had the one who went through the game and looked at all the remarks to understand the essence of the scenes..)

Very good, already in thongs sat down from tenderness. The release date was proudly silent?)))

The game itself is a big Masonic vyser. The whole game will look at you in a bad eye in a triangle.

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The creator of Fallout spoke about his regrets related to the development of the dilogy

The veteran of the industry and one of the creators of the cult Fallout talked about what he is most regretted in the development of a post -apocalyptic series.

Kane’s video was the answer to the question of one of the subscribers of the former developer. It was about what elements of the series the developer regrets the most. The co -founder Troika Games indicated one at a time "Unfortunately", related to the first and second Fallout.

If you played in the debut part of the series, then are undoubtedly familiar with Yan – one of the first companions of the player. Partly because the former guard guard had a tendency to attack the allies, which caused the hostility of some fans.

As it turned out, Jan also annoyed Kane, who considered him a symptom of a more serious problem – the underdevelopment of the artificial intelligence of the team members.

Companions appeared in the first Fallout closer to the end of the development of the game, and the developers did not have much time to add their AI.

At first, the hero’s companions even used the almost unchanging script developed for the NPC, and their actions practically boil down to following the hero and respond to the hostility of the hero in relation to other characters or "Mobam" in Game. In fact, the situation did not change before the release of Fallout, and the partners used scripts of one of the enemies.

As a result, the game was not able to influence companions (and generally on NPC) with simple teams like "Wait" or "Fasten", But at the same time, the partners ignored the presence of the allies in the attack. The enemy supermutant, mowing with his lord from the minigan, was funny, but it was not up to fun, when Yang did the same with them from his submachine gun.

Fallout has many things that are funny in enemies, but not when your combat comrades do it. Yang with his own "Ultrasound" – A great example.

At this moment, Kane realized that the fighting was only the top of the iceberg of problems with AI in the first part of the series. The teams were one of many elements that the developer did not have time to realize before Fallout. And only in Arcanum most of these ideas were applied (including pumping).

Regret the creator about the sequel is completely different. The world Fallout 2 was supposed to include another location and fraction: the abbey of lost knowledge, which was supposed to be located north of the city of Guley Gekko.

This is not the first information about the existence of such a place. Mention of him is found in the guide to F2 and in "Bible" Fallout (2002) – a collection of documentation on the first two parts of the series published by Chris Avellon.

The abbey would have become a kind of alternative to the brotherhood: an organization honored the past, but not interested in dominance and artifacts. It will collect drawings, books and other items to maintain ancient wisdom. This wisdom will not be jealously protected: anyone can look here if it shares their knowledge, for example, about how objects from the collection of abbey work.

It was assumed that Kane would design the abbey at the very beginning of the development of Fallout 2. And just early this idea was discarded. It was assumed that it would be more likely "Direct tribute" Roman Walter M. Miller "Passion on Leibovitsa", that served as a source of inspiration for Fallout, as well as an attempt to explore as differently (t.e. Compared to brotherhood) "The group could relate to the old world and its technologies".

In addition, Kane was intrigued by how such "Pacifist" The organization will be able to survive in the brutal world of the post -apocalypse. This would be manifested in the execution of quests (the search for information about technology, magazines, plans, etc.D.) but also would lead to a conflict with the brotherhood (although Kane never specified how this story would develop).

It is interesting that the abbey could also be a reason for the introduction of crafting and a place where players could draw information. However, here Kane did not have time to come up with anything concrete, since the location went into garbage even before he left the company (as the creator was talking about in May videos).

As for the reasons for the removal, Kane is not sure, but claims that the team had "less than a year" to create a game that would be much more than the original Fallout. Adding an abbey with his own quests and, possibly, an overly large role in the plot of the game would be too much work for developers who have already experienced a lack of time.

Media: Naughty Dog took place, and The Last of US Factions is frozen

The wave of dismissal, which covered the playing industry, seemed to be no longer bypassed, and, according to Kotaku sources, the turn of the Naughty Dog came: they came under the blow "least" 25 developers (developers, art department and, most in the quality control team).

Of course, 25 developers in Naughty Dogs are only 5-6% of the total number of employees, but dismissed employees, as well as all other Naughty Dog employees, is prohibited from discussing reductions. According to information, contracts with fired developers will be valid until the end of October.

And the last, but no less important: The Last of US Factions continues to burn in the production hell, so that now the project is practically frozen.

However, representatives of the Naughty Dog and the game unit have not yet confirmed, but have not refuted information about the dismissal.

"Naughty Dog employees are prohibited from discussing abbreviations"

This is called freedom, you were thrown out of work, but it is impossible to talk about it – illegally, but probably not those who supported the pi *** style in the game and the pumped up crocodiles were surely left how to drink how to drink!

But the rights of minorities are defended))

Where nda works differently?

Capitalism is the same everywhere.

I already realized that you are with your head sewn and you take the information to hell, understand where.

1) in the States of the State. Capitalism and large capital is closely connected with the government. And lobbying laws for denyuzhka is a normal practice.
2) In America, prices are indicated excluding tax and the same iPhone with a price of $ 1000 you will not buy. In each state, with a direct purchase, tax on top will be accrued on it, as well as any other purchase. It’s just that our prices are already indicated taking into account VAT, which is easier for perception.

3) Nobody planted on a shitty green piece of paper, yes. It’s just that she was once tied to gold, and then sharply stopped when they had already invested in it (the Bretton Wood Conference, the story of Charles de Golem). And there was also a Lend-Lease for bucks, IMFs and borrowing loans (which eventually turned out to be worse than microloans with us). In short there are many factors. Including inciting color revolutions throughout the globe, and then requisitions with resources and penny work force for "support in due time".

4) alternatively dressed, we did not close from the world. This world closed from us. As in the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. The iron curtain did not fall over the USSR, and democratic countries arranged a trade blockade in relation to the USSR as a tool for containing economic and industrial growth.(Which once again shows that the story is cyclic).

I could paint everything in more detail for each presentation, but I’m afraid this is a waste of time.

New Clip Perfect New World demonstrates a flight

As you may remember (or not to remember), the flight system in the original Perfect World was one of the best, most impressive and favorite elements in Mmorpg.

Therefore, there could be no question that Perfect New World (coming "Nekst-Gen" and the sequel Perfect World) was deprived of this function. Below you will see a 16-second trailer advertising the flight system for the Perfect New World.

By the way, the developers also recently released another short clip that demonstrates "City of Dreams" Dragolis, in which you will find everything you can imagine.

If this is not enough for you, recently developers released an 8-minute gameplay that will give you a greater idea of ​​the game.

Meanwhile, I remind you that the beta test Perfect New World starts this week, May 4.

I don’t feel optimization. 😒

But it really resembles a flight!

Oh, mother. PV, the game that destroyed chests. How I liked her before the introduction of these lutboxes.

And the flight is not even near with "thereby" a peaceful flight when you performed geo, sitting in a chat. "Tears of nostalgia"

I like how the game lags even in all videos) requires 5950s percent and a level of level 3060, I’m in general who will take 5950s in their right mind, perhaps it is to take it under 3090. Who will play in this? People playing in MMOs are often sitting on calculators, this is not of the statistics of course, personal, but I talked in foreign MMOs, and in Englishs, often everyone on calculators sit in old games play the type of perfect world for usual. And how they are going to optimize the game from such requirements to the level of some districts of 3600 and RX 580/1060, I don’t know, but in fact, even many PCs of many MMO lovers are absent, this is one of the reasons why so far in all sorts of in all kinds of pv, aoons, rulers and other old MMOs play.

Momoshniki in iron have always been ahead of the planet of the whole. The line of the ruler is the first to the clanity that passed to the SSD even to the bearded when everyone said that SSD was not needed when the prices were fierce for them.

Well, then our experience does not match at all. MB donators, repulsed by MB, but ordinary people often sit on a PC of 10 years ago, their beloved old mmoshka is going on, you can climb and go on the Internet and go. They have families, wife, children, they have something to spend money instead of PC. I hear some whining constantly, I suppose some kind of reckoning, it all lags, slows down, ask what PC, 2 cores, 2 gigs, game cards are answered for you.

Xs what are you talking about, in PVP people do not go without 300FPS at all, there is no sense.

Firstly, you hyperbolize, play how, again you take only part of the people in the calculation, I know people who play it at all, do not spokes, go fishing, barter, someone is doing hunting, someone else what else Koresh generally enters the game, merges agris and sends the Persian to the AFC cooking, and they all do not need 300 FPS, someone plays on a remaster, and someone on a very weak PC is fishing and getting riding in 40FPS. And 300FPS, in principle, is not needed for anything except PVP. Secondly, these 300FPS are achieved at the expense of the compatibility mode where the Alya schedule of the 90s is not needed to get them a super computer.
UPD: Ah, well, you wrote about PVP. I thought they did not go into the game without 300FPS at all.

the zoomorphs will be what flight will be? how to get up on slopes and other beasts or wings attach?

I played the original for half a year and then Ushol on Frishka for 7 years played mainly on the phoenix in the top clans I will definitely try a new version, otherwise the old engine has a powerful powerful and fp 😄

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Russian developers named the release date of the PINE HARBOR HARBOR HOST

The Krasnodar Vision Forge Game Studio introduced the gameplay trailer for its upcoming horror-player called Pine Harbor, developed on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

During the game, our goal is to assist the residents of Pine Harbor, revealing the secrets of this mysterious city, faced with "consequences of a terrible industrial disaster".

Among the key advantages of their product, developers identify an extensive open world with realistic weather, a fascinating gameplay, including elements of horror and survival, as well as a rich plot campaign with an abundance of additional quests. In addition, the game offers a variety of locations, including forest expanses, abandoned buildings, caves and much more.

The game will be in early access on December 14

There were no English textbooks at the school, only Inglish W⁠ (⁠ ° ⁠o⁠ ° ⁠) ⁠W

And what surprises you? Many domestic developers are also guided by the main market. Budget money is not enough for everyone.

And here is orientation?! The game has a small budget, and a lot of text. But we need at least one voice acting on the release, and the project is still in development. Logical decision to make English.

Well, then let "The main market" and buys their division.
We will not pay for the Pindos orientation.

English developers who have no English language in their game :)) I understood.

No, I don’t even know what to call them 🙂

The market decides. Who will bring more money.

They can be called. English developers. Or it surprises you that someone can create goods immediately for export?

But what to call the development of the patroner? Such praises sang to both games, and at first they even blocked their games in Steam. Some double standards are obtained 🙂

Kapets, even Capcom, closed to the English Federation and she made a full ru in the last cutters, and then orientation immediately to the west, then let the West buy this indie for a fake.Locations-Tipid village in the States.Everyone will play in a good game, even though it will let it in North Mukhozhepinsk.

Maybe just because CAPCOM is not indie and can afford to do as many localizations as they want?) Yes, no, some kind of nonsense.

Another crooked bullet

Yeah also looks like a 2010 game

Actually looks like a 2011 game !

It seems that I had already seen all this and already played it. Some kind of insanity on this topic.

The release date will be when the game comes out in a complete form, and not a stub in the early access.

What is the current state of the version in early access?

“In early access in Pine Harbor, you can play the main plot part of the game. The open world is available for the study and destruction of enemies.

First impression, stalker. 90%

I will tease in a voice if Gam Vois begin to collect money for the voice acting of the game from growing. studios))

And the action takes place in Jubge? Or in Novomikhailovka?

Well, such, dull and tedious slag.

some ambiguous parody of slag. Template for some existing games. What is your own?

In a full release, we plan to add the voice acting of several languages, in early access there will be only English voice acting

It is evident with the naked look that a rare shnyaga

it would be better to make a normal game! which are not enough for a PC. Nafig are these horror! And so enough of them from other countries

So do it. They, if that, are not done for you.

Go.Nochorriers, there are many of them, but normal, almost no))) most likely and this one will be from the first category))

How the planned full version will differ from the version in early access?

“In addition to correcting errors and improving balance and the main gaming process, we plan to add more events and quests. We also plan to expand the study of the world.”

What is the current state of the version in early access?

“In early access in Pine Harbor, you can play the main plot part of the game. The open world is available for the study and destruction of enemies.”

The game looks normal in the premises, but on the street everything is hidden by thick fog, this is a low budget or crookedly developing, but maybe for the sake of a gloomy atmosphere, like in a silent Hill.But in any case, I followed the development and wait for this game.

They simply master PS1 technologies, there are also no more than 5 meters of visibility without fog in the same silent Hill

Even here there will be no English voice acting, but only English.

KUETA Esl honestly

And what is in this game the English actual? The voice acting is English, the place of action is also somewhere in the Anglo-Saxons, the name of the game and that English-speaking.

Next claims to her.

Why is the setting not ru? And some kind of abroad

eat how to release a game without your own localization? Or they are afraid that they will not miss English localization? And the fact that they are from Krasnodar, this is completely, fucking, another?

1. The game engine and documentation for it – on Inglish (these are gigantic volumes of English). Why will I cut my mood in the development process, switching my head between different languages?

2. Any developer wants to cover as much audience as possible with his product. Obviously, the globe of the English audience on the globe is the most incomparably large. So, it is obvious (not for everyone, as we see in the comments) it is necessary to initially make the game on Inglish – and so more and more is happening in the world Gamdev.

And already closer to the release, the English (its country) localization occurs – and obviously, this will happen easily and simply and quickly – for it is localization in your native language. And even more so, the outfits have already said that they would make localization. But you don’t know – but for some reason you will hysteria without understanding and not owning information.

Fresh details of the Game Process Star Wars: Outlaws out of the preview

The French company Ubisoft, together with developers from the Massive Entertainment studio, promise to present the ambitious action of Star Wars: Outlaws this year. New game based on the famous saga "Star Wars" will show the gloomy side of this universe for the first time and will be completely focused on space mercenaries. The exact release date is still secret, however, some game journalists managed to try out the current assembly of the game and reveal several interesting gameplay details.

Reportedly, journalists were able to try several hours of real Game process Star Wars: Outlaws. The developers asked not to disclose the technical condition of the game and visual aspects, since they are still working on the optimization of many systems. Nevertheless, the Kotaku editors noted very smooth and quick transitions between vehicles and affordable locations.

Here are all the new details of the Gameplay Star Wars: Outlaws from Preview:

  • The game takes place between the game "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi".
  • Players can move on foot, on a spider, on the ship and easily move between the planets.
  • Jabba Hatt will give out quests to the player.
  • Journalists identified three key aspects of the game: dense cities boiling with life, huge, amazing, open spaces, as well as exploration of space on the ship.
  • Players can sit on a ship and go into space without loading screen.
  • The game has both original areas and famous places from "Star Wars", such as Tatuin, Avika and Kimiji.
  • Having lost their beat, players will be rewarded.
  • The game has a fractional system; Perform quests with various syndicates to increase your reputation from them. This affects the tasks they offer and the plot.
  • Combat system, somewhat reminiscent of The Division. The main character Kay does not have a Jedi’s abilities, so she has to rely on her friends-a sweet alien satellite named NIX and Droide-Commandos named ND-5.
  • The main character Kay is a villain who is not difficult to steal, communicate with criminals from the criminal world and deceive people.
  • Plot tie: Kay is trying to make one of the largest robberies in the Galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws is created for PC and consoles. If you believe the rumors, the action will reach the release at the end of this year.

It happened: the Russification of all dialogs in the game has become available for Starfield

Today is an enthusiast p ZOG released a new version of the Russifier for Starfield: Now, in addition to the interface, the players will have the opportunity to enjoy the English language in all the dialogs in the game translated using Deepl (one of the best online translators, based on machine learning).

Segnetofaza, The creator of the translation, clarified that so far this is still an early alpha version of the translation, so it may occur errors/lack of translation, nevertheless, the Russifier will allow players to almost fully enjoy the plot of Starfield.

The translation of the dialogs and the interface translation are two different translations, but according to her, the translation of dialogs can be put on top of the interface translation, everything should work.

You can already evaluate the quality of the translation and download the Russification of dialogs from our site.

With such amounts and terms for the “officials”, AI will soon deprive them of additional earnings)

Soon it is 3 years after the release – when it will not become relevant?

And many greedy people will deprive earnings.

That is, the translation of games into different languages ​​will be irrelevant?

Of course relevant – but everything has its time. Here the publisher is already to blame. Normal fan translation after a year and a half – this is not normal. And the translated translation is far from ok – easier on Inglish.

Well, if it’s easier for you on English, you’re well done that you know the language. My knowledge is enough migrant worker, go do it, but why am I doing this, I don’t understand

I did not have time to download from the distribution, but it has already been translated. Moddodeli collapse games terrible people.

Better and you can’t say.

They are heartless … Could wait a month

They are heartless (developers), could initially release the game with the translation of the text into English. As they say, what they fought for, and then ran through.

This is their business. They want to make a translation – they want no.

This is the work of the moders. They want to make a translation, so no.

Eh, I hope the neural networks will soon do not only a text translation, but also a voice acting. So far it is in its infancy

You really want to deprive the work of dubbing actors and haw feces from AI? Why feces? Because dubbing is an art, there should be some boundaries through which you should not cross. If we begin to accept everything from AI, we will degrade. And we get feces in the form of soulless voices like Alice’s. Yes, human, but soulless and not part of art.

Dear, there was an option in the command, not a reproach or a guide to action with the aim of someone to underestimate. For me, also games in English is a big problem, with which I began to fight gradually studying English, while achieving small successes that help me somehow get out of the situation, and I am sure that the person could do something purely for myself with this problem, which is such. I am not in any case not an expert on English and not ChSV, I am just the owner of the same problem that I decided to start cope and maybe this is a little infuriated by you

How nice to see thinking players in comments, on this site

Well, fine. I think a couple of years and the quality of the auto -transmission neurons will become barely distinguishable from manual and the ordinary process will turn.

Yes it is almost that, times "Cool the fucking carbon plastic" have long passed, neural networks even voice translation can already overpower, not to mention the text.

I looked at the hemptory of this “masterpiece”. For my part, I can very accurately say that even with complete English localization and for nothing is not necessary.

go past a traveler – it’s not yours.

This masterpiece is from 5 to 7k, horror

Flomasters are different in taste and color, each has its own.

Flies will be found))

In vain they climbed into a completely new universe. It would be better to continue the scrolls and follych to rive. And this is a non-pound in space some kind.

So the money remains in the pocket, Long live Thunde Edien

Buy yourself 10 packs of a dosha =)

Doshirak ? What is it ? Your footsteps ? I feel for you !

Doshirak has risen not everyone can afford

This wealthy businessman in the comments of Pegach can. After all, he saved to buy Starfield.

Where is the flow of excitement around this game, the garbage is complete .

And this is a common thing when some kind of AAA came out. Nothing new. In a couple of weeks everything will forget

This is the game of the gazebo. This is the same as the new game of Rocksters or Reds.

This is not another overvalued Souls Call

Well, this game is overvalued, like Rockstar games

All games are overestimated. Over the years, I already care for all these novelties and so on … played and forgot

And no fees under the straps, beauty

The collection was about a possible 100% translation in general.
Here you were about 20-30% only gave from the total even with errors, of course it will be faster

20 Lyamov, it was the calculation of the cost of professional translation, and the dialogs and the interface that have already been translated not 20-30% but about 90%

without an editing, this is less than a percent of finished work

Yes, at least Rus. They will add voice acting, this is an all the same non -granular parash. At 3080 in FHD is barely 60 frames, it’s funny, this is a shame!

Drivers of the last shook?

There is no optimizon to forget) one creation of the Persian eats 20% fps. Before creating and after 1 and the same, but after minus 20% FPS)

Disconnect the blur in motion.

I barely squeezes at 3080ti at 1440p and ultras

The computer knows how to translate quickly enough, so there is already a translation of the text, but as for the voice acting, then yes, it will be in a year or even in two.

I bought Sibe RTX 3060TI and in the city in the game 43 FPS up to 31 fps of subsidence and on other planets 73 FPS NIIS Game

Wow, now I think on my RTX 2060 Super at least it will start, this "Gorgeous" a game.

That would have helped to enjoy the fps, because he was not brought there and this is taking into account the large number of loading screens, horror!
You just start to think that it can no longer be worse (The Last of Us Release for a PC) and here on you, someone again beats the anti-records for optimization.
In general, how did such crooked curves, stupid freelancers, why do you need fast iron and video cards with a memory of 10-11-24GB memory, if this memory is constantly idle. Well, yes, The Last of US has burned out all the resources, but it drew an acceptable FPS due to this, I always had more than 55 FPS and this is not on average in the auto permission of 75%, but on high/ultra in full resolution and I need To take into account that the textures are much more pleasant there, and not stupidly gray stones in soap, and Riside put on The Last of Us which defaulted 9 FPS. Horror, just horror, disgusting optimization, perhaps the worst at the moment with such and such graphics.

In principle, the translation turned out to be normal. Yes, there are problems when women say like men, and men are like women, but this is a trifle.Given that the game came out yesterday, it’s just a bomb!)

We will spend the heated fuckers of carbon fiber!

Oh, well, if they translated deepl, then the meaning of dialogs will not be lost. I know its Russifier from the enthusiasts by SWTOR.

Soon the neurons will create games, and the pot -bellied uncles of 10 people in the company catch cache, because programmers, art designers and a lot of others will no longer be needed. Everything goes to ensure that poor companies spend less money.

At first it will be crooked crafts, but after 10 years, something can already be intelligible

Waiting for those times with impatience!

He himself would like a very such program, so that she only voice his Wishlist – to receive at the exit either a ready -made film of the desired genre, or a toy, or even a book, or even just music)) and so that such a program could quite autonomously and without connecting to the network I studied to work, at the same time did not weigh much and it would be possible to feed the info that the user is interested in.

Really, as soon as II learns to make books, games, films and music – in short, the entire entertainment industry is no worse than living people, very many employees of this industry will not be needed, even TV presenters will no longer need them, they can be replaced in ether with a simulation of brutal, but having uncles, and attractive young images of girls) Well, about the genre of cinema for adults, I am generally silent – pimp studios and their "Actresses" The first to be on the street, because none of them will be able to give the sophisticated spectator what he wants, in addition, he no longer needs to pay for content if you yourself can generate it, and there will be no more forbidden ones – even with insects You can shoot it yourself, even with fish or fry))

Of course, because in the future everyone will forget what work is. For me, a person remains a man – while he works, and if you stop inventing something, gather with people and ponder new projects, sit until you finish the work that has been working on for many months, then the meaning of life? I understand that you can’t explain anything to the New generation, and this cannot be avoided, but we really enter "Black mirror", especially 1-2 season of the series, and this is not as rosy as it seems.

On the one hand, this, of course, is good, but on the other hand, creative people will be needed. A simple example. Yandex created a program masterpiece (can be downloaded to the phone) – there she draws pictures according to the description. And there it all depends on the creative approach to the description. You can check it yourself. It turns out sometimes very cool pictures. Therefore, a person, as a creator, will remain … In general, in this regard, a very indicative game Detroit: Become Human
P.S. I would like to develop sex robots to see) it would be funny

P.P.S. About brutal presenters and so on … Ideally – I just chose the type that you like and let him tell you the news) For example, your wife tells you news) well or mother -in -law)))))

A person needs labor for development. I can’t even imagine how you can do nothing. You can go crazy.

This Russifier can be installed for X Box on PC?

Guys from Flames Studio On their official website they wrote, the following:

Presenting our first trailer for the English voice acting of the most anticipated game of 2023. – Starfield by Bethesda Game Studios, the official release of which will take place 06.09.2023. The situation with the Russification of popular games in recent years is the most sad way, since the developers are not engaged in English voice acting of the content produced. That is why We will take the courage to completely voice a new game, If only it is in sufficiently stable demand among gamers. Thus, on this page we will publish all the news of the future English voice acting Starfield. We will make the corresponding decision almost immediately after the final release is released in Steam.

Already at least one studio announced her readiness to voice the game. I think it would not be bad if everyone who engaged in the voice acting of the games has established contacts with each other, so they will be able to agree who will voice which game to voice more games, well, to combine efforts to voice large projects.

Well, then they should wait for a fully fanned game and with all additions, so that then everything and immediately do it and do not redo the work. Better yet, to learn how to make voice acting and translations with the help of cars, so as not to resort to the services of living actors of voice – this is time, savings, and contribution to a piggy bank of the development of technological progress.

Patchi usually relate to the correction of errors/sorties/lags, and not voice acting characters, so they will not have to redo the voice acting. At the moment, the problem is not that there are no people who are able to make translation and voice acting by artificial intelligence, but that so far this very artificial intelligence is progressing in development, still cope with translation and voice acting, faster than people yes, but the translation of some phrases may not be very good, the fact is that some phrases in the literal translation may sound strange, as native speakers to which the translation does not speak, as for the voice acting, despite the fact that there are quite enough now Not bad speech synthesizers, with almost human voices, they speak without emotions so that the neural network can replace the actors of voice acting/dubbing, for this it is necessary to teach the neural network to analyze the emotions of the characters in the expression of their faces and based on the context of the said,Well, or at least copy these emotions when the character speaks the same language and reproduce them in another language. The difficulty lies in the fact that the context is important, for example, if the character speaks or hears about the death of another character, he can speak with sadness and regret, with joy or calmly, depending on which character we are talking about, on the fact that What relations between these characters were previously, the voice should also slightly change depending on what exactly the character does and in what condition. And all this should happen in automatic mode, I think that such technologies will appear, but most likely not earlier than a dozen years. Well, if the neural networks could do this now, then of course no one would have hired any actors for voice actors.

Before, after all, Promt was. He had a terrible quality, but I remember in Oblivion, I played in this translation. Eh, the times were. I remember bought a disk on a hump, I didn’t go home – I flew! – joyful)) then I was so happy only to the release of the Third Gothic and the second part of Neverwinter, but I already downloaded the last one from torrents, of course. There, still in real time, everyone was waiting for a hacking of Starfort and when they made a tablet with a disk jack of disk, I remember that by that time I had three different options for the game – with emulators of the image and with a normal working ex -eczeshnik. But the additions to the unbelief have not yet passed, only the basic campaign. The strength did not have enough mental strengths for this, but now it doesn’t matter, with the release of Baldur))

I had to wait until today. Yesterday I downloaded a pirate and started playing but did not go far))

The game is good! The translation is correct, thanks to the team.

This is a matter of time while the neurutus reaches the perfect translation, and also muddocks some kind of program that will be bought as an addition to the engine that will include the possibility of translation into any languages.
With voice, there is also a recent appeal that the voice of one Madame is used in advertisements porn.

There is only 1 question here – will we live before that?

Very high -quality translation. We play this.

"translator" Already posted a version with the correction of this proposal. You are late with your "criticism". Funny indignation of the one who does not hit a finger on the finger to make a translation.

Well, then who should criticize? I made it yourself criticized something? the criticism is to be corrected, and not in order to "It will correct yourself"

If we take into account what they abandoned the English licenses, then the fuck on them

Excellent, what the developers could not do, fans made fans! And then they are surprised that their games take less and less. I’m definitely not going to buy a game without translation, I better download it from alternative sources in English.

But you can also close up the voice acting, but this is no longer important, the heads are lowered below the skirting board, but they like it)))))

All the CIS was omitted – but not in any way, they were sponsored by T -shirts. You are one dick of normal translation you will not see 2-3 years (this is real).

She’s with me, Cabron. So chill the fuck out. I Treat Her Good

Hots, and everything that remains the CIS community quietly concerned about developers from the corner.

This is enough! )

It would be cool if the translators were skilled and created one Russifier so that everything would be at once – the interface, quests, pumping – all in one Russifier. I think that this pace already next week there will definitely be a translation!

It seems that Bethesda admitted that even aliens are easier to understand English than their own dialogs.

And this despite the fact that in the plot and among the developers there are English.

There are, but they obey the Americans, it is as if English served in the American army and he was ordered to fight compatriots, as you think you would refuse the order ?So in this company

By the way, Deepl translates gorgeously. The fourth Fatal Frame passed with him. At times even the meaning transfers better.

MB updating the launcher of the repack is to blame, but I turned on the new game and everything is unequer to the menu

Not surprised from the word at all.

Quickly they, I didn’t even have time to download the repack, and there is no time now so much to get stuck in the game from the gazebo, this is not one hundred hours.

What are the publishers of the degenerates (although it is clear that this is not only dependent on them), they simply took and cut off the cash flow from the region of the region and neighboring countries, I always with pleasure bought games from the gazebo, but there is no desire to buy without localization.

Yes, let the medal now hang themselves how correct they are)

I downloaded the torrent, played the norms, the game of course g *** about but the fact that this freebies warms the soul as never before, great gratitude Skidrow for the opportunity to play games for free, God grant their health!

The translation to the game came out earlier than the game itself).

Thank you, kind person.

On 3080ti barely 60 FPS on FullHD in the city of New Atlantis.

the computer is filmed – and this is not an attack or hat, this is advice. either clean – either demolish everything and reinstall – and no torrents. I have a 2nd computer from 2060s – gives about 110 from FSR in 2k. And Main with 4070 – average 100 in 2k – without FSR.

Big BEAMNG update.Drive allows you to take a fresh look at the game

Many fans of car simulators no longer imagine the game outside of virtual reality – that is why support for virtual reality glasses is becoming more and more common in the games of this genre. The next representative who received such an opportunity was the game Beamng.Drive.

In the update released yesterday 0.30 appeared "Experimental" Virtual reality support support. This means that the appearance of errors should be expected, as well as a significant load on the computer.

Nevertheless, "Almost all" sets presented in the market (t.e. Any model compatible with the OpenXR standard) is already supported, and the game offers such opportunities as walking or cabs of cars with interactive elements, such as pens and switches. More detailed information can be found here.

Let’s move on to what is interested in a wider circle of players, namely the new content and other changes.

  • A new vehicle has been added to the game – SUV Hirochi Aurata UTV. It is produced in several versions, including the racing. They are presented in the video above.
  • The map of the western coast of the United States was replenished previously inaccessible locations – in particular, the island of alleys on which the lighthouse and the oil refinery are located. On "mainland" Parts of the card added steel factory, docks and car dealerships. You can see them in the video below.
  • Two car trailers have been added – an open overturning trailer (with various options) and a closed trailer for transporting goods.
  • A number of new missions on various maps appeared. In addition, it became possible to return to the route during their passage, and races and races for the time that were previously launched from the menu are now also functioning as missions of an open world.
  • The basis of the future career regime in the form of a training program is laid, although so far it is only an early, raw version.
  • In all locations, fuel and charging stations for "Elektrokarov".
  • Changed the mechanics of switching a manual gearbox in realistic mode. From now on, the game measures the time of holding the button responsible for this action in order to determine at what speed the gear shift should occur. Moreover, for some cars, too hasty switching can lead to a breakdown. These changes are a prelude to further modifications of the game.
  • The work of modders will facilitate the new tool – the editor of Blender JBeam Editor, which is used to create parts of cars compatible with advanced physics of the game (in particular, with the damage system).

In addition, the game has many other, smaller changes. You can familiarize yourself with the full list, as well as demonstration images.

As is usually the case with Beamng.Drive, shortly after the update release, an additional patch was released – hotfix 0.thirty.1, which made 25 more corrections. Among them are various vehicles, new locations, the appearance of a career regime and virtual reality. A full list of changes can be found here