Starfield information leaks disappointed one of Bethesda employees

It’s no secret that the last creation of Bethesda, Starfield is the subject of universal attention. Each fan in the game sphere is looking forward to the release of this space role -playing game. This is felt in theories that fans build, and in lively discussions on social networks, and even in the statements of popular personalities, such as, for example, Post Malone and others.

However, within a few weeks preceding the solemn presentation of Starfield, which will take place on September 6, a certain tension is felt. The basis of this tension is the leakage of information. From screenshots of intra -game messages to someone’s thoughts after the first 15 hours, which should be under NDA, and, especially noteworthy, details about game achievements – unauthorized and very early disclosure of information caused an ambiguous reaction.

On the one hand, leaks are not harmful. At least for now. The latest details do not violate the essence of the game – gamers have yet to be convinced of this on their own experience. However, this point of view is not universal. Obviously, as the release day approaches, more and more leaks will appear that can ruin the key surprises, carefully thought out by the Bethesda team.

In his statement, which caused a wide resonance, Matt Frery, the director of Bethesda on public relations, frankly expressed his rejection of such leaks.

Without touching Starfield directly, he drew a bright picture: the thorough efforts that developers invest in any project can be nullified by unreasonable exposures. However, in the era, when the information is currency, large editions often use leaks bypassing the embargo, closing on an insatiable thirst for the public to get a fresh sensation.

However, to blame the publications for doing their job is also wrong. The root of the problem lies in another – in the methods of encryption Bethesda Game Studio and/or in its decision to propose preliminary download at such an early stage, presumably in an attempt to get reviews before the release date of Starfield in the early access.

What is even worse, Bethesda seems to give out press copies to little-known personalities, even with an unverified track record. It is possible that someone takes a chance to violate the NDA, not knowing about the consequences, and all in order to become popular.

Since the announcement of Starfield, they joked that this is a typical Bethesda game – an amazing experience with the expected degree of errors and problems. But those who have been daring enough to penetrate into the bowels of the cosmos, into the territory full of spoilers, will find that very little is said about the problems of the game in leaks, if even at all.

In this case, unintentional leaks serve as a potential and, more importantly, organic marketing tool. It can even be argued that Bethesda itself drains some details. Most likely, this does not happen, but, apparently, this is possible – the more people say about Starfield, the better, in the end.

For the game community, leaks can cause mixed feelings: the delight of obtaining the first information or disappointment from the fact that the key points were spoiled. But for developers, they represent a violation of trust and a potential threat to many years of work.

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