New Clip Perfect New World demonstrates a flight

As you may remember (or not to remember), the flight system in the original Perfect World was one of the best, most impressive and favorite elements in Mmorpg.

Therefore, there could be no question that Perfect New World (coming "Nekst-Gen" and the sequel Perfect World) was deprived of this function. Below you will see a 16-second trailer advertising the flight system for the Perfect New World.

By the way, the developers also recently released another short clip that demonstrates "City of Dreams" Dragolis, in which you will find everything you can imagine.

If this is not enough for you, recently developers released an 8-minute gameplay that will give you a greater idea of ​​the game.

Meanwhile, I remind you that the beta test Perfect New World starts this week, May 4.

I don’t feel optimization. 😒

But it really resembles a flight!

Oh, mother. PV, the game that destroyed chests. How I liked her before the introduction of these lutboxes.

And the flight is not even near with "thereby" a peaceful flight when you performed geo, sitting in a chat. "Tears of nostalgia"

I like how the game lags even in all videos) requires 5950s percent and a level of level 3060, I’m in general who will take 5950s in their right mind, perhaps it is to take it under 3090. Who will play in this? People playing in MMOs are often sitting on calculators, this is not of the statistics of course, personal, but I talked in foreign MMOs, and in Englishs, often everyone on calculators sit in old games play the type of perfect world for usual. And how they are going to optimize the game from such requirements to the level of some districts of 3600 and RX 580/1060, I don’t know, but in fact, even many PCs of many MMO lovers are absent, this is one of the reasons why so far in all sorts of in all kinds of pv, aoons, rulers and other old MMOs play.

Momoshniki in iron have always been ahead of the planet of the whole. The line of the ruler is the first to the clanity that passed to the SSD even to the bearded when everyone said that SSD was not needed when the prices were fierce for them.

Well, then our experience does not match at all. MB donators, repulsed by MB, but ordinary people often sit on a PC of 10 years ago, their beloved old mmoshka is going on, you can climb and go on the Internet and go. They have families, wife, children, they have something to spend money instead of PC. I hear some whining constantly, I suppose some kind of reckoning, it all lags, slows down, ask what PC, 2 cores, 2 gigs, game cards are answered for you.

Xs what are you talking about, in PVP people do not go without 300FPS at all, there is no sense.

Firstly, you hyperbolize, play how, again you take only part of the people in the calculation, I know people who play it at all, do not spokes, go fishing, barter, someone is doing hunting, someone else what else Koresh generally enters the game, merges agris and sends the Persian to the AFC cooking, and they all do not need 300 FPS, someone plays on a remaster, and someone on a very weak PC is fishing and getting riding in 40FPS. And 300FPS, in principle, is not needed for anything except PVP. Secondly, these 300FPS are achieved at the expense of the compatibility mode where the Alya schedule of the 90s is not needed to get them a super computer.
UPD: Ah, well, you wrote about PVP. I thought they did not go into the game without 300FPS at all.

the zoomorphs will be what flight will be? how to get up on slopes and other beasts or wings attach?

I played the original for half a year and then Ushol on Frishka for 7 years played mainly on the phoenix in the top clans I will definitely try a new version, otherwise the old engine has a powerful powerful and fp 😄

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