Gamesvoice studio has released the fourth diary of the Russian voice acting Hogwarts Legacy

Gamesvoice studio a month ago held a gameplay demonstration of the English voice acting of the role -playing game Hogwarts Legacy, and today the team published a new video day about how the studio works on English localization.

The fourth video from the planned cycle of English voice acting diaries Hogwarts Legacy will show the process of voice acting and show new actors.

The time has come for a more detailed acquaintance with participating actors. So, you will find out who gave the voice to the ancestor of Olivander, how the centaurs sound in English, and that in the case of Ominis we acted for sure!

Well done for 2 million rubles)

What did you want? This is a very difficult work, and they gathered just gold, the voices of legends that could not be heard not to hear the voice actors. Yes, and the voice acting will be better than the original English since Gamevoice reacted with trepidation to fans.

And in your opinion, a doshas should work for a pack ? .

The most important thing is that Sebastian sounds, most of the rest of the dialogs still squeeze the hunt)

That’s exactly, it would be better if these dialogues were a cat scenes where the character would have at least some kind of character instead of these polite boring phrases

KAEF! Hogwarts sounds in English incomparable, divine, no words. It would be more likely to play in a normal beautiful English language and forget about the English original as a terrible dream of a student Hogwarts.

I will go once again, I really liked the voice acting

Fire, I’ll wait for a discount, and I will take it for myself)

they found the actor of the voice acting like their character?)

Red Dead Redemption 2 would still be voiced by the same composition and there would be a straight fairy tale!

Thanks for the labors! Will wait.

You will have to get used to new voices. But it’s still good that they are alien not from the neural network.

The neural network of the scourge of mankind. This technology will still come to people.

Acting labor is not leading to many gamers, since in addition to the game where most of the life passes, they have no time to develop their consciousness and mind. Therefore, a fee for actors can only call them a redneck.

It will not be a pity in the consoles of the translation

Another minus of the consoles, what to do.

Gather yourself PC yourself, 1) Start with the purchase of the MOTSA, preferably with a video man for the first time, 2) motherboard, 3) RAM, 4) SSD, 5) BP can be taken for the first time, an inexpensive cooler for the processor, and then you can save it on RTX -4090😊

Then already at 5090, why is this a jam on which almost all modern games are slowing down

One word – well done.

It’s good that children are called children. Another option, when children’s voices are portrayed by adults, breaks the atmosphere of games.

Well, it is subjective, I like it more when adults portray children

Yes damn, I’m just pouring right now, I play Valgalla and atm children disgusting

In the assassins a priori, the voice acting of secondary and background characters was always so -so, and sometimes there were even the same voices of rather poor quality

I don’t think so, not always.

Uraaaa, Vlad Kopp, my favorite voice!

How good a caste is, I just can’t believe it!

Honestly, the majority of English voice acting is better than the original.The original voice acting was not very good.I think if Andrei Yaroslavtsev would be alive. He would be called here.

I see young actors pull up.

Cool! Look forward to!

It’s cool that we undertook to saw their voice acting, but there is one but.

Such a voice acting has a huge minus, unlike the official translation – the character is voiced in the blind t.e. not visible the circumstance of not the facial expressions at the time of the recording. As far as I know from the personal lapet (I was a witness to the studio for one project), the voice actor not only reads the text, but also looks after the scene of what is happening in order to feel the essence. Because of this, many voice acts made on outsource and not in the developer studio – without a sound engineer familiar with the stage, voice acting and it turns out by.

Let’s hope that the dudes had the one who went through the game and looked at all the remarks to understand the essence of the scenes..)

Very good, already in thongs sat down from tenderness. The release date was proudly silent?)))

The game itself is a big Masonic vyser. The whole game will look at you in a bad eye in a triangle.

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