The creator of Fallout spoke about his regrets related to the development of the dilogy

The veteran of the industry and one of the creators of the cult Fallout talked about what he is most regretted in the development of a post -apocalyptic series.

Kane’s video was the answer to the question of one of the subscribers of the former developer. It was about what elements of the series the developer regrets the most. The co -founder Troika Games indicated one at a time "Unfortunately", related to the first and second Fallout.

If you played in the debut part of the series, then are undoubtedly familiar with Yan – one of the first companions of the player. Partly because the former guard guard had a tendency to attack the allies, which caused the hostility of some fans.

As it turned out, Jan also annoyed Kane, who considered him a symptom of a more serious problem – the underdevelopment of the artificial intelligence of the team members.

Companions appeared in the first Fallout closer to the end of the development of the game, and the developers did not have much time to add their AI.

At first, the hero’s companions even used the almost unchanging script developed for the NPC, and their actions practically boil down to following the hero and respond to the hostility of the hero in relation to other characters or "Mobam" in Game. In fact, the situation did not change before the release of Fallout, and the partners used scripts of one of the enemies.

As a result, the game was not able to influence companions (and generally on NPC) with simple teams like "Wait" or "Fasten", But at the same time, the partners ignored the presence of the allies in the attack. The enemy supermutant, mowing with his lord from the minigan, was funny, but it was not up to fun, when Yang did the same with them from his submachine gun.

Fallout has many things that are funny in enemies, but not when your combat comrades do it. Yang with his own "Ultrasound" – A great example.

At this moment, Kane realized that the fighting was only the top of the iceberg of problems with AI in the first part of the series. The teams were one of many elements that the developer did not have time to realize before Fallout. And only in Arcanum most of these ideas were applied (including pumping).

Regret the creator about the sequel is completely different. The world Fallout 2 was supposed to include another location and fraction: the abbey of lost knowledge, which was supposed to be located north of the city of Guley Gekko.

This is not the first information about the existence of such a place. Mention of him is found in the guide to F2 and in "Bible" Fallout (2002) – a collection of documentation on the first two parts of the series published by Chris Avellon.

The abbey would have become a kind of alternative to the brotherhood: an organization honored the past, but not interested in dominance and artifacts. It will collect drawings, books and other items to maintain ancient wisdom. This wisdom will not be jealously protected: anyone can look here if it shares their knowledge, for example, about how objects from the collection of abbey work.

It was assumed that Kane would design the abbey at the very beginning of the development of Fallout 2. And just early this idea was discarded. It was assumed that it would be more likely "Direct tribute" Roman Walter M. Miller "Passion on Leibovitsa", that served as a source of inspiration for Fallout, as well as an attempt to explore as differently (t.e. Compared to brotherhood) "The group could relate to the old world and its technologies".

In addition, Kane was intrigued by how such "Pacifist" The organization will be able to survive in the brutal world of the post -apocalypse. This would be manifested in the execution of quests (the search for information about technology, magazines, plans, etc.D.) but also would lead to a conflict with the brotherhood (although Kane never specified how this story would develop).

It is interesting that the abbey could also be a reason for the introduction of crafting and a place where players could draw information. However, here Kane did not have time to come up with anything concrete, since the location went into garbage even before he left the company (as the creator was talking about in May videos).

As for the reasons for the removal, Kane is not sure, but claims that the team had "less than a year" to create a game that would be much more than the original Fallout. Adding an abbey with his own quests and, possibly, an overly large role in the plot of the game would be too much work for developers who have already experienced a lack of time.