Media: Naughty Dog took place, and The Last of US Factions is frozen

The wave of dismissal, which covered the playing industry, seemed to be no longer bypassed, and, according to Kotaku sources, the turn of the Naughty Dog came: they came under the blow "least" 25 developers (developers, art department and, most in the quality control team).

Of course, 25 developers in Naughty Dogs are only 5-6% of the total number of employees, but dismissed employees, as well as all other Naughty Dog employees, is prohibited from discussing reductions. According to information, contracts with fired developers will be valid until the end of October.

And the last, but no less important: The Last of US Factions continues to burn in the production hell, so that now the project is practically frozen.

However, representatives of the Naughty Dog and the game unit have not yet confirmed, but have not refuted information about the dismissal.

"Naughty Dog employees are prohibited from discussing abbreviations"

This is called freedom, you were thrown out of work, but it is impossible to talk about it – illegally, but probably not those who supported the pi *** style in the game and the pumped up crocodiles were surely left how to drink how to drink!

But the rights of minorities are defended))

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