Fresh details of the Game Process Star Wars: Outlaws out of the preview

The French company Ubisoft, together with developers from the Massive Entertainment studio, promise to present the ambitious action of Star Wars: Outlaws this year. New game based on the famous saga "Star Wars" will show the gloomy side of this universe for the first time and will be completely focused on space mercenaries. The exact release date is still secret, however, some game journalists managed to try out the current assembly of the game and reveal several interesting gameplay details.

Reportedly, journalists were able to try several hours of real Game process Star Wars: Outlaws. The developers asked not to disclose the technical condition of the game and visual aspects, since they are still working on the optimization of many systems. Nevertheless, the Kotaku editors noted very smooth and quick transitions between vehicles and affordable locations.

Here are all the new details of the Gameplay Star Wars: Outlaws from Preview:

  • The game takes place between the game "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi".
  • Players can move on foot, on a spider, on the ship and easily move between the planets.
  • Jabba Hatt will give out quests to the player.
  • Journalists identified three key aspects of the game: dense cities boiling with life, huge, amazing, open spaces, as well as exploration of space on the ship.
  • Players can sit on a ship and go into space without loading screen.
  • The game has both original areas and famous places from "Star Wars", such as Tatuin, Avika and Kimiji.
  • Having lost their beat, players will be rewarded.
  • The game has a fractional system; Perform quests with various syndicates to increase your reputation from them. This affects the tasks they offer and the plot.
  • Combat system, somewhat reminiscent of The Division. The main character Kay does not have a Jedi’s abilities, so she has to rely on her friends-a sweet alien satellite named NIX and Droide-Commandos named ND-5.
  • The main character Kay is a villain who is not difficult to steal, communicate with criminals from the criminal world and deceive people.
  • Plot tie: Kay is trying to make one of the largest robberies in the Galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws is created for PC and consoles. If you believe the rumors, the action will reach the release at the end of this year.