It happened: the Russification of all dialogs in the game has become available for Starfield

Today is an enthusiast p ZOG released a new version of the Russifier for Starfield: Now, in addition to the interface, the players will have the opportunity to enjoy the English language in all the dialogs in the game translated using Deepl (one of the best online translators, based on machine learning).

Segnetofaza, The creator of the translation, clarified that so far this is still an early alpha version of the translation, so it may occur errors/lack of translation, nevertheless, the Russifier will allow players to almost fully enjoy the plot of Starfield.

The translation of the dialogs and the interface translation are two different translations, but according to her, the translation of dialogs can be put on top of the interface translation, everything should work.

You can already evaluate the quality of the translation and download the Russification of dialogs from our site.

With such amounts and terms for the “officials”, AI will soon deprive them of additional earnings)

Soon it is 3 years after the release – when it will not become relevant?

And many greedy people will deprive earnings.

That is, the translation of games into different languages ​​will be irrelevant?

Of course relevant – but everything has its time. Here the publisher is already to blame. Normal fan translation after a year and a half – this is not normal. And the translated translation is far from ok – easier on Inglish.

Well, if it’s easier for you on English, you’re well done that you know the language. My knowledge is enough migrant worker, go do it, but why am I doing this, I don’t understand

I did not have time to download from the distribution, but it has already been translated. Moddodeli collapse games terrible people.

Better and you can’t say.

They are heartless … Could wait a month

They are heartless (developers), could initially release the game with the translation of the text into English. As they say, what they fought for, and then ran through.

This is their business. They want to make a translation – they want no.

This is the work of the moders. They want to make a translation, so no.

Eh, I hope the neural networks will soon do not only a text translation, but also a voice acting. So far it is in its infancy

You really want to deprive the work of dubbing actors and haw feces from AI? Why feces? Because dubbing is an art, there should be some boundaries through which you should not cross. If we begin to accept everything from AI, we will degrade. And we get feces in the form of soulless voices like Alice’s. Yes, human, but soulless and not part of art.

Dear, there was an option in the command, not a reproach or a guide to action with the aim of someone to underestimate. For me, also games in English is a big problem, with which I began to fight gradually studying English, while achieving small successes that help me somehow get out of the situation, and I am sure that the person could do something purely for myself with this problem, which is such. I am not in any case not an expert on English and not ChSV, I am just the owner of the same problem that I decided to start cope and maybe this is a little infuriated by you

How nice to see thinking players in comments, on this site

Well, fine. I think a couple of years and the quality of the auto -transmission neurons will become barely distinguishable from manual and the ordinary process will turn.

Yes it is almost that, times "Cool the fucking carbon plastic" have long passed, neural networks even voice translation can already overpower, not to mention the text.

I looked at the hemptory of this “masterpiece”. For my part, I can very accurately say that even with complete English localization and for nothing is not necessary.

go past a traveler – it’s not yours.

This masterpiece is from 5 to 7k, horror

Flomasters are different in taste and color, each has its own.

Flies will be found))

In vain they climbed into a completely new universe. It would be better to continue the scrolls and follych to rive. And this is a non-pound in space some kind.

So the money remains in the pocket, Long live Thunde Edien

Buy yourself 10 packs of a dosha =)

Doshirak ? What is it ? Your footsteps ? I feel for you !

Doshirak has risen not everyone can afford

This wealthy businessman in the comments of Pegach can. After all, he saved to buy Starfield.

Where is the flow of excitement around this game, the garbage is complete .

And this is a common thing when some kind of AAA came out. Nothing new. In a couple of weeks everything will forget

This is the game of the gazebo. This is the same as the new game of Rocksters or Reds.

This is not another overvalued Souls Call

Well, this game is overvalued, like Rockstar games

All games are overestimated. Over the years, I already care for all these novelties and so on … played and forgot

And no fees under the straps, beauty

The collection was about a possible 100% translation in general.
Here you were about 20-30% only gave from the total even with errors, of course it will be faster

20 Lyamov, it was the calculation of the cost of professional translation, and the dialogs and the interface that have already been translated not 20-30% but about 90%

without an editing, this is less than a percent of finished work

Yes, at least Rus. They will add voice acting, this is an all the same non -granular parash. At 3080 in FHD is barely 60 frames, it’s funny, this is a shame!

Drivers of the last shook?

There is no optimizon to forget) one creation of the Persian eats 20% fps. Before creating and after 1 and the same, but after minus 20% FPS)

Disconnect the blur in motion.

I barely squeezes at 3080ti at 1440p and ultras

The computer knows how to translate quickly enough, so there is already a translation of the text, but as for the voice acting, then yes, it will be in a year or even in two.

I bought Sibe RTX 3060TI and in the city in the game 43 FPS up to 31 fps of subsidence and on other planets 73 FPS NIIS Game

Wow, now I think on my RTX 2060 Super at least it will start, this "Gorgeous" a game.

That would have helped to enjoy the fps, because he was not brought there and this is taking into account the large number of loading screens, horror!
You just start to think that it can no longer be worse (The Last of Us Release for a PC) and here on you, someone again beats the anti-records for optimization.
In general, how did such crooked curves, stupid freelancers, why do you need fast iron and video cards with a memory of 10-11-24GB memory, if this memory is constantly idle. Well, yes, The Last of US has burned out all the resources, but it drew an acceptable FPS due to this, I always had more than 55 FPS and this is not on average in the auto permission of 75%, but on high/ultra in full resolution and I need To take into account that the textures are much more pleasant there, and not stupidly gray stones in soap, and Riside put on The Last of Us which defaulted 9 FPS. Horror, just horror, disgusting optimization, perhaps the worst at the moment with such and such graphics.

In principle, the translation turned out to be normal. Yes, there are problems when women say like men, and men are like women, but this is a trifle.Given that the game came out yesterday, it’s just a bomb!)

We will spend the heated fuckers of carbon fiber!

Oh, well, if they translated deepl, then the meaning of dialogs will not be lost. I know its Russifier from the enthusiasts by SWTOR.

Soon the neurons will create games, and the pot -bellied uncles of 10 people in the company catch cache, because programmers, art designers and a lot of others will no longer be needed. Everything goes to ensure that poor companies spend less money.

At first it will be crooked crafts, but after 10 years, something can already be intelligible

Waiting for those times with impatience!

He himself would like a very such program, so that she only voice his Wishlist – to receive at the exit either a ready -made film of the desired genre, or a toy, or even a book, or even just music)) and so that such a program could quite autonomously and without connecting to the network I studied to work, at the same time did not weigh much and it would be possible to feed the info that the user is interested in.

Really, as soon as II learns to make books, games, films and music – in short, the entire entertainment industry is no worse than living people, very many employees of this industry will not be needed, even TV presenters will no longer need them, they can be replaced in ether with a simulation of brutal, but having uncles, and attractive young images of girls) Well, about the genre of cinema for adults, I am generally silent – pimp studios and their "Actresses" The first to be on the street, because none of them will be able to give the sophisticated spectator what he wants, in addition, he no longer needs to pay for content if you yourself can generate it, and there will be no more forbidden ones – even with insects You can shoot it yourself, even with fish or fry))

Of course, because in the future everyone will forget what work is. For me, a person remains a man – while he works, and if you stop inventing something, gather with people and ponder new projects, sit until you finish the work that has been working on for many months, then the meaning of life? I understand that you can’t explain anything to the New generation, and this cannot be avoided, but we really enter "Black mirror", especially 1-2 season of the series, and this is not as rosy as it seems.

On the one hand, this, of course, is good, but on the other hand, creative people will be needed. A simple example. Yandex created a program masterpiece (can be downloaded to the phone) – there she draws pictures according to the description. And there it all depends on the creative approach to the description. You can check it yourself. It turns out sometimes very cool pictures. Therefore, a person, as a creator, will remain … In general, in this regard, a very indicative game Detroit: Become Human
P.S. I would like to develop sex robots to see) it would be funny

P.P.S. About brutal presenters and so on … Ideally – I just chose the type that you like and let him tell you the news) For example, your wife tells you news) well or mother -in -law)))))

A person needs labor for development. I can’t even imagine how you can do nothing. You can go crazy.

This Russifier can be installed for X Box on PC?

Guys from Flames Studio On their official website they wrote, the following:

Presenting our first trailer for the English voice acting of the most anticipated game of 2023. – Starfield by Bethesda Game Studios, the official release of which will take place 06.09.2023. The situation with the Russification of popular games in recent years is the most sad way, since the developers are not engaged in English voice acting of the content produced. That is why We will take the courage to completely voice a new game, If only it is in sufficiently stable demand among gamers. Thus, on this page we will publish all the news of the future English voice acting Starfield. We will make the corresponding decision almost immediately after the final release is released in Steam.

Already at least one studio announced her readiness to voice the game. I think it would not be bad if everyone who engaged in the voice acting of the games has established contacts with each other, so they will be able to agree who will voice which game to voice more games, well, to combine efforts to voice large projects.

Well, then they should wait for a fully fanned game and with all additions, so that then everything and immediately do it and do not redo the work. Better yet, to learn how to make voice acting and translations with the help of cars, so as not to resort to the services of living actors of voice – this is time, savings, and contribution to a piggy bank of the development of technological progress.

Patchi usually relate to the correction of errors/sorties/lags, and not voice acting characters, so they will not have to redo the voice acting. At the moment, the problem is not that there are no people who are able to make translation and voice acting by artificial intelligence, but that so far this very artificial intelligence is progressing in development, still cope with translation and voice acting, faster than people yes, but the translation of some phrases may not be very good, the fact is that some phrases in the literal translation may sound strange, as native speakers to which the translation does not speak, as for the voice acting, despite the fact that there are quite enough now Not bad speech synthesizers, with almost human voices, they speak without emotions so that the neural network can replace the actors of voice acting/dubbing, for this it is necessary to teach the neural network to analyze the emotions of the characters in the expression of their faces and based on the context of the said,Well, or at least copy these emotions when the character speaks the same language and reproduce them in another language. The difficulty lies in the fact that the context is important, for example, if the character speaks or hears about the death of another character, he can speak with sadness and regret, with joy or calmly, depending on which character we are talking about, on the fact that What relations between these characters were previously, the voice should also slightly change depending on what exactly the character does and in what condition. And all this should happen in automatic mode, I think that such technologies will appear, but most likely not earlier than a dozen years. Well, if the neural networks could do this now, then of course no one would have hired any actors for voice actors.

Before, after all, Promt was. He had a terrible quality, but I remember in Oblivion, I played in this translation. Eh, the times were. I remember bought a disk on a hump, I didn’t go home – I flew! – joyful)) then I was so happy only to the release of the Third Gothic and the second part of Neverwinter, but I already downloaded the last one from torrents, of course. There, still in real time, everyone was waiting for a hacking of Starfort and when they made a tablet with a disk jack of disk, I remember that by that time I had three different options for the game – with emulators of the image and with a normal working ex -eczeshnik. But the additions to the unbelief have not yet passed, only the basic campaign. The strength did not have enough mental strengths for this, but now it doesn’t matter, with the release of Baldur))

I had to wait until today. Yesterday I downloaded a pirate and started playing but did not go far))

The game is good! The translation is correct, thanks to the team.

This is a matter of time while the neurutus reaches the perfect translation, and also muddocks some kind of program that will be bought as an addition to the engine that will include the possibility of translation into any languages.
With voice, there is also a recent appeal that the voice of one Madame is used in advertisements porn.

There is only 1 question here – will we live before that?

Very high -quality translation. We play this.

"translator" Already posted a version with the correction of this proposal. You are late with your "criticism". Funny indignation of the one who does not hit a finger on the finger to make a translation.

Well, then who should criticize? I made it yourself criticized something? the criticism is to be corrected, and not in order to "It will correct yourself"

If we take into account what they abandoned the English licenses, then the fuck on them

Excellent, what the developers could not do, fans made fans! And then they are surprised that their games take less and less. I’m definitely not going to buy a game without translation, I better download it from alternative sources in English.

But you can also close up the voice acting, but this is no longer important, the heads are lowered below the skirting board, but they like it)))))

All the CIS was omitted – but not in any way, they were sponsored by T -shirts. You are one dick of normal translation you will not see 2-3 years (this is real).

She’s with me, Cabron. So chill the fuck out. I Treat Her Good

Hots, and everything that remains the CIS community quietly concerned about developers from the corner.

This is enough! )

It would be cool if the translators were skilled and created one Russifier so that everything would be at once – the interface, quests, pumping – all in one Russifier. I think that this pace already next week there will definitely be a translation!

It seems that Bethesda admitted that even aliens are easier to understand English than their own dialogs.

And this despite the fact that in the plot and among the developers there are English.

There are, but they obey the Americans, it is as if English served in the American army and he was ordered to fight compatriots, as you think you would refuse the order ?So in this company

By the way, Deepl translates gorgeously. The fourth Fatal Frame passed with him. At times even the meaning transfers better.

MB updating the launcher of the repack is to blame, but I turned on the new game and everything is unequer to the menu

Not surprised from the word at all.

Quickly they, I didn’t even have time to download the repack, and there is no time now so much to get stuck in the game from the gazebo, this is not one hundred hours.

What are the publishers of the degenerates (although it is clear that this is not only dependent on them), they simply took and cut off the cash flow from the region of the region and neighboring countries, I always with pleasure bought games from the gazebo, but there is no desire to buy without localization.

Yes, let the medal now hang themselves how correct they are)

I downloaded the torrent, played the norms, the game of course g *** about but the fact that this freebies warms the soul as never before, great gratitude Skidrow for the opportunity to play games for free, God grant their health!

The translation to the game came out earlier than the game itself).

Thank you, kind person.

On 3080ti barely 60 FPS on FullHD in the city of New Atlantis.

the computer is filmed – and this is not an attack or hat, this is advice. either clean – either demolish everything and reinstall – and no torrents. I have a 2nd computer from 2060s – gives about 110 from FSR in 2k. And Main with 4070 – average 100 in 2k – without FSR.