Russian developers named the release date of the PINE HARBOR HARBOR HOST

The Krasnodar Vision Forge Game Studio introduced the gameplay trailer for its upcoming horror-player called Pine Harbor, developed on the Unreal Engine 5 engine.

During the game, our goal is to assist the residents of Pine Harbor, revealing the secrets of this mysterious city, faced with "consequences of a terrible industrial disaster".

Among the key advantages of their product, developers identify an extensive open world with realistic weather, a fascinating gameplay, including elements of horror and survival, as well as a rich plot campaign with an abundance of additional quests. In addition, the game offers a variety of locations, including forest expanses, abandoned buildings, caves and much more.

The game will be in early access on December 14

There were no English textbooks at the school, only Inglish W⁠ (⁠ ° ⁠o⁠ ° ⁠) ⁠W

And what surprises you? Many domestic developers are also guided by the main market. Budget money is not enough for everyone.

And here is orientation?! The game has a small budget, and a lot of text. But we need at least one voice acting on the release, and the project is still in development. Logical decision to make English.

Well, then let "The main market" and buys their division.
We will not pay for the Pindos orientation.

English developers who have no English language in their game :)) I understood.

No, I don’t even know what to call them 🙂

The market decides. Who will bring more money.

They can be called. English developers. Or it surprises you that someone can create goods immediately for export?

But what to call the development of the patroner? Such praises sang to both games, and at first they even blocked their games in Steam. Some double standards are obtained 🙂

Kapets, even Capcom, closed to the English Federation and she made a full ru in the last cutters, and then orientation immediately to the west, then let the West buy this indie for a fake.Locations-Tipid village in the States.Everyone will play in a good game, even though it will let it in North Mukhozhepinsk.

Maybe just because CAPCOM is not indie and can afford to do as many localizations as they want?) Yes, no, some kind of nonsense.

Another crooked bullet

Yeah also looks like a 2010 game

Actually looks like a 2011 game !

It seems that I had already seen all this and already played it. Some kind of insanity on this topic.

The release date will be when the game comes out in a complete form, and not a stub in the early access.

What is the current state of the version in early access?

“In early access in Pine Harbor, you can play the main plot part of the game. The open world is available for the study and destruction of enemies.

First impression, stalker. 90%

I will tease in a voice if Gam Vois begin to collect money for the voice acting of the game from growing. studios))

And the action takes place in Jubge? Or in Novomikhailovka?

Well, such, dull and tedious slag.

some ambiguous parody of slag. Template for some existing games. What is your own?

In a full release, we plan to add the voice acting of several languages, in early access there will be only English voice acting

It is evident with the naked look that a rare shnyaga

it would be better to make a normal game! which are not enough for a PC. Nafig are these horror! And so enough of them from other countries

So do it. They, if that, are not done for you.

Go.Nochorriers, there are many of them, but normal, almost no))) most likely and this one will be from the first category))

How the planned full version will differ from the version in early access?

“In addition to correcting errors and improving balance and the main gaming process, we plan to add more events and quests. We also plan to expand the study of the world.”

What is the current state of the version in early access?

“In early access in Pine Harbor, you can play the main plot part of the game. The open world is available for the study and destruction of enemies.”

The game looks normal in the premises, but on the street everything is hidden by thick fog, this is a low budget or crookedly developing, but maybe for the sake of a gloomy atmosphere, like in a silent Hill.But in any case, I followed the development and wait for this game.

They simply master PS1 technologies, there are also no more than 5 meters of visibility without fog in the same silent Hill

Even here there will be no English voice acting, but only English.

KUETA Esl honestly

And what is in this game the English actual? The voice acting is English, the place of action is also somewhere in the Anglo-Saxons, the name of the game and that English-speaking.

Next claims to her.

Why is the setting not ru? And some kind of abroad

eat how to release a game without your own localization? Or they are afraid that they will not miss English localization? And the fact that they are from Krasnodar, this is completely, fucking, another?

1. The game engine and documentation for it – on Inglish (these are gigantic volumes of English). Why will I cut my mood in the development process, switching my head between different languages?

2. Any developer wants to cover as much audience as possible with his product. Obviously, the globe of the English audience on the globe is the most incomparably large. So, it is obvious (not for everyone, as we see in the comments) it is necessary to initially make the game on Inglish – and so more and more is happening in the world Gamdev.

And already closer to the release, the English (its country) localization occurs – and obviously, this will happen easily and simply and quickly – for it is localization in your native language. And even more so, the outfits have already said that they would make localization. But you don’t know – but for some reason you will hysteria without understanding and not owning information.