According to the famous insider, the first actually existing assassin will appear in Assassin’s Creed Red

The famous insider to Tom Henderson became known that Assassin’s Creed Red will be based on a real African samurai named Yasuke. Although the history of Yasuke is stated mainly in fiction, historically he was a real person, which makes him the first main character Assassin’s Creed, suitable for this description.

Theories that Yasuke will appear in Assassin’s Creed Red first appeared at the beginning of this year, which confirmed that there will be two game characters in the game. In an interview with sources, Henderson became aware that the male character is certainly Yasuka, but his story was rewritten to correspond to the plot and direction of the game.

Earlier this year, the Twitter J0Nathan user revealed some details about the main character named Naoe, who longs for revenge after the death of his father. Henderson can confirm this information: the full name of Naoe is currently called Nao Fujibayashi-the daughter of the legendary real Fujayabi Nagato, which is considered one of the three greatest yoke-junins.

In October 2023, the first image of Naue leaked to the network through the profile of the senior screenwriter Pierre Budro in Linkedin. As in the case of NAO, the history of Yasuke begins with the tragedy, and unlike its real story, its game story was rewritten.

In Assassin’s Creed Red Yasuke was a slave traveling on a slave ship when he was attacked and everyone was killed, including his lover, but he survived. Then Yasuke was saved and delivered to Japan, where he knew the path of Samurai under the leadership of Nobunaga. It is known that at the beginning of the game, Nae and Yasuke – sworn enemies, but later become allies in their desire to unite Japan.

Assassin’s Creed Red will appear other historical characters: Fujibayashi Nagato (Father Naoe), Oda Nobunaga, Aketi Mitsuhide, Hattori Hanzo (Returning Character), Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Kodai -in (Hideyoshi wife), Oiichi, Ashikaga Yoshiaki, Akyty Kagemitsa and others.

It is currently unclear whether Ubisoft will call Yasuke his real name or not in the final version.