Analysts believe that GTA 6 is too ambitious for launching Nintendo Switch 2

GTA 6 has become the most loud history of December in all areas of entertainment. With the new trailer, demonstrating the release date in 2025, confirming Rockstar about the absence of a port for a PC at the start, as well as a trailer that broke several records, last week was quite bustling for fans of this IP.

Nevertheless, GTA 6 looks very promising, with visual effects, rarely found in games with the open world. The scale and ambitions of the game, of course, deserve admiration that it makes you expect that the consoles of the current generation may not withstand more than 30 frames per second for this game.

It also puts the coming Nintendo Switch 2 in a difficult position. Analysts from Digital Foundry believe that this console is unlikely to launch GTA 6.

Nintendo Switch 2 is expected in 2024. This console using Tegra T239 will significantly exceed the existing Nintendo equipment in technical characteristics.

Thanks to the special technologies of ray trace and DLSS, it should cope with many games with a combination of rays and DLSS tracing in a 1080p resolution or below. However, the analysis showed that it will still concede the consoles of the current generation.

This is the bad news for Nintendo, since the full -fledged work of GTA 6 will require equipment at the Xbox Series S level. The report says that games of this type will be too complicated for the upcoming Nintendo console. Experts say:

They found that GTA 6 uses the trace of rays in addition to the impressive density of NPC and simulation in the open world. Together, these elements make the processors work at the limit of their capabilities and, most likely, will be too complicated for the NVIDIA mobile chip in Nintendo Switch 2.

Although there were many unsuccessful ports on the original Nintendo Switch, GTA 5 has never been among them. The latest games, such as Batman Arkham Knight, show that games with the open world are not very well combined with limited hardware.