Assassin’s Creed Mirage game card appeared on the network

Due to the approach of the release date of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, an interesting observation appeared on the official Twitter Japan Twitter Account.

In fact, as you can see right under this news, the Japanese division of the publisher was published by a twitter dedicated to preliminary orders of the game. In particular, in particular, bonuses for a preliminary order provided for Assassin’s Creed: Mirage when buying on Amazon Japan are revealed. Among them, in addition to three postcards inspired by the game, there is also a reproduction of the Baghdad map.

An interesting observation that gives some tips about what will be the breadth of the game world Assassin’s Creed: Mirage, which should imagine itself clearly more closed than what was noticed in the new course of the Assassin’s Creed: Origins and the continued Odyssey and Valhalla. The adventures of Basim ibn Ishak, as we recall, will be interrupted with the exciting history of Baghdad of the 9th century in the style of “thousands and one night”.

To see the game in action again, just wait a few days, because Ubisoft has already confirmed the presence of Assassin’s Creed: Mirage at the opening of GameCom 2023.

Clear. The city is like my village, you can go around in 10 minutes in 10 minutes.

100% in the game will not be riding😆 these anniversaries will not understand then they will make a lot that is very little, they will not find a golden middle🧐

The case as. That the sense of huge areas, which are filled from the horizon to the horizon.

That is, there will be no bicycle?

And what is the use of the little worlds filled with content at every step? This is illogical and unrealistic. Well, it cannot be that, according to the logic of things, so that on every meter there is a talkative NPC with a quest. Especially in ancient times when the population was small in principle. It is much more logical and interesting to play such games when the world is huge and in order to talk to someone, you need to cross the other end of the map. I am KAEF in games from such travels. Big worlds are cool! The very fact of the opportunity to climb the mountain in the distance on the horizon, make a beautiful screenshot there, and it makes sense of huge open areas. This is all over. Plaint and should not be filled with content. The meaning of the fact itself is the opportunity to go in any direction from the horizon to the horizon. This is called high quality elaboration of the world!

The big world does not prevent you from scoring a bolt on the world itself and just move on plot quests. For example, in Valgalla you can stupidly pass the plot and generally forget that there are, in principle, huge areas exist. Whoever wants, he plays.

Speaking about filling the world, it implies its filling, not extreme.

Judging by the picture, the card will be small, it is very pleasing. Otherwise they are tired of these huge empty worlds

There will be a small empty world)..

Small = more saturated and worked out, it always worked like that

Yeah.) Here I am carbon monoxide if they are now in this way. Type, "You did not want a big empty world filled with wisha, get – a small empty world with fewer towers, sign.."))

Exactly, "It worked", does not work in new realities 😂

I am more than sure that the game will have a couple more cards like a witcher.

Not by the type of witcher, but by the type of the first assassins, the second and brothers, for example.

In the first assassins I did not play. I only played in Odyssey and Valhalla, and they dropped.

If you did not play the second assassin, I strongly recommend that you catch up. Especially when it comes to the second assassin. This is a great game that can be held at least now. Perhaps the management will immediately seem crooked, but you quickly get used to it. Such games are called do not get old. Some of them constantly pass and they can be understood. I am sure that you will not want to drop the second assassin without going to the end.