AVOWED was first developed as Skyrim from Obsidian, developers admit

AVOWED is often compared with The Elder Scrolls 5, then as a spiritual heir, then as a version of Skyrim “on steroids”. Well, it seems that there is a grain of truth in this. After the presentation of the Xbox Games Showcase, the developers from Obsidian told some background, among which, just, the desire to create RPG on the same cast as the last chapter TES, but with some differences.

This was told by Fergus Urkhart, General Director of Obsidian.

“In fact, it was a pitch, our version of Skyrim. So, at least in the beginning it was an idea. Then it turned into something else. We thought about it. Bethesda perfectly coped with her Skyrim. Mojang with its minecraft. Turn10 with her racing games. What makes us special? Our RPG, right?”.

According to the general director, the stronger side of Obsidian is the narrative. To avowed “The Outer Worlds is the last and best example of this ability. As well as Pillars, which was not linear, and its continuation of Pillars of Eternity 2, which was even less linear“, Says Urkhart. Avowed, he explains, will pay a lot of attention to the interweaving of the stories of our adventurers with our stories and with the history of the world that surrounds all the characters.

“We could make a map of 8 km x 8 km, and then deal with the consequences that are associated with it. But this would mean the creation of a completely different type of gameplay and game, and we want to create more “intimate” stories that gamers can enjoy ”.

The words of the CEO are echoing with the words of Carrie Patel, Director of AVOWED:

“I think that the real strength of Obisidian in creating its role -playing games is the ability to create its own worlds, deep stories and write missions that reward an experimental and nonlinear approach. This really makes the players feel an active part of this world. “.

AVOWED is expected on Xbox Series X, Series S, PC in Steam and on the first day on Game Pass. The release date is still unknown, but expected in 2024.