Brutal location stripping in the fresh teaser Path of Exile 2

Unfortunately, for fans of the original part of Poee, only a small video with the Path of Exile 2 gameplay was presented. Nevertheless, Grinding Gear Games promised to share a large number of details on July 28. It is likely that we will demonstrate more gameplay and name the release date of the long -awaited second part.

In the Tizer itself, the community was shown a small episode, where the main character in the form of a sorcerer moves along a gloomy location, fighting in the crowds of enemies. The adventures do not end there, because the main boss bursts right through the gate. At this moment, the video breaks off.

The killer Diablo is alive.

I just wanted to write. Now Veterans of the Diacocade will really go on stage and there will be a battle. Unless of course they get their own 2.

If they succeed not to crap and make it free, then most likely they will play more than 4 diablo.

Yes, especially because of the fact that on the English Akunce no boat is not to buy and the price tag for it in 7-12k)
Eh, I was waiting for her so, but they don’t give me normally = (

Yes, at least let it be paid, the main thing is that it is not to be blocked so that you can, how not to buy, what is the main thing, but we are waiting for the release and then the bolt

The graphics were pulled up or it seems to me? I also noticed new animations appeared. It looks very beautiful.

she was not just pulled up, that’s what they did from scratch

The orginal swarm on the ancient engine was made, they wanted to transfer the second part to the second part

This is in this game for a donut tab in the chest you need to buy?

Yes, if you have 4 linings.

And there will be few of them if you take seriously and for a long time. Let at least the currency tab but it is necessary.

In fact, this is a paid game . For a comfortable game, you need to bother with the tabs of up to 20 bucks, but it is worth it, given how much content you receive for this price . This is not a stub in the form of diablo4 with a minimum price of 70 Europe .

Lightning and meteor looks many times better than in Diablo 4 (you can compare the video), I would play for such a magician.

Yes, he also caught himself on this thought. The animations are beautiful.

Showed one location in dark colors and it is more interesting than all the locations in Diablo 4.

It is a pity that there are no ragda-physical. If only it was even more complicated than the first part.

For example, as in Titan Quest, with satires flying over the horizon? XD

The campaign I was in vain bought diallo 4)))

Hike "Switch" added))))

On Exilecon we will tell you everything you need to know about Path of Exile 2, including the date of launch of beta version! At this event, we will also introduce Path of Exile: Mobile and Supplement 3.22 for Path of Exile 1.

Exilecon will be held on July 28 and 29 in Pacific time.

It looks cool, but not impressive) Many were particularly distinguished by their "promising" trailers at Game Fest: XD

Kaifovo looks. And clearly it is clear that the game is new, and not ready from the age of 16 (or in what year they finished making a graphon)

This is the real Dark Fantasy ARPG, not "Culturally diverse" Diablo IV.

It is lively! O_O
Generally looks very good. Except perhaps the character’s animation.

On the contrary, the character’s animations seemed very worked out very well.

Instead of closing the game released in 2013, they are developing it, the game on all fronts is morally obsolete, like Grim Dawn, which is also updated, but fortunately now less and less. I don’t know, Poee has the only plus, it is not demanding on the iron, and so outdated battles, the uninteresting plot, about which you quickly forget, crazy pumping and donat. The game quickly tires with monotony, like Grim Dawn. I hope in the second part the camera will still make it higher so that there is more review.

The plot is interested in units, they try to fly as soon as possible and forget it, the game is not at all about it, all the main content begins in Endegeim, they love just for endless farm and flexibility in building, taking into account regular balanced editing every season, the possibility for experiments for experiments It is huge, even though the GGG constantly nerfit and community on this occasion whines every time, anyway, every time there are some new interesting builds, although I have played almost 900 hours in it, count still little in Poya, I know and can, my personal Skila is enough to make a build that will close the plot and possibly the first cards, but alas, there is not enough knowledge of the nuances and the mechanic of the game to close the content to look for builds more thoughtful, and this study process is so fascinated

The monotony in Poe. Clear 😉

The flexibility of building. 99% of players take a ready-made method build and play, only units are sitting and thinking. If the beginner decides to do something himself, then it will end in 1 act

Who likes what, the sessions would have died in a couple of months if people did not like this

It depends on the player, if a person understands the mechanics well in the RPG, he may well start, but most likely somewhere a ruin of the build but this can only spur mechanics further, and the talents in the Poe really seem bulky, but in reality everything is simpler than it is easier than than It may seem at first glance, you just need an understanding of what I want to achieve in the end, when the first time I flew into the first act without even noticing, then of course I still gnawed, I, too, when I start the league on the build, for that starting there are builds, but when you closed the content and accumulated the currency Cheb not to sit and not to cheat

Now the staging video of the gameplay is called ahahah

If it is made in the game, why not.

after the devil, this trash is definitely no one needs🤣🤣

RMT decides here. This is the most important plus.

After a dull diabol?) Pae 1 is more interesting, and the 2nd will bury it so generally

Said a person who plays another trash called New World

So he fatty.

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