Cloud Imperium demonstrated the impressive technical demonstration of the Star Citizen engine

To demonstrate the main technological capabilities of Starengine on which Star Citizen is created, Cloud Imperium has released a new demonstration video on Citizencon 2953.

In Star Citizen, developers use a 64-bit engine, which allows you to smoothly move from space to Earth without any loading screens. This means that there will be no such irritating loading screens in the game as in Starfield. Cloud Imperium even stated that you can explore all planets without any boot screens or restrictions.

The Star Citizen will implement a physically sound atmosphere with multiple dispersion of light. In addition, the game will implement the generation of the surface of the planets on the client and the server with different levels of detail.

Starengine in Star Citizen will cope very well with streaming data, which means that the game will be able to have huge external and internal spaces. And these places can be filled with many characters and players.

Cloud Imperium also stated that Star Citizen will exist in real time transit systems in the city districts. And yes, with this function they make fun of Cyberpunk 2077.

It should also be noted that lighting in Star Citizen looks somewhat outdated. If you compare it with the latest games of the AAA series, you can easily see what is its drawback. Of course, there are rays of sunlight and the effects of fog, but sometimes it looks somewhat dull (such a problem was in old games with a cycle of day and night in real time). Cloud Imperium said the game will be used by RTGI (Ray-Traced Global Illumination). However, in the below video (regarding lighting) there is nothing to stand out.

However, given the scale of Star Citizen, it looks just fantastic. The game will even implement a system of generating and rendering of large -scale asteroids in real time. Players can also count on amazing volumetric clouds.

Very impressive successes of the 2013 game, it’s a pity that it is now 2023.

Now tell me how many years have you made Starfield and what feces came out. At the same time, Star Citizen looked better a few years ago than Starfield now.

T.e. In the games of 2023, everything is much cooler, now I will launch Starfled just recently, there are probably better generation, and the world is even more smooth and seamless.

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The game can and deprived of the plot, but as a simulator it is very good, albeit with not good optimization so far.

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Just in time. An extremely important demonstration at the early stage of development, which will attract investors and provide a budget for, in fact, indie games.

Thanks for the link to 2k

The pegach player of course does not allow you to see everything in the details, but the question is – what is not so with the lighting, which is mentioned in the text? Someone may indicate specific timings where there is straight garbage.

I noticed only one unpleasant thing – lods that load everything abruptly before our eyes. Is there really no way to fasten the smooth multi -level lods in the 64 -bit engine?

And the rest looks cool, very impressive. To screw a global script there and even taking into account great time and budget, it will be a fucked game.

Perhaps this is not quite the Lodes, but I would also prefer a sliding grid and each frame in real time is continuously generated.

I noticed only one unpleasant thing – lods that load everything abruptly before our eyes. Is there really no way to fasten the smooth multi -level lods in the 64 -bit engine?

In short, the essence is next. Star Engine is a German Cryengine 3, fully redesigned by Tsigi (CIG of the game), on which the death of all PCs was once released – the Crisis game..)

As it turned out, the engine was so graphone but so through the optimized and not designed for Open Vorld Games that even quantum computers cried from it. ))

For these 11 years, qii literally rewritten the engine so that it was even customary to change its name from Cryengine to Star Engine T.e. from scratch he was collected again. So, even after this bottom, this bottom continues to fuck the brain with its hills because even the video Render has this sadism for any iron. Now the outfits are writing a new graphics render called Gen12 which will already be perfectly optimized + will hold Vulkan + neuroncashes like FSR and DLSS and even RTX technology, which was impossible before all this. All this is already ready and is waiting for dopa Gen12.

But some stubborn creatures in the person of Crytek not so long ago muddied the remaster of his own Krazis and he went the same in a single -flow work T.e. He did not use more than one core in the processor. XD

This is me to understand what hell reigns in the Germans’s heads from Crytek (authors Cryengine) and with what the developers of Star Citizen eventually dealt with all these years. )

German Cryengine 3, on which the death of all PCs was once released – the game Crisis
Sruzis was on Cryengine 2. At 3 there was a 2-3 charm, which were much better optimized.
Cryengine 3 was well optimized for Moscow State Pedagogical University, and a multi -flower up to 8 streams. But out of the box (which was monk to get as a free developer for free), it was not suitable for large open worlds at the level of the fact that he has tools for this. He supported the cards about 4^2km B.
In terms of optimismed, it was better than unreal Angen 4 in the drawing of nature about 2 and by going to Unreal 4, I realized that I need to study because I got that about 10 FPS in a small forest at the ZhTH690 and when I tried to get the maximum graphone there the AI ​​engine there interrupted or showed something about 3 FPS because Sruu Eyzhin was revered by himself how the optimization should be and nodded about 40 FPS on the MGPU couple t.e. Approximately 20-30 FPS versus 5-10 FPS on a video card. True, Sruu Angin had a significant drawback, which was enraged by the excitement – this was shorter than the glare was considered somewhere at the level of the normals of the material and did not know anything about the neighboring geometry. From which even in a late star citizen I remember, the boys are sitting in some room like a cinema and this sunny bunny runs under their stools. Aaaaa! In UE4, this was not the case. There the shadow cut the glare. Another thing is like a year of Ov Var, who is on Peku but it is better to study it there. There, the dwarf stands in front of the forge and its gleam passes through the boot on the floor () on the PS4 at least).
And to the Hruzis remmaster, they simply added alternative rays tracing, which I partially work on the processor and is compatible with the old pirates with old vidyuhi without DH12 DHR. The CE2 itself (Sruzis1), by the way, had a more advanced physics possible because there was weightlessness there and there were some plans with this and CE3 had a simple physics where everything falls down simply.
So at the time of the Angara Surra 3 simulator, it was simply the most beautiful and optimized affordable AAA engine for hangars simulators.

Когда эта игра в релиз пойдет человечество уже в реале будет по галактике путешествовать.

Oh, the divorce of the century drove up !)))

Well, here I argue, there is another applicant.

Beauty – both city and nature! + All these locations are seamless (without loading screens) can be visited on your ship.

In general, the wrong game was called Starfield.

Then it would be like in Pinocchio such a field where you dig coins and then the spaceship grows the peak-pek-pitch.

Since the author of this article – Not in smoked a demon and did not understand that this demo is not an interruption and at the very beginning it was written that All in this video – made on existing technologies in real time on the engine of the game T.e. Everything that was shown in the video (except for cows, whales and new water physics, as well as the transition to the new system) is already in the game, but what is not – will be in version 3.22 t.e. After a couple of months.

Also the author, like the City CTA 2023 not watching 6 hours (I looked at it), writes this:

It should also be noted that lighting in Star Citizen looks somewhat outdated. If you compare it with the latest games of the AAA series, you can easily see what is its drawback.

At the same time, it was on Sit Kona and not in this demo that new light technologies of the level of RTX only purely Qigov development were demonstrated, including with the use of HDR.

Today, 23.10.2023 at 00:00 there will be the second day of Citizen Kon, on which the developers will tell you a lot of interesting things, including about the plot company SQ42, which, according to the Tsigs, is already dopile and now polished due to fear of repeating the Cyberpunk 2077 pendant, and which, according to the version Momkin Experts with Pega. Shar – "Nikagda will not go out!" )

like that still the first planet looks false. very small as in but in May, the clouds of the stratosphere stick out. The gas giant is like that like that. Disappointing.
on the galley potato potatoes, boys are running a fire extinguisher are looking for a fire extinguisher. Layout of ships because in Starsitizin is such that from the bedrooms you can de men in some socks, who can open the door about the depression or just want to be for fresh air and there is everything and even no gateways. You cannot trust anyone and you need to sleep in a spacesuit. In the layout of not double fire decompression redundancy and counter streams on a long container truck.A man walked along the planet and all radioactive dust from boots and microbes throughout the king spread and got into the soup and he also ordered everyone, hugged him. For this, I do not like Star Citizen, but then there would be a simulator of gateways and overheads with quarantine shower chambers is simple on hefty flying titaniums.
And so very excitingly I wanted to hold it and the boats will buy myself the shelter from the nose went from excitement.

It turns out that Starengine is a strongly modified Cryengine?

First Cryengine, then Amazon Lumberyard and now this Starengine. Powerful.

Well, guys, there is a little wait left. I think the game will be just a glass! We’ll wait another 10-15 years and how to get rid of how to crash. The breath is already!

You know, it looks very impressive. No questions. So you are angry with clauds like a game? And then you look at such a trailer and forgive everything)) And then you remember that there is no game, you start to be wildly angry with them)) A strange company of course, very strange. But the trailer is gorgeous.

Their video card inhibits RTX9090 with 2TB video memory and i9999 with 3 million. The nuclear on it will definitely not slow down)))

So this game is worn out or not, I don’t understand.

you can play but so far in development, as it were. On the other hand, the elite is dangerous and x4, as it were, came out but constantly in development and with bugs.

Star Citizen is an early access project for 11 years.

At first, there were only Donator from Kikstarter in it, then when I played, I received my first star system, ordinary players went to it through the purchase of a starting package. Now the incorts reported that they were able to solve the main technical problem – the scaling of servers due to the all -means of the technology of which the game painted, Visl and did not export more than one star system and 120 players on the server..

At the end of this video, it was evident as a worm to the second stellar system was carried out, which was purely technically impossible until today, because the inconspicaces reported on the development of server scaling technology, which no one in the gaming industry did before. + a bunch of everything new for the game was announced.

In general, the game is in the early access as well as the recent BG3 masterpiece, which was in early access as many as 5 years.
You can play a leon -to play a starting package for $ 45 or wait for free flights of flight, in which you stupidly can check the game for free.