Cult of the Lamb Developers threatens to delete the game from the sale in connection with the new UNITY Rules

The developer of the action-Roguelite Cult of the Lamb threatened to delete the game from the sale on January 1 amid the conflict with the company Unity, which develops the development of game engines.

Last night, Unity stirred the video game industry, announcing a new policy according to which some developers will be forced to pay a small fee every time someone loads the game created on the game engine of Unity.

This caused universal discontent of developers on social networks after the announcement. Later, Unity refused some aspects of politics against the background of growing anger of developers, saying that the fee will be charged only for the initial installation of the game, and that the developers will not take responsibility for installations through subscription services, such as Xbox Game Pass, and the board will be transferred owners of platforms, such as Xbox.

Nevertheless, fears are preserved on this subject, and they only intensify. A number of well -known developers said that the new Unity policy will significantly affect their plans, and some doubt whether they will use Unity in the future. But the developer of Cult of the Lamb Massive Monster went even further, saying that he was currently planning to withdraw the game from the sale of January 1.

In her subsequent statement, Massive Monster called on Unity "Stop being a stink", adding that the new policy will make it go to the new game engine for future games for a long time.

Publisher Cult of the Lamb, Devolver Digital, is also not enthusiastic about this situation.

According to IGN, many publishers and developers of unanounced Unity games are currently trying to prevent the breakdown of their contracts after the appearance of this news, and the first sides are afraid that they will have to bear increased expenses. At the same time, the Unity, led by the former leader of the EA John Richitarlo, is more and more pressure in order to force her to completely abandon this policy.