Fans of Spider-Man believe that the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trailer showed the battle with the boss Peter Parker

Regardless of whether you liked the PlayStation Showcase presentation yesterday or not, you cannot challenge the fact that we were shown a lot of impressive material from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Many since then have studied the trailer and gameplay of the game, and some now believe that we were even shown evidence that at some point in the game we will have to fight with Spididi Peter Parker in the role of Miles Moles.

Although there was a lot of evidence that Peter was fighting his new symbiont, the most indicative moment, when Miles, may have to fight his mentor, occurs when Spider-man falls through the ceiling of the warehouse. Having tracked the lizard, Miles interrupts him when Peter, releasing the tentacle, is menacingly in the dark.

Lost-LU published the stop cadres of this moment on the sabredite of the game, suggesting that there will be a boss file with the symbiont of Peter in the sequel. Many agree with him, and there is a chance that this moment will become the first of the potentially many cases when Miles and Peter will have to fight with each other. Yes, they showed us a lot, but the gameplay and scenes were most likely carefully edited so as not to show us too much regarding how the plot would develop.

As already noted, another evidence appeared that the relationship of Peter and his Symbiont’s costume is not healthy. At the end of the trailer, Spider-Man insists on the continuation of the chase alone, it seems, having felt the taste of blood. Miles notes that this is not at all like St. Petersburg. There is also a moment when Spider-person throws a citizen saved by him on the floor instead of gently landing him.

The Kreven-hunter became the main villain of the sequel, and Venom, who covered the trailer for almost two years ago at the previous PlayStation Showcase presentation, was not shown at all at all. The fact that Peter has their own Symbiont costume suggests that those who believed that Venom may well work with two spiders may well be right. Some even consider Peter Venom after they have not seen a symbiont in new frames.