For Horizon: Forbidden West, Update 1.26

A new update for the game Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 5 – Patch 1 was released.26. This update makes a number of corrections and improvements to the main tasks, side tasks, actions in the world, data points, weapons and skills, and also improves performance, stability, photography and much more.

Several problems were eliminated in the main tasks of the game, especially in the task "Heaven and earth". The problems associated with improper updating the player’s progression and intra -game goals were resolved, which ensured a more smooth gameplay. Similar corrections were made to other main quests, including "Stars in their eyes" And "For its entertainment".

As for the side tasks, the patch corrects the blocking of the progression that could occur when performing some quests. For example, problems were resolved when certain characters did not follow the player, as expected, thereby preventing progress.

As for actions in the world, the renewal corrects problems such as the re-appearance of the shield in the second head room in the boiler "Theeta", as well as a glitch with sound in "Aerial Capture: East".

In addition, the patch corrects the problem with the data point "Notes on the Londra Code", when the players did not receive the proper reward after the completion of a certain puzzle.

This update increases productivity and stability due to numerous corrections of failures. The problem of photography is also fixed when the lighting sometimes flickered, when the camera maneuvered close to the water level.

Finally, patch 1.26 contains other corrections and improvements, such as an increase in salmon spawning rate in the zone of the forbidden West, correcting several cases when players could get stuck in assets or geometry, as well as improving some sound and visual elements. In addition, a problem was fixed, due to which players could not travel on a flying horse between burning shores and the forbidden West in certain sections of the border.