Fortnite will be released on Steam on one condition – Epic Games is adamant

Epic Games Director General Tim Suini said that Fortnite Royal Battle can be released in other digital stores, except EGS – Steam, Microsoft Store and others. The only condition of the company is that the site offers an honest commission for developers.

“[We] will place Fortnite in any serious store. Steam, Microsoft, OneStore, anyone: offer all developers a profitable deal, and we will support you. The end of these ridiculous 30% of the commissions is close ” – Tim Suini, head of Epic Games.

In the digital store Epic Games Store, the Developer Commission is reduced to 12%. However, in Steam, the minimum fee threshold is 20% with revenue of $ 50 million and 25% – $ 10 million. These rules have been valid since 2018. Apparently, even such digits of Epic Games seem high.

Tim Suini is clearly inspired by the victory in the trial over Google Corporation. Epic Games filed an antitrust lawsuit due to a high commission in the Google Play app store in 2020. December 12, 2023, the decision was made in her favor.

In the same 2020, Epic filed a lawsuit against Apple, but lost the case.

In fact, 30% is really overdone, you just give a third of the earnings to the site.

for a long time 20%
Well, this site gives you 100% of the purchase, unlike the EGS, which in 5 years has not pulled the blanket on himself in any way.
So even EA and Jubisoft returned to Steam, since they realized that 80% of the income from Steam is far from extra money.
Filya also shoves all games in Steam

and no, 30% (although for a long time 20%) this is not much. You yourself would like to cooperate with someone for 12% ? that 12% of Navara will give you? They still need to pay taxes from them.
If it were not for billions in Fortnaite, then in the USS it would be 30%, or even higher, if they "Killed" Steam themselves became a monopolist. They would be just a bad monopolist.
(T -shirts also made 12% only because they have endless funds for any expenses)
Moreover, that from Steam with such a commission they are lutting unreal grandmas, which are not lully when they were spent on the discs

In general, no one forces to sell in Steam, a PC of a free good luck platform is sold at least on your website, but if you go to someone who gives you sales, then be ready to give % installed in this place