Gabe Newell believes that games do not have to be realistic, because realism is not at all fun

In a recent documentary, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Half-Life, the founder of Valve Gabe Newel shared his thoughts about realism in games, saying that he never thought realism "Funny".

According to Newell, during the development of Half-Life they had conversations when they discussed the design of the game and someone said: "This is not realistic". And Newell answered: "so what? Explain to me what is interesting in it? In the real world, I need to make a list of purchases in a grocery store. Therefore, I never thought that realism is fun. I play games to have fun".

The words of the founder Valve have responded to many fans. For example, the developer Dillon Dillon Rogers shared his quote on Twitter with the signature: "I need to fix these words in the upper part of my forums in Steam. Many people do not understand the difference between realism and fascination".

Gabe Newell is not the only one who shared his thoughts about Half-Life in honor of his 25th anniversary. For example, Dario Casali, who began working in Valve back in 1996, launched a series of programs under the name Half-Life 25 Year Developer Commentary, saying that Half-Life could have another name: Fallout, Dirt, Bolt or even Trash.

In other words, the lack of continuation of the famous franchises under the Tsiphire three is really sad, but such is reality.

Under what, under what figure?

As a true computer, and a programmer, Gabe lives only in such a calculus system: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024. And no one can knock him out of the path of the true!

So realism is somewhat fun. For example, the simulation of physics looks more pleasant than some kind of invented garbage. In some points, realism is still necessary.

Yes, realism is somewhat fun if you take Insurgence. Yes, the shooter is the harsh realities of the Middle Eastern conflict, I would call this symocade because it is a war simulator like Arma and a shooter like Call of Duty 4. It is nice to shoot any weapons here, however, one or two hits into the enemy’s body and all of him is no longer a tenant, so it can happen to the player, the good if some fly past the player, however, this can cause a shock to the character that a player’s review is clouded.

Dad Gamestroy said the base

Yes, full realism is not quite fun, but excessive cartoon/comic – also nothing good.

But then how to fall the victims of marketing new video cards and processors?)

They are just one of the few people who worked for the idea and tried exactly what to impress the players, and did not think about how to poke them cheaply at all costs, whatever quality it may be. Therefore, Gaibu and his team are great respect and long life!

Well, from KS2, the crap came out)

There is always no absolutely successful and correct solutions in business, but their contribution to PC-Haming is difficult not to appreciate their contribution. Behind them, at least several successful releases that have become a legend, and the best digital distribution service.

Yes, I do not reduce his merits at least just for the development of Steam, but I know a lot of people with the updated control. She, in perception, came out somewhere near the level of Varcraft 3 reforms, when people also took the basic warcraft from people and chopped off the servers there, transferring them to Remaster, which even had problems on the old graphics. Half Life Alex released the suitable one, but with the control, what so badly it turned out incomprehensibly and no one quit this renewal and did not rush to release it

For some reason when they discuss Valv, only the CS is remembered, but they absolutely forget about how much Valv made a saving contribution to the Gaming PC when no one else wanted to do this.

I agree with him. Books too "Not realistic", There are only letters on a white background. But nevertheless, when the user of the book reads it, he draws in his imagination the written text in the images. Also with games, in addition to graphics, they can also contain the plot, different heroes and their interaction with each other and with the situation (we do not take into account the tetris), and how this material is submitted to a lesser extent on graphics and to a greater extent From the skill of the author to describe the heroes, the plot and his narrative, Gampleii. So I recently passed Chrono Trigger (Snes9x), the graphics are flat there, but the game itself, heroes, plot, gamplei are made interestingly.

And where did you get the idea that it is about the schedule?

Fucking, confusing books and games. You play the game, and you read the book. Also sagging movies here.

In general, it was meant that, the plot was gone for a long time, you always have to think of it yourself.

Games come out empty! And this is a fact.

Well, play in "Empty" Games are the choice of players themselves. I’m new "Empty" Games are not particularly attracted. There is always a choice. In the same Threads of Fate (PS1) there are excellent heroes and an exciting plot and an interesting gamplei, the graphics may not be the most modern, but pleasant. I liked the game, went on an emulator. So if you do not limit yourself to the temporary frames, you can choose the old, but good game.

Gabe Newell believes that Half Life 3 does not have to come out, because the release is not at all fun.

I agree, it was not really necessary to go out, but the plot break. That’s what strained me. Now, of course – already do not care.

Realism and realism are not the same.

Moreover, this is not only the games. In real life, too, is not much funny. )

You say to Bezos or Mask playing cosmosims in real life. Yes, and Gabe would hardly release his steamdek if it were boring and not interesting.

The more realism is in the game, the less in the game game.

That is why, even now, games from the same prefix Sega are quite cheerful. It is a pity that modern players do not understand this at all, they only think about how to fasten an extra dust on the graphics. As a result, almost all projects come out without a soul. In pursuit of visual, the developers forgot about the main thing: the games should entertain.

Many people also do not understand that realism can give rise to fascination in huge quantities, because a huge amount of fascination is generated by reality.

References to Starfield, apparently. 🙂

In general, of course, he is right. Games used to be children mainly. Well, you know, Dandy, Sega, Sonya 1 and many other consoles of the past. There were many games 18+, and even with realism? No. Realism is not for fun all the same, it is for lovers of simulators and graphomaniacs, which in some sense is not fun. The gaming industry is losing today that once it was more funny and looked more positive.

I completely agree with him. Games are in the 1st entertainment in order to forget about

You played so much that you forgot to add.

Jokes about Half Life 3 and in ten years will be relevant))

The share of realism should be one way or another and the more serious the game, the more realism should be higher.

Where is the seriousness of the game? Each game will find its own community.

Despite the fact that any not realistic element in a serious, close to reality, the game looks ridiculous and breaks the atmosphere. At the same time, the more delusional game the better in it harmonizes the absurdity, fantasy, etc.

It is strange that there is no article on Pega about the most discussed topic. Prices in Steam in one of the neighboring regions Nekilo jumped so.

Gaben Fan Nintendo?

What are you, now you will cut an hourly interview for questions and post?

The next question about toilet paper?

depending on what for realism and how it works in specific games. The most hardcore realism has poor formalization in the game game logic for feedback and is fraught with the fact that the player will lose time and will be furious and unhappy mainly. I arranged a knead with gopniks in the gateway, died through chamilling from bleeding in the hospital, although Fit won as if or thought that he had won. Come on a new one.

as Gaben said so is it!

I never understood this "realism". Especially "stamina", When you start playing a goner, which cannot run five meters, but at the end of the game you can pump up to 15. Super, let’s go more realism, let it always be drunk and just lies

There are many games where the bottom graphics, but the plot captivates and asks for repeated passage

Yes, Beamng Drive, People PlayGround, Teardown, Red Faction Guerrillas are smoked aside.

Well, yes, I play to relax, and not re -strain after work) Therefore, I play Asterix)

Since when did his opinion become authoritative?

Well Gaben himself, a kind of fairy tale.)

Good everything in moderation. It is necessary to competently combine the realism of the same physics and game conventions. And what kind of realism Gabe was talking about is not entirely clear. Milims of monotonous wastelands to trample in real time? Well, here I agree. This is not fun at all at all. Just developers need to be more careful with this term. And then I found out that in one network project they talk about realism, and there you can throw a grenade in a box and lie down nearby and you will not have anything but an announcement.

Realism should manifest itself in the game design. Namely, in the logical arrangement of objects on the map. It’s about household little things that create the effect of immersion. From a trivially scattered trash, to roads and architectural solutions made on the principle "Shobs Bulo".

The game should be pleasure. These can be realistic games and cartoon.

And Head crab is very realistic))

Yes, in realistic Half Life, they somehow get out of the overall picture of the headcrabs XD.

He is absolutely right! I myself was convinced of this with the example of sports games. In the 90s and 00s they were quite far from reality, but damn it, it was interesting to play in them! And when they became very close to reality, they simply became bored in them. The same hockey was turned into a dull fuss of the sides and stupid running around, everything is like in real life 🙁

I agree in principle, the Tarkovs, etc

Therefore, with each update, the COP now looks like a cartoon piece of shit? Such an excuse.

And when the COP was about realism?

When was KS Surs.

Nyukhal is not at all in the subject. Realism is the main thing for a real gamer! How can you play the game and not feel like a real soldier or scientist? And if something "Not realistic", where is the guarantee that zombies or aliens from space will not kill you? Of course, fun is when everything is believable and scary! And now, after all, continuous jokes-fantasia are released under the guise "games".

Yes, and why did Newell have so broken – they never got out with the last episode! How many years have passed already. And then pro "fun" Different. Yes, it would be better he finished his franchise, and not about "realism" said. He himself did nothing realistic, only trailers and promises.

realized? well, I do not. I had more than enough for me in RDR 2. Absolutely old Gabe – to dick realism!

Next, we change the word "Internet" on "realism".

This grandfather created shooters as a genre

Founder of Valv, who created the Steam store, the Half Life Game series, a cone -a -stroke cone, Tim Forters, portal. As well as such games as Dota 2 and Left Ford 2.

Useful isoing, not that these scientists came up with some kind of cancer vaccine, useless)

You never know what exactly he had in mind.. But I still do not agree with him.

Apparently this is why this fat swine to.With Guano 2 cannot make normal, see "realism" This is not fun, but Guano 2 with a bunch of bugs, broken by the sly with the first guano due to the crookedness of the Vyderny Surs of the engine and the shitty cloud of cheaters, this is a fun, everything is delighted!

Him, a piece "Kala", brings him money. And there are people – who bring them there.

Why when they talk about gaybushka, they always recall at first about CS?

Hams immediately begin to move as soon as Gaben farts something on the air

You buy a cage?

I can not stand this lyzostanism and zipolizstvo.. когда старой человек, когда то уважаемый, скажет какую нибудь хрень, и безмозглая толпа жополизов бегает рассказывает как это правильно. XD)

Realism within the framework of the monitor is, in principle, it is impossible, it is an empty three.. Marketing chatter. There is a gameplay, its filling and diversity, and this can be done better and more detailed. There are frank errors in this regard, which are accepted as the norm. For example, in Fall4, doctors and frames do not completely remove radiation, one division remains. This was done in order to allegedly some complication, such as you will have to use anti -radar, it is weakened immunity, the probability of illness, hunger and sleep. No, this is not a complication within the framework of gameplay when you play, this is ѳiotism, and such an ѳiotism is accepted for some norm. About not fun, it would be better to keep silent. In this regard, GTA is very indicative, and others like her all kinds of RDR. Instead of making a rich city, a serious gameplay, as it once began in GTA SA, marketers PR. Dawn that now even a poop in the corners for the game of the year of the year, they could not. They used to be asked where the development of gameplay?! In response, they stated the strategy this development of graphene. In the yard of 2023, you ask where the graphene? Generally the tongue in the ass was put. As a result, neither gameplay nor graphene.. and the dull prayers of those farts who led to this, about realism in games. In general, say that the fart is wrong, this is not to say anything. )