Guardians of Holme Card Card Protection of the Steam early access

Publisher of indie IGR of Beijing (China) Indienova and developer Indie game from Chendu (China) Mosstech Studio announced that their card protection of the tower with the Guardians of Holme slide was released for PC in the early access of Steam

Guardians of Holme is a game in the Tower Defense genre with elements. Players should use the area in their interests and formulate defensive tactics, strategically placing powerful traps to reflect the endless waves of enemies. In the course of the game, players can acquire new cards, relics and improve existing cards, improving their deck and allowing them to fight more formidable enemies.

In the distant past, the king of demons, which almost destroyed the whole world, was sealed by the legendary hero, and the demons were expelled to the outskirts of civilization. Time passed, people gradually forgot about agony and suffering of that period. Once dormant demons suddenly appeared again and headed for the flourishing royal city, where there were protection circles.

In the face of the onslaught of demonic legions, the player takes on the role of an experienced artisan from the hill to lead the heroic citizens of the kingdom in defense of his homeland. The player must combine his ingenuity with a variety of traps to hold the last line of defense of the kingdom.

Fight enemies, from rustic to royal, in win -win battles. Players will participate in fierce clashes with a wide range of enemies. Looking for a more difficult task? The game offers a gradually complicated complexity mode and daily testing mode, providing new impressions every day.

In the Guardians of Holme version with early access, players can experience two different styles of the game, choosing between two characters, set and Nicole. A large number of traps and artifacts make every attempt to unique. Regardless of whether they are focused on increasing damage from one trap, on the movement of traps to drive enemies into the pit, or on checkpoints in synergy with the area, players can freely develop their own tactics.