In Diablo 4, a bug was corrected with the player’s stunning and eliminated a random purchase of paid combat pass

As promised by Blizzard, by the end of the week Diablo 4 received the next update. The new patch for the role action does not yet affect the scandalous balance of the first season, but eliminates a number of irritating errors. So, in the game, some critical malfunctions and bugs of the gameplay was corrected.

Perhaps the main change in version 1.1.0c for Diablo 4 was interaction with the premium version of the combat pass. Previously, players could accidentally buy a paid version of the pass when they increased their season level. To avoid random purchases, Blizzard added a special confirmation window, which players had been asked for a long time. Along with this, the new update is concentrated on increasing the overall stability of the assembly.

Notes to patch 1.1.0c, version #43487 – 26 July:

  • Fixed a malfunction, as a result of which on some focuses for the left hand it was possible to capture the aspect only once.
  • Fixed a problem as a result of which, when using a combination of plague forces, “dark dance” and “punishing speed”, the player stunned himself.
  • Fixed a problem as a result of which the task of the seasonal campaign “Gloomy Award” could be re -performed, throwing and choosing the same chest.
  • Fixed a malfunction, as a result of which, under certain conditions, the druid fur in the guise of a bear and a wolf became too bright.
  • Fixed a problem as a result of which, when playing with certain controllers, the character did not move correctly.
  • Now, when activating a premium combat pass, a confirmation window is displayed.
  • Now, when using the controller in the combat pass menu, the “seasonal campaign” button is highlighted.
  • Fixed a number of problems led to the termination of the client’s work.
  • A number of changes have been introduced that increase the stability of the game client.
  • Fixed a malfunction associated with the power of the plague heart “restless wind”, as a result of which the automatic use of the Ugricum Armor did not require time to restore.
  • Now, when acquiring or redistributing the blessings of the season, the merchants will disappear from objects that can be redeemed.

Blizzard developers noted that they will continue to study players’ reviews and will soon present a more voluminous patch. The next update for Diablo 4 should be processed not too honest with the players of the balance of the gameplay.