In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a gluech was found that allows you to get an infinite number of items

In the world of the game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the new Gacha-devices Zonai play an important role. They help players create amazing combinations, perform tests in sanctuaries, as well as cope with opponents in battles. However, one of the players accidentally came across a mistake that allows you to get an infinite number of items.

This news was published on Reddit, where the user with the nickname LittleAwkward1 shared his video, where he demonstrated the error mentioned earlier. When activating the Zonai device, it began to issue objects in the usual order, but later something went wrong. Zonai continued to create them without stopping.

While the algorithm of actions for the repetition of this glue was not found. However, fans are intrigued and try to assume whether it is possible to reproduce this error with the missing of animations. This opens up additional opportunities for experiments and opening new glitches in the game Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

When you play Zelda on an emulator with cheats and you are just ridiculous to observe the sufferings of the Ninthotes in the endless farm of resources and everything else.))

The emulator is good but funny to observe a helpless player who resorts to cheats. Apparently you are to other games of the same opinion. I feel sorry for you.

Forgive me that I love myself very much and value my time to torment myself with such useless classes in games like: collect 10 skins, 10 herbs, 10 stones to scrub either this or this. Better, I’m not soaring further on the plot, I’ll go.)

I’ll go in the plot in Zelda, you are ridiculous, a game about gameplay and the study of the world, craft consists of 2 objects of pebbles and a stick, for this you do not need to grin, if you are talking about an improvement in the armor, then what a joke is to improve the maximum in the beginning, so that even the most The strong enemy took the floor of the heart, just then turn on the bumpe, make yourself the strongest weapon that does not break, endlessly arrows and nozzles on them, sit and content with them, and about the plot: Link at the end wins Ganon (Ganondorf), Sori has already displayed, I spoke So I understand the reasons to play you no longer have, you can delete it, the game was done not for you and not for people like you, so clear

I went to my old forgotten profile only because of your coma, and those who do not agree with you.You really tell the truth.The most expensive resource in human life is the time and not to return it.And I love a series of Games Zeldy.But as in any other game, Grind simply takes too much time, and in order to get full experience you need to grind.I agree Herogo if you take off the only floor of the heart from one blow, but this is far from the beginning of the game to find a certain resource, the armor needs to spend a lot of time.To knock out ten ice tails, I spent an hour and a half and as a result I realized that this is a kapets.If the armor did not increase and received only buff, then generally buzz.In the example, I will give a series of Games Yakuza.Passed the zero part in one gulp without cheats.Then he moved to the first part, almost nothing changed, but also mastered at the same time passing 50-60 percent.The second one saw a new action movie, too, passed without cheats super.The third half of the game was cut out cheats, kicked Kirya to get the same techniques that were in Nulevka and in the first.4 and 5 did not even think he immediately pumped Kirya, and new Persians without cheats in 4 and with cheats in the fifth.I like to play this series but repeat from time to time one and the same do not really like it.Therefore, cheats really save time.But of course I disagree with the use of cheats for quick murders, immortality, etc.Time is very expensive, but when you like to play games, you need to try to save time somehow.

Really, I can’t laugh. You played exactly in Zelda? there the game is not about the plot at all

The same bug was in Diablo 4, or 3, I don’t remember, there it was also possible to get endless from the chest

Something this game did not hook me at all, how many did not try to play. Plus there is still such stylistics anime, not mine. I don’t know what everyone likes her so.

The author played at all ? Zone capsules cannot be used in sanctuaries

But nothing that they can be attached to the shield?The same rocket helps some sanctuaries.Of course, they do not help directly, but in principle, such a powerful crutch)))

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