Insomniac explained why Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is not at all like the one that was in the comics

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 turned out to be a very exciting adventure for fans of Spider-Man, but the main star was undoubtedly Venom, one of the most beloved antagonists of a friendly neighbor, Spider-Man.

It is the effect of the symbiont on Peter Parker that will play a key role in the plot of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as well as his new medium, which will come into confrontation with his favorite superhero. A person who, however, is known to fans of the game, is very different from who in comics, films and many other adaptations of the adventures of a spider-man usually becomes a vein.

About why just such a choice was made, in an interview with Gizmodo said the plot of Ben Arfmann.

Here, for obvious reasons, you will find serious plot spoilers, so those who do not want to spoil their impression are better not to read further.

As the fans already know, this time to torment Peter Parker and Miles Moles will not be Eddie Brock, but a figure that many have already begun to suspect the previous chapter. In the storyline of Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 it will be found that this time Venom is none other than Harry Osbourne: Ben Arfmann explained that they carefully analyzed many other versions of the villain and antihero, but for the story that they wanted to tell, this there was the only possible choice.

"You can see the influence of other stories [. ], but when we told our own, we only thought about our Harry Osborne and St. Petersburg and tried to figure out how to put them on a collision course that would give them both an emotional challenge. We like Venom Eddie [Brock], but we wanted to tell our story – unique and interesting, but at the same time based on the narrative that we built".

According to the director, he decided from the very beginning that the main antagonist should be Venom, but in order to make the story personal and dramatic, Harry Osbourne was the only character that could be chosen. And although the final battle, of course, turned out to be emotionally saturated, many fans noted that in terms of gameplay they were disappointed.

Perhaps in the future we will see how else the history of this charismatic anti-hero will deepen, for example, in the form of a separate spin-off.