Miasma Chronicles from the authors of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden receives positive assessments from critics

Miasma Chronicles was adopted by an international press with positive, but not too high marks: the current average rating of playing Metacritic is 76/100, which is positive, but possibly lower, as expected, the result for the new strategic game from the authors of Mutant Yearo Zero : Road to Eden.

  • SoftPedia – 8.5
  • GLHF on Sports Illustrated – 8
  • Shacknews – 8
  • Cgmagazine – 7.5
  • Checkpoint Gaming – 7.5
  • Ggrecon – 7

Some reviews have doubts about the balance and depth of the storyline.

Miasma Chronicles is an exciting experience that is aimed at a narrow target and for the most part falls into it. Making a serious tactical role -playing game for an exciting narrative is a difficult task, since the wide attractiveness of the latter often contradicts the brutal vibrations of the first. But thanks to custom options, the possibilities of secrecy outside the battle and, of course, the solid weight of the narrative itself, Miasma Chronicles successfully copes with its mission.

Miasma Chronicles is a XCOM -like game that will like those who liked Mutant Zero Dawn. A lot of research, a little role -playing game and a familiar fight with a highlight.

Miasma Chronicles brings a solid evolution to the genre of step -by -step strategy. At the same time, the game remains available for both beginners and fans. The gameplay is really good, but the plot, for the most part, is forgotten.

A strategic game, the action of which unfolds in a post -apocalyptic world, devastated by a plague, known as "Miazm", allows us to manage Elvis and its robotic "brother", Exploring the surroundings of the city of Sederalari, meeting new characters and trying to find a way to destroy an impending threat.