Patch 2.01 for Cyberpunk 2077 should go today on PC and consoles

Patch exit 2.01 for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S scheduled for today.

This was announced a few hours ago on his Twitter communications director of CD Projekt Red Markin Momot. According to Momot, the current appearance of a patch has not yet been confirmed by 100%, but if everything goes according to the plan, it must appear today on these platforms.

As reported last week, the new patch includes improvement of performance (in particular, in the Dogtown area) on PC and consoles, as well as fixes of various irritating problems. In addition, the patch will fix the problem due to which, when playing with the help of a mouse and keyboard, the tips of the controller buttons were not displayed. The radio volume in cars will also be adjusted and problems with damaged saving on the PlayStation 5.

Cyberpunk 2077 is already available around the world on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

So far, the only problem has become, more precisely, it has returned, the loading of textures in some points.

And the game itself is a problem.

Everything is always for an amateur 🙂 For example, I don’t like games in the genre "Royal battle" Well, I don’t get there)

Because of these fucking royal battles. Single strong plot games are less and less!

I hope the departures will be fed.

I fully support.They just talked something.

I have an ancient card, not a single departure was 30 hours.

I also ran up for 20 hours, not a single departure was.

Well, I also had a single departure before the update

It would also be pleasant to FSR 3.0 winded up. Test.

Still repaired the weapon showcase

It doesn’t work for you either? I have all the clothes that were collected up to 2.0 do not appear on the wall, new from 2.0 appear)

I have only Satori and the dagger from the cult weapons, while others do not
The game started from scratch

and someone has a problem with lighting in the Arasaki building? then everything is red, it was completely blackened

A friend collided- but sinned on weak iron. xs, as he decided, but if critical, I can find out.

There are no sorties, but he caught a bug that the character became immortal.

I have stupidly does not want wires to scan in KV "A look at the abyss", We are waiting: D

I didn’t see anything interesting on the nexus. What mods do you put such? Naked boobs chtoli. )))

Who needs something, he puts it.

Fashion for cars, for example, or some kind of gameplay mods that simplify something, or on the contrary complicate, some kind of drawing range, display GG in glasses and other things, etc.D. and t.P. A lot of different things can be put

One of the reasons why has not even taken up F.L. for again shove what works there and that there is no desire.

Let’s go at minimum- 1) additional action buttons (ala deus ech), 2) a convenient Shmotnok and fittings store, 3) weapon rebalance, 4) an improved environment (parts, textures, effects, etc.), 5) the rebalance of scripts (hacking), 6) Rebalance of perks, 7) the possibility of expanding cyber-implants, and also their removal, 8) Kereznikov’s mod on a brief information of characters (dive), 9) the behavior of the same panamas, Judy what they do in their free time, 10) Blood, 11) regdols, 12) improved view of the first person, 13) removal of the already read repeated chips, 14) Fast Trevl as in GTA 5 without waiting for loading, 15) the working system of the metro, 16) radio station, 17) the ability to listen to the radio not only in a wheelbarrow, 18) chopping off the condenses of the same and the same loading screens with the same text. 19) new hairstyles, colors, tattoos, abders, etc. 20) Removing distant miserable spiting machines Alya 2D, 21) Disabling a green filter, 22) The ability to hide parts of clothing (hide dumb hats or glasses, but which give fucked stats, but in the appearance of wretches), 23) scaling a mini card, 24) mod on the cat (not everyone likes the rats -_-), 25) Hint how many stats are needed in the replica of dialogs, 26) photo mode (and everything that includes it), 27) a mod for deemein (taxi call services), 28) the exchange as in GTA5, 29) Infinite discharge of characteristics (so far allows money), 30) a mod on the same water and its behavior, 31) mod for young beast, 32) mod for a nightmare in the style of a run-in blade, 33) mod for a romance of panamas With w. version of Vi, and this is not just a mod, it is a script that activates this opportunity because I have a bunch of screenshots where women’s remarks are present and they are even voiced, t.e. The breeds intended to put the blocking, but forgot to cut it all out.

. Well, TD and TP. It may seem to someone to seem to be garbage (part may be attracted by the ears, but they like a dive), and someone is stupidly chasing buffers and he is not interested in anything else, although the mod on the chest with the fit of clothes for him is the same It doesn’t look very bad.

Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks Console for example, using it, you can make an affair with Judy for a man of course there are a couple of shortcomings with a translation, but everything is smooth

The patch has come out, but now the addition is not working))))) I did not buy it

They say they will bring fsr 3.0 Frame Generation for cyberpunk. Truth?

It is unlikely that with this update, it is possible with the following.

The regime would be added from a third person..

why is he needed a bro, not for this game this is my opinion

Yes, I disagree – after shootouts on a car from a third person really wanted to change the species for playing a camera from a third party.

Just now, Skim shakes 21.7 GB

Such a bad patch weighs 21.7 gigs.

Yeah, there are a lot of bugs, especially the departures of the dog Town, but do not care – so I am already passing for my pleasure)

In 35 hours 1 flight was

I have purely in the location, where the new DLS is normal in other locations – neither fries nor bugs.

Well, they have such bugs on a certain iron, I like the drawing range more, it is not very good

In my dogtown, in a certain distance, the pyramid disappears when you approach the main market. And there are enough such jokes

Not a single departure was. DOP in one breath.

A patch was released in Steam https: // Steamdb.Info/Patchnotes/12352853/

He has already entered GOG 2.89GB

Yes, it seems, and so normal, at 2060 super on maximum without unnecessary trace, stable 60 FPS.

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