Several players shared their dissatisfaction with the way the pipes are located in Starfield

Some players point out the flagrant, in their opinion, problems with the pipeline system in the Starfield universe. The Halolavapigz user recently shared several images of various pipes that can be seen in the game world, explaining that his brother works as an installer of pipes in real life and he was very worried about these pipes. Of course, most Starfield players are likely to not pay attention to this and, all the more, will not be upset, but for professionals in their business, this can become a distracting problem.

In the images, dubious areas are circled by circles that emphasize the fact that many pipes in Starfield have unnecessary and ineffective bends that will never be used to solve any functional problems. Instead of using one straight pipe to solve the problem, imaginary workers who created systems in Starfield preferred to use all kinds of unreasonable turns and bends. One of the comments written by another specialist in the installation of pipes says: "Why do they use three knees instead of one?". Other readers, including one plumber, noted that such hacks was carried out in real life by plumbers who were either lazy or did not have time.

Obviously, the Starfield pipeline looks the way it looks, more from aesthetic than functional considerations. However, many games developers, including Bethesda, devote a lot of time to studying and using real examples for creating believable game worlds, even in the science fiction universe. The physics system in Starfield amazes players with realistic behavior of objects in the game, and there are many entertaining videos on the network in which people test the capabilities of the engine. Despite this, the Bethesda developers team apparently decided that crooked pipes and additional bends more contribute to the target aesthetics of the game than a realistic layout.