Silent Hill was a “key point of reference” to create an atmosphere of Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment is going to release its first full -fledged horror game for survival, when Alan Wake 2 will be released at the end of this month, and there is no shortage of excitement around it. Remedy previously stated that its main attention is paid to the creation of the atmosphere and slow fear, and not to season experience with fear from scamers, and in a recent interview with Gamingbolt, the director of the game Kyle Rowley touched this topic again.

When he was asked how he would describe the horror style Alan Wake 2, Rowley answered:

“In Alan Wake 2, we are much more interested in the type of horrors that is slow burning, where the atmosphere and sound perform most of the hard work. If I remember correctly, one of the main points of our main game is “the atmosphere is more important than the scamers”, and this says a lot ”.

Then Rowley added that with regard to the elements of the psychological horror and the construction of the atmosphere, the Alan Wake 2 is also largely borrowed from the Silent Hill franchise. Earlier, the developer also said that the game draws inspiration from Resident Evil.

Meanwhile, another thing on which Remedy wanted to concentrate is a combination of the psychological style of horrors of the game with a real design, while the design of the world reflects the narrative experience that we will see in a dark place.

“The Silent Hill franchise and how it uses the atmosphere and a sense of fear, which slowly increases over time, was a key moment,” Rowley said. “Since we represent a psychological horror rather, we knew that we want to include a lot of audiovisual design in order to demonstrate the spiritual state of our heroes and reflect it in the design of the world. You know, the experience of Alan in a dark place manifests itself in his mind. All his demons are naked here, so we can use it as a means to cause an emotional response from a player. Instability, a feeling of paranoia – all these are elements of a psychological horror, manifested in the game mechanics and the design of our world. “.