Stormgate developers are aimed at “modern approach” to traditional strategic games

Stormgate is not entirely ready for launch, but work on it is in full swing. Tim Campbell, Director and President of Frost Giant Games, acted as a guest at PC Gaming Show to tell fans about the progress on the game and what developers plan to do in the near future.

Stormgate developers consider their project "a modern look at the classical formula of strategic game in real time" and the spiritual heir to classical games such as Warcraft and Starcraft. Frost Giant Games was based on the experience of veterans of real -time strategies that worked on the same franchises, so it is quite logical that they will want to improve the formulas already known to them. Most importantly, they plan to make a barrier for beginners in the genre of lower.

RTS usually implies management of the entire battlefield, whether it is a collection of resources or the command of the armies. All these moving parts can overload newcomers, even in such simple RTS games as Minecraft Legends. Frost Giant plans to overcome this gap so that players of all levels of skill can enjoy Stormgate, although it has not yet described how exactly the systems work.

We believe that the RTS genre is what players of all levels of skill should enjoy. We made a lot of efforts to ensure that Stormgate liked everyone, if you are a professional with high technical skills and love a competitive game, or you just want to relax and enjoy the plot.

Frost Giant also demonstrated the pre-alpha persons, including how units, bases and other gameplay elements looked during recent testing. However, some of these fragments are only symbols – such as a chicken in a helmet, which was discussed on Stream. According to Campbell, the information shown on Stream PC Gaming Show was only "The top of the iceberg". This year there is still a lot of new ones on the way, including information about various game modes.