Stray has become the best -selling game on Xbox consoles

Stray is an adventure game involving a charming cat, the action of which takes place in 2022. In the game, players will have to go through the intriguing journey of a cat, who has lost in an anti -utopian city, inhabited by cars and robots.

After the release, Stray immediately became a hit and found a response to the audience around the world. The game received an estimate of 83/100 on Metacritic and was nominated for the title "The game of the year" At the exhibition TGA 2022.

Recently, Stray came out on Xbox consoles and quickly proven itself as a worthy addition to the library. At the time of writing, Stray is the best -selling game on Xbox.

Why is it important: it was assumed that the release on Xbox will attract a large number of new players to the game, and, apparently, Annapurna Interactive succeeded.

Currently, the price of Stray is $ 24, while Microsoft offers a small discount compared to the initial price of $ 30. In addition to the hype around the charming feline adventure, such a price probably prompted Xbox users to try the game.

Surprisingly, the Indie game of 2022 bypassed such recent hits such as Remnant 2. Despite the recent revival of the Call of Duty franchise on Xbox, Stray also managed to get ahead of games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Previously, Stray was sold by a circulation of more than 2 million. copies. Thanks to the availability in PS Plus Extra, the game reached more than 4 million. Players on PlayStation. Despite the fact that the game was not included in the Xbox Game Pass, Annapurna Interactive, most likely, counts on a similar success on Xbox.

Stray is considered a striking example of the indie-playing industry. The game proves that small games can compete with ambitious AAA releases, using interesting concepts and artistic design for immersing players in unforgettable adventures.

The release of the game on the Xbox is another success of the studio, thanks to which completely new people can get to know the game about the cat.