Terraria will be released based on a board game

Terraria video games are waiting for a pleasant event: its creator Re-Logic and Indie Studio Paper Fort Games announced the upcoming table adaptation of the popular songword game.

This ambitious project is designed to combine the complex mechanics of the Terraria digital game world, including the study of biomes, the development of the character, the construction of the base and epic battles, with the elements of the traditional board game. The game, designed to jointly pass, will differ in a new fresh artistic style, while maintaining the essence of the original game, which should appeal to both experienced Terraria players and beginners.

Expressing their excitement about cooperation, Paper Fort Games shared their deep admiration for what Re-Logic, a small team, reached Terraria and their constant commitment. The adaptation of the board game is designed to transfer the unique Terraria universe to the countertop, providing a new measurement of the experience of the game in Terraria.

Cooperative board game, designed for 1-4 players, promises to maintain the basic principle of terraria – dig, fight, explore and build. The new game cover invites players to look at the adventure journey that awaits them.

As for the deadlines for the release of the game, the Terraria board game is still under development, and its creators are concentrated on the finalization of the game to create a high -quality final version. Thus, the launch of the game during this year seems unlikely. More specific terms will appear closer to the crowdfunding stage, when the developers will better imagine the course and scale of the project. Terraria fans should also beware of periodic spoilers, which is the tradition of the Terraria community.

As for the purchase and crowdfunding, the creators plan to follow the usual HOUSE -Crowdfunding practice industry in order to achieve the desired scale and quality of quality. Paper Fort Games, along with a related company Sword Games, has a commendable story in crowdfunding and the successful launch of exceptional games. More specific details regarding crowdfunding – terms, amounts, levels of remuneration – will be published in due time.