The authors of Cits: Skylines 2 told what to expect from the next patch

The developer of Colossal Order and Paradox publisher published new information about what will happen in the final patch of this year for Cits: Skylines 2.

In the new column "The word of the week" In Steam, which will also be the last until 2024, Colossal Order spoke about the new update that will appear "this week".

There is no complete information about the patch, but the developer reports that the update will add detailed characters’ models and "improve the geometry of all assets".

According to Colossal Order, this is not the last patch related to performance, but it will bring the studio "Another step towards achieving the goals". Earlier, the developer has already promised to correct the problems of CITies: SkyLines 2 before offering paid DLC for the game.

In the update of this week, many corrections of the gameplay will also be implemented, including corrections in the calculation and display of money, changes in the switching of the lanes of vehicles, as well as the addition of lines for freight trains and ships.

As part of the update, two new cards will be added, both of which were the result "internal testing of the cards editor", According to Colossal Order. The editor is still not ready for public release, but the developer claims that he "Makes good success".

CEO COLOSSAL ORDER Marina Khallikainen says that she informed the CITIES: SkyLines 2 designers, offering designers "The country of the eternal sun" And "Flat land", But, to her "great disappointment", These names were subsequently changed.

Thus, new cards will become "Peninsula of the Sun", on which there are no rains, and "Flat land", on which there are no contours, because it is literally completely flat.

The post ends with a repetition of the CITIES: SkyLines 2 roadmap for 2024, which includes modding, releases for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, the aforementioned paid DLCs and much more.