The Day Before community said that FNTastic had abandoned them “under the bus”

Levitate user is located on the front line of the Day Before Discord Server since the game launch last week. It has an official FNTastic tag and is listed as a moderator on the zombie game server, but now has added an postscript to his profile "Not a developer", Answering players’ questions about the state of the game.

He claims that they did not hear anything from the developer FNTASTIC, and made statements for the players, based on what they were told before launching, apologizing for the current state of the game – in particular, for the fact that it is more like a shooter with prey and less to MMO.

I shared information about the genre of the game, based on my understanding of the team, like all other participants. I myself, our moderators, our volunteers-we all expected that it would be a MMO game to survive. We talked, based on what we got. It turned out that some aspects of the game developed differently, as a result of which it became more like a game about prey. I apologize for any confusion that caused it. I am as upset as everyone else. My role was focused on our community and volunteers, and not on the development of the game. I transmitted information from the best motives and regret any unintentional misinformation. There was a misunderstanding that led to unexpected expectations. I understand and respect your feelings about this. Please know that my intentions were not to mislead you. I will continue to help the moderators, and then decide what to do, because I do not like it when they are shifted to people who worked conscientiously for the benefit of this community over the past two years.

In Discord, Levitate has repeatedly asked if something was heard from the developers, and he gave an answer like "This is a ghost city". Another user praised that the moderators are at least trying to clarify what is happening, to which Levitate replied: "Well, we can’t do anything else. Moreover, they tried to throw us under the bus because of their shit".

Levitate also added that he is not sure that FNTASTIC will generally turn to what is happening, adding that they have "There have never been direct contact with the developers. Fuck knows where they are now".

Yesterday, the creators of The Day Before announced the closure of the studio after the financial collapse of the game.