The development of new content for Star Wars: Tor will do another studio. Bioware focuses on Mass Effect and Dragon Age

As it became known to IGN, EA is close to the agreement on the transfer of the current development and operation of MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic from the Boadsword Online Games Biole Studios.

According to sources familiar with this issue, Broadsword and EA signed a letter about intent, and it is expected that the transaction will be completed this month. According to the agreement, The Old Republic will be transferred to the current Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot Broadsword Online, which is controlled by the former co-founder of Mythic Entertainment and Bioware Vice-President Rob Denton, who previously worked on The Old Republic in the first days existence.

Currently, about 70-80 people are part of the main team of The Old Republic developers, more than half of which are expected to be transferred to Broadsword. Those who remain in EA will have the opportunity to look for work elsewhere inside the company, but otherwise they may encounter dismissals.

The Old Republic will still appear planned content updates, such as the upcoming patch 7.3 and the next PVP season, and in the future it is expected more. EA will remain the publisher of the game, and BioWare will concentrate its resources on single -user games, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Two episodes announced new games in 2018 and 2020, respectively, but since then there were few details about both, and, in particular, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, it seems, is suffering from the outcome of the senior leadership. Last year, QA workers voted for unification in trade unions.

Old Republic is still regularly updated, many extensions have been released over the past decade, and although it has not reached the heights of the competitor of World of Warcraft, as of 2019, its income for all her life amounted to almost $ 1 billion. Last year, its creative director Charles Boyd left the company after 16 years.