The enthusiast found out the length of a large ship from the Starfield trailer, which was equal to the Empire-Wilding Building Skyscraper

The trailer for the ambitious role -playing game Starfield, dedicated to a deep cosmos, appeared a few months ago, which began with the frame of a massive black ship flying past the planet. But how great it is? At least one excited fan was thinking about this issue for a long time, and he had just revealed his assessment by applying mathematical calculations confirming the data.

The question of the length of the ship was originally raised on Sunday on the Sabredite Games. The question received more than 130 answers, but none of them reacted to the question too seriously. But at least one person took the opportunity to make a more reasonable assumption: the user Reddit LorefieldMith presented an argument according to which the length of the ship represented in Starfield is almost equal to the height of the New York Empire-promot-Building T.e.1250 feet, or about 381 meters to the roof (to a spire 443 meters).

If you do not know what kind of ship we are talking about, then this is the one from which the video begins below:

While the scale is not defined in the trailer – the only landmarks were a pair of planets and the sun at an indefinite distance, so LorefieldMitch tried to figure out the essence of the issue, considering not a large, but a smaller picture. He used the official source, comparing the bright light emanating from the ship, with the official concept art, released by Bethesda more than a year ago, which shows a girl who is resting on a round window on board a starship.

Assessing that the diameter of this window is about 4.5 feet, based on the scale of the lying girl and her dormant cat, LorefieldMith then measured the size of one of the identical lights on the outside of the ship, compared it with the length of the entire ship and came to the conclusion that the length of the ship is about 1250 feet, or about 381 meters. Completely with the assessment can be found here.

Although the assessment of the size of the ship is far from the official, it caused a discussion in the community. Despite the mathematical calculations, most people were skeptical of the fact that the ship would be so large, some referred to the fact that the size of the cab in the front of the ship is too large for such massive sizes. However, others praised the efforts invested in the measurements: "Great, this is the best answer than about three fathoms".