“The game is not cinematographic” – according to rumors, problems in the development of Star Wars Kotor remake due to Sony

Last week, we reported the problems of the Star Wars Kotor Remake remake. According to journalist Jeff Grabba, the game may never come out due to problems in development. The authors of the channel 100% Star Wars decided to explore the problem and released in a video in which they told what is happening with the project. This information should be perceived with a large degree of distrust – after all, this is a blogger, not a proven insider or journalist. We know only one thing – there are problems in the development of remake.

Work on the project has been conducted for several years, but due to the negative review of Sony to one of the presentations, all production was supposed to go to a completely different team.

According to the information presented, Aspyr received a license for Star Wars Kotor Remake in 2018, as Lucasfilm cordially accepted the proposal of the studio. The company gathered a whole team to start developing updates – the team included veterans with extensive experience. The developers even managed to hire the creators who developed the original.

Aspyr raised $ 30 million, and in 2019 it began pre-production-however, the work was delayed due to global pandemia. In 2021, the company acquired Embracer, which added another $ 70 million to the budget.

At the next stage, the project partner was Sony, which, apparently, had a great influence on the Star Wars Kotor remake. The developers even planned the following projects in the series.

Full production began in 2022, and the initial plan intended to release the game on the market in mid -2023 – so the authors could celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kotor. More realistic forecasts foreshadowed the release of the game in 2024 or 2025.

Everything looked very good until in mid -2022 Aspyr showed a fragment of the game Lucasfilm and Sony – it was expected that the first company would accept the project enthusiastically, but the manufacturer PlayStation expected a completely different. The game was "Not enough cinematic".

Perhaps it was precisely because of this opinion that part of the Aspyr leadership was dismissed, and it was with this that the problems began. In the end, Star Wars Kotor Remake was supposed to go to Saber, and ASPYR developers lived in ignorance – it turned out that almost the entire studio (with the exception of the scriptwriters) was removed from work on the game.

Saber, however, decided not to make a complete reloading of the project, but simply continued to work. Aspyr, however, is not entirely clear why it got Saber Portugal, which has no experience in such ambitious projects. At that time, Aspyr left up to 70 people from a team of 200 people.

According to published information – Star Wars Kotor Remake, as expected, will offer battles similar to the Final Fantasy VII remake that Sony did not quite like, but the biggest problem is the graph – the company, as they say, expected a much more beautiful (cinematic) game.

Star Wars Kotor Remake will not offer much new compared to the original – it is assumed that the plot will be "identical to the original", But developers "much" expanded some characters and quests. Some of the actors of the voice acting on the original even returned to work on the project.