Valve began the process of unlocking users with Windows 7 in Counter-Strike 2

On October 2, 2023, Valve began the process of unlocking users with PC on Windows 7 in Counter-Strike 2 Steam. In fact, Windows 7 users in Counter -Strike 2 were blocked by Valve (VAC – Valve Anticheat System), supposedly, for the use of prohibited utilities, although in fact the players simply launched the Title on the old OS.

“We apologize to everyone. It looks like we made a mistake. We remove an erroneous lock. Now you can play again on the servers of this game protected by VAC, ”Valve reported to users affected by an incident. The company announced their ambulance unlock.

Game experts from the community explained that Valve will take several days to unlock all players in Counter-Strike 2 on Windows 7.

At the end of September, users with a PC on Windows 7 reported on blocking accounts in Counter-Strike 2 due to the use of Chitersky software, although they have nothing to have the same in the system, and the previous version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched stably and without blocking from Sides Steam. Players are strongly advised not to launch Counter-Strike 2 in Windows 7 due to the possibility of obtaining such a ban from Valve.

The player community raised this topic on the Steam forum, where the developers were asked to release a patch against this problem, pay special attention to the incident and update the Title Protection System.

As of the end of August 2023, the Windows 7 operating system used about 1.3% of the total share of users in Steam.

In March of this year, Valve announced that the Steam game platform will stop supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 from January 1, 2024. After this date, the Steam client will only work on a PC with Windows 10/11. Valve asked the players to prepare for this event in a timely manner and update the operating system.

Earlier, MacOS users reported that they could not launch a new Counter-Strike 2 game on their PC. When trying to start starting, the game gives an error. The technical support of Steam replied that the developers do not plan to soon update updates on this issue. The problem is aggravated by the fact that Valve completely removed access to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, replacing it with Counter-Strike 2, but CS: Go had a native version for PC on MacOS.