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Big BEAMNG update.Drive allows you to take a fresh look at the game

Many fans of car simulators no longer imagine the game outside of virtual reality – that is why support for virtual reality glasses is becoming more and more common in the games of this genre. The next representative who received such an opportunity was the game Beamng.Drive.

In the update released yesterday 0.30 appeared "Experimental" Virtual reality support support. This means that the appearance of errors should be expected, as well as a significant load on the computer.

Nevertheless, "Almost all" sets presented in the market (t.e. Any model compatible with the OpenXR standard) is already supported, and the game offers such opportunities as walking or cabs of cars with interactive elements, such as pens and switches. More detailed information can be found here.

Let’s move on to what is interested in a wider circle of players, namely the new content and other changes.

  • A new vehicle has been added to the game – SUV Hirochi Aurata UTV. It is produced in several versions, including the racing. They are presented in the video above.
  • The map of the western coast of the United States was replenished previously inaccessible locations – in particular, the island of alleys on which the lighthouse and the oil refinery are located. On "mainland" Parts of the card added steel factory, docks and car dealerships. You can see them in the video below.
  • Two car trailers have been added – an open overturning trailer (with various options) and a closed trailer for transporting goods.
  • A number of new missions on various maps appeared. In addition, it became possible to return to the route during their passage, and races and races for the time that were previously launched from the menu are now also functioning as missions of an open world.
  • The basis of the future career regime in the form of a training program is laid, although so far it is only an early, raw version.
  • In all locations, fuel and charging stations for "Elektrokarov".
  • Changed the mechanics of switching a manual gearbox in realistic mode. From now on, the game measures the time of holding the button responsible for this action in order to determine at what speed the gear shift should occur. Moreover, for some cars, too hasty switching can lead to a breakdown. These changes are a prelude to further modifications of the game.
  • The work of modders will facilitate the new tool – the editor of Blender JBeam Editor, which is used to create parts of cars compatible with advanced physics of the game (in particular, with the damage system).

In addition, the game has many other, smaller changes. You can familiarize yourself with the full list, as well as demonstration images.

As is usually the case with Beamng.Drive, shortly after the update release, an additional patch was released – hotfix 0.thirty.1, which made 25 more corrections. Among them are various vehicles, new locations, the appearance of a career regime and virtual reality. A full list of changes can be found here

Valve programmer explained how the eyes were created for characters in Half-Life 2

Since almost 20 years ago, Half-Life 2 debut took place, it has noticeably. It is still interesting to play the classic shooter, its plot laid the foundation for subsequent generations, but most importantly – the heroes of the game had unsurpassed eyes.

The developer of the game Joe Wintergreen (Joe Wintergreen) in his blog Dev Scoops said that it is the eyeballs in Half-Life 2 that are the best in business.

"At some point, I tried to make the eyes of my characters beautiful, and there was a gold standard for this (and, perhaps, still remains) Half-Life 2", – Writes Winerrin. He explains that the eyes of the characters are not "rotating bags with many small details, and more or less flat planes with shaders that make them similar to balls".

In order to explain properly how Valve managed to achieve such an effect from the eyes all these years, Wintergrin turned to the developer, who worked just on these eyes, Ken Berdwell. Apparently, three main textures were used for the eyes. One of them was used for "simulations of self -maintenance from the age". The other was used for the rainbow shell. And the third was used to simulate the convexity of the cornea.

After Berdwell and his team received three main textures, it only remained to properly arrange the iris and cornea to " Create the effect of visual contact". According to Birdwell, " All the necessary data for this can be found in any textbook on anatomy eye". Operating to the eyes of the eyes should not "worry", Since our eyes "They rotate slightly when you look around, because the muscles are tied to them, but this is not noticeable to the person".

" In my opinion, an example of this program code still exists in SDK, maybe in HLMV?" – Berdwell said. "I know that in the end all this was replaced by a fashionable shader, which does all this in one pass, but this did not happen in the version for HL2, and the code may still be there".

Dig in the code is already the destiny of Half -Life fans. Recall that the release of Half-Life 2 took place in November 2004. On a PC, and then in the form of a set of Orange Box, the game appeared on PS3 and Xbox 360.

“The game is not cinematographic” – according to rumors, problems in the development of Star Wars Kotor remake due to Sony

Last week, we reported the problems of the Star Wars Kotor Remake remake. According to journalist Jeff Grabba, the game may never come out due to problems in development. The authors of the channel 100% Star Wars decided to explore the problem and released in a video in which they told what is happening with the project. This information should be perceived with a large degree of distrust – after all, this is a blogger, not a proven insider or journalist. We know only one thing – there are problems in the development of remake.

Work on the project has been conducted for several years, but due to the negative review of Sony to one of the presentations, all production was supposed to go to a completely different team.

According to the information presented, Aspyr received a license for Star Wars Kotor Remake in 2018, as Lucasfilm cordially accepted the proposal of the studio. The company gathered a whole team to start developing updates – the team included veterans with extensive experience. The developers even managed to hire the creators who developed the original.

Aspyr raised $ 30 million, and in 2019 it began pre-production-however, the work was delayed due to global pandemia. In 2021, the company acquired Embracer, which added another $ 70 million to the budget.

At the next stage, the project partner was Sony, which, apparently, had a great influence on the Star Wars Kotor remake. The developers even planned the following projects in the series.

Full production began in 2022, and the initial plan intended to release the game on the market in mid -2023 – so the authors could celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kotor. More realistic forecasts foreshadowed the release of the game in 2024 or 2025.

Everything looked very good until in mid -2022 Aspyr showed a fragment of the game Lucasfilm and Sony – it was expected that the first company would accept the project enthusiastically, but the manufacturer PlayStation expected a completely different. The game was "Not enough cinematic".

Perhaps it was precisely because of this opinion that part of the Aspyr leadership was dismissed, and it was with this that the problems began. In the end, Star Wars Kotor Remake was supposed to go to Saber, and ASPYR developers lived in ignorance – it turned out that almost the entire studio (with the exception of the scriptwriters) was removed from work on the game.

Saber, however, decided not to make a complete reloading of the project, but simply continued to work. Aspyr, however, is not entirely clear why it got Saber Portugal, which has no experience in such ambitious projects. At that time, Aspyr left up to 70 people from a team of 200 people.

According to published information – Star Wars Kotor Remake, as expected, will offer battles similar to the Final Fantasy VII remake that Sony did not quite like, but the biggest problem is the graph – the company, as they say, expected a much more beautiful (cinematic) game.

Star Wars Kotor Remake will not offer much new compared to the original – it is assumed that the plot will be "identical to the original", But developers "much" expanded some characters and quests. Some of the actors of the voice acting on the original even returned to work on the project.

Miasma Chronicles from the authors of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden receives positive assessments from critics

Miasma Chronicles was adopted by an international press with positive, but not too high marks: the current average rating of playing Metacritic is 76/100, which is positive, but possibly lower, as expected, the result for the new strategic game from the authors of Mutant Yearo Zero : Road to Eden.

  • SoftPedia – 8.5
  • GLHF on Sports Illustrated – 8
  • Shacknews – 8
  • Cgmagazine – 7.5
  • Checkpoint Gaming – 7.5
  • Ggrecon – 7

Some reviews have doubts about the balance and depth of the storyline.

Miasma Chronicles is an exciting experience that is aimed at a narrow target and for the most part falls into it. Making a serious tactical role -playing game for an exciting narrative is a difficult task, since the wide attractiveness of the latter often contradicts the brutal vibrations of the first. But thanks to custom options, the possibilities of secrecy outside the battle and, of course, the solid weight of the narrative itself, Miasma Chronicles successfully copes with its mission.

Miasma Chronicles is a XCOM -like game that will like those who liked Mutant Zero Dawn. A lot of research, a little role -playing game and a familiar fight with a highlight.

Miasma Chronicles brings a solid evolution to the genre of step -by -step strategy. At the same time, the game remains available for both beginners and fans. The gameplay is really good, but the plot, for the most part, is forgotten.

A strategic game, the action of which unfolds in a post -apocalyptic world, devastated by a plague, known as "Miazm", allows us to manage Elvis and its robotic "brother", Exploring the surroundings of the city of Sederalari, meeting new characters and trying to find a way to destroy an impending threat.

Cooperative mode update in Medieval Dynasty attracted many new players

Medieval Dynasty is a survival game created by the Polish studio Render Cube, which is still in rapid development. Last Thursday, a large free update was released, in which a multi -user regime appeared. Adding a cooperative regime was a very successful solution, as it attracted a lot of people.

Until recently, fans of the game Medieval Dynasty in Steam were not so many. On average from 3,000 to 6,000 people (according to Steamdb). A few days ago this figure increased sharply, and although the number of players decreased from time to time, a new record of peak activity was set. On Sunday, more than 31,000 people played at the Medieval Dynasty at the PC.

Previously, the record was a little less than 19,000 players. Undoubtedly, so many fans attracted a new update and the opportunity to travel around the medieval world with friends. In addition, perhaps they were attracted by a 25% discount on Medieval Dynasty.

It is worth noting that the game has more than 28,000 reviews on Steam, 90 % of which are positive. Such a good technique is primarily due to the fact that the developers are constantly developing the project. Most of all players are satisfied with large updates, which not only correct more mistakes, but also introduce many innovations that make the game even more interesting.

It’s nice to see a game where developers really care about players. Co -OP update is exactly what we needed! – SPOOKYWAGON

The game was already magnificent, but the update of Oxbow (I play as a single player) is just amazing! The characters are phenomenal graphically, and the sound of dialogs has become better, including from passers -by. Incredibly worked out villages – the market in Pyastowia is just a miracle! [. ] I am impressed and bowing my head to the creators – Artur_g

The update, released on December 7, is not only a cooperative regime that allows you to play up to four people on one server. A completely new map for Medieval Dynasty also appeared in it. The developers also added new quests related to this location, as well as the creator of the character and the opportunity to play for the female character.

Some players will have to wait a bit with the cooperative. On the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the update will be released at the end of the first/beginning of the second quarter of 2024 – this also applies to the versions of the game for GOG and Epic Games. Next year, we will also expect another major update, in which coats of arms, armor and shields will come to the fore.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown was not originally a 2D platformer

Like many classic game franchises, Prince of Persia began its life as a 2D series, and then went to the Kingdom of 3D. When Ubisoft announced the new Prince of Persia game, fans of such games as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, hoped that it would be a similar 3D platform. Instead, Ubisoft Montpellier returns to early times with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. However, everything could go according to a different scenario. In an interview with Game Informer, the director of the game Munir for the sake of said that The Lost Crown was not always planned as a 2D game/

She was not 2D from the very beginning. I had the opportunity to work on some prototypes in 2D, but before starting this, we studied the Prince of Persia series to make sure that we understand all its inheritance.

During these studies, for the sake of tried to take into account everything for which fans have loved the series over the past 35 years. This includes both elements of original games, and loved by fans of 3D games. In the course of research, for the sake of I wanted to return one element – a sense of fear.

I wanted to return the fear and isolation that I experienced when playing 2D games/ and also experiment a lot with an aspect of temporary forces.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, perhaps did not begin as a 2D platformer, but the developers have some experience working with this genre. The team includes several veterans working on Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. These 2D games Rayman were highly rated by critics after the release, which should be a good omen for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. For the sake of noted that the gameplay in the 2D platformers has much in common with music, since there is a certain rhythm in it. Although Prince of Persia and Rayman do not have so much in common in tonal terms, this is an important lesson that the team tried to transfer to a new game.

For me and for many people in the team, the action on the screen is music. When you work on a game like Rayman, you learn to transmit this aspect in a gameplay.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown will be released on January 18 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch. Given this, fans of the series will not have to wait long for to find out if the rest and other members of the team have managed to create a game that will correspond to all the best games of the Prince of Persia franchise. Both groups of fans will be happy to be happy, but for those who doubt on January 11, a free demo will be released.

Several players shared their dissatisfaction with the way the pipes are located in Starfield

Some players point out the flagrant, in their opinion, problems with the pipeline system in the Starfield universe. The Halolavapigz user recently shared several images of various pipes that can be seen in the game world, explaining that his brother works as an installer of pipes in real life and he was very worried about these pipes. Of course, most Starfield players are likely to not pay attention to this and, all the more, will not be upset, but for professionals in their business, this can become a distracting problem.

In the images, dubious areas are circled by circles that emphasize the fact that many pipes in Starfield have unnecessary and ineffective bends that will never be used to solve any functional problems. Instead of using one straight pipe to solve the problem, imaginary workers who created systems in Starfield preferred to use all kinds of unreasonable turns and bends. One of the comments written by another specialist in the installation of pipes says: "Why do they use three knees instead of one?". Other readers, including one plumber, noted that such hacks was carried out in real life by plumbers who were either lazy or did not have time.

Obviously, the Starfield pipeline looks the way it looks, more from aesthetic than functional considerations. However, many games developers, including Bethesda, devote a lot of time to studying and using real examples for creating believable game worlds, even in the science fiction universe. The physics system in Starfield amazes players with realistic behavior of objects in the game, and there are many entertaining videos on the network in which people test the capabilities of the engine. Despite this, the Bethesda developers team apparently decided that crooked pipes and additional bends more contribute to the target aesthetics of the game than a realistic layout.

Patch 2.01 for Cyberpunk 2077 should go today on PC and consoles

Patch exit 2.01 for Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S scheduled for today.

This was announced a few hours ago on his Twitter communications director of CD Projekt Red Markin Momot. According to Momot, the current appearance of a patch has not yet been confirmed by 100%, but if everything goes according to the plan, it must appear today on these platforms.

As reported last week, the new patch includes improvement of performance (in particular, in the Dogtown area) on PC and consoles, as well as fixes of various irritating problems. In addition, the patch will fix the problem due to which, when playing with the help of a mouse and keyboard, the tips of the controller buttons were not displayed. The radio volume in cars will also be adjusted and problems with damaged saving on the PlayStation 5.

Cyberpunk 2077 is already available around the world on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

So far, the only problem has become, more precisely, it has returned, the loading of textures in some points.

And the game itself is a problem.

Everything is always for an amateur 🙂 For example, I don’t like games in the genre "Royal battle" Well, I don’t get there)

Because of these fucking royal battles. Single strong plot games are less and less!

I hope the departures will be fed.

I fully support.They just talked something.

I have an ancient card, not a single departure was 30 hours.

I also ran up for 20 hours, not a single departure was.

Well, I also had a single departure before the update

It would also be pleasant to FSR 3.0 winded up. Test.

Still repaired the weapon showcase

It doesn’t work for you either? I have all the clothes that were collected up to 2.0 do not appear on the wall, new from 2.0 appear)

I have only Satori and the dagger from the cult weapons, while others do not
The game started from scratch

and someone has a problem with lighting in the Arasaki building? then everything is red, it was completely blackened

A friend collided- but sinned on weak iron. xs, as he decided, but if critical, I can find out.

There are no sorties, but he caught a bug that the character became immortal.

I have stupidly does not want wires to scan in KV "A look at the abyss", We are waiting: D

I didn’t see anything interesting on the nexus. What mods do you put such? Naked boobs chtoli. )))

Who needs something, he puts it.

Fashion for cars, for example, or some kind of gameplay mods that simplify something, or on the contrary complicate, some kind of drawing range, display GG in glasses and other things, etc.D. and t.P. A lot of different things can be put

One of the reasons why has not even taken up F.L. for again shove what works there and that there is no desire.

Let’s go at minimum- 1) additional action buttons (ala deus ech), 2) a convenient Shmotnok and fittings store, 3) weapon rebalance, 4) an improved environment (parts, textures, effects, etc.), 5) the rebalance of scripts (hacking), 6) Rebalance of perks, 7) the possibility of expanding cyber-implants, and also their removal, 8) Kereznikov’s mod on a brief information of characters (dive), 9) the behavior of the same panamas, Judy what they do in their free time, 10) Blood, 11) regdols, 12) improved view of the first person, 13) removal of the already read repeated chips, 14) Fast Trevl as in GTA 5 without waiting for loading, 15) the working system of the metro, 16) radio station, 17) the ability to listen to the radio not only in a wheelbarrow, 18) chopping off the condenses of the same and the same loading screens with the same text. 19) new hairstyles, colors, tattoos, abders, etc. 20) Removing distant miserable spiting machines Alya 2D, 21) Disabling a green filter, 22) The ability to hide parts of clothing (hide dumb hats or glasses, but which give fucked stats, but in the appearance of wretches), 23) scaling a mini card, 24) mod on the cat (not everyone likes the rats -_-), 25) Hint how many stats are needed in the replica of dialogs, 26) photo mode (and everything that includes it), 27) a mod for deemein (taxi call services), 28) the exchange as in GTA5, 29) Infinite discharge of characteristics (so far allows money), 30) a mod on the same water and its behavior, 31) mod for young beast, 32) mod for a nightmare in the style of a run-in blade, 33) mod for a romance of panamas With w. version of Vi, and this is not just a mod, it is a script that activates this opportunity because I have a bunch of screenshots where women’s remarks are present and they are even voiced, t.e. The breeds intended to put the blocking, but forgot to cut it all out.

. Well, TD and TP. It may seem to someone to seem to be garbage (part may be attracted by the ears, but they like a dive), and someone is stupidly chasing buffers and he is not interested in anything else, although the mod on the chest with the fit of clothes for him is the same It doesn’t look very bad.

Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks Console for example, using it, you can make an affair with Judy for a man of course there are a couple of shortcomings with a translation, but everything is smooth

The patch has come out, but now the addition is not working))))) I did not buy it

They say they will bring fsr 3.0 Frame Generation for cyberpunk. Truth?

It is unlikely that with this update, it is possible with the following.

The regime would be added from a third person..

why is he needed a bro, not for this game this is my opinion

Yes, I disagree – after shootouts on a car from a third person really wanted to change the species for playing a camera from a third party.

Just now, Skim shakes 21.7 GB

Such a bad patch weighs 21.7 gigs.

Yeah, there are a lot of bugs, especially the departures of the dog Town, but do not care – so I am already passing for my pleasure)

In 35 hours 1 flight was

I have purely in the location, where the new DLS is normal in other locations – neither fries nor bugs.

Well, they have such bugs on a certain iron, I like the drawing range more, it is not very good

In my dogtown, in a certain distance, the pyramid disappears when you approach the main market. And there are enough such jokes

Not a single departure was. DOP in one breath.

A patch was released in Steam https: // Steamdb.Info/Patchnotes/12352853/

He has already entered GOG 2.89GB

Yes, it seems, and so normal, at 2060 super on maximum without unnecessary trace, stable 60 FPS.

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Even Mortal Kombat 1 fans believe that the game should not have received a reward for the best multiplayer

Mortal Kombat 1 received the Golden Joysticks award in the nomination "The best multiplayer game", But even her own community and players believe that she is not worthy of this.

The other day, the 41st presentation ceremony took place "Golden joysticks", And she was quite interesting. We already knew that this year this year will have to make a lot of difficult elections, because it was involved in games such as Alan Wake 2, Tears of the Kingdom, Spider-Man 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3. But it seems that most of the solutions were simple because Baldur’s Gate 3 won almost all major nominations.

Although it would be possible to think that the victory of the Larian’s favorite role -playing game, which received so many rewards, is the most remarkable event on Golden Joysticks, in fact, another game forced many to say, although perhaps not for the best reasons. One of the most unexpected moments of the evening was the award of Mortal Kombat 1 in the nomination "The best multiplayer game", that, as it turned out, it caused a lot of disputes.

The official Golden Joysticks page on Twitter shared congratulations to Mortal Kombat 1, but it seems that many people are not enthusiastic about this decision. Almost all comments under the message about victory condemn this decision, and one of the most often cited posts indicates all multi -user functions that Mortal Kombat 1: Crossblines, online training modes and much, much more are missing.

Most other comments under this post indicate that many players consider it a more worthy winner in the nomination "The best multiplayer game" – Street Fighter 6. It not only has excellent combat mechanics, charming characters and a variety of modes, but also has almost all of the above characteristics that Mortal Kombat 1 lack.

With such an obvious difference in the multi -user capabilities between Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter 6, most players are unclear why the first and not the second won the first. Mortal Kombat 1 was positively accepted by critics and fans, but she lacks so many different multi -user functions that this is one of the most controversial awards at the entire event.

Guardians of Holme Card Card Protection of the Steam early access

Publisher of indie IGR of Beijing (China) Indienova and developer Indie game from Chendu (China) Mosstech Studio announced that their card protection of the tower with the Guardians of Holme slide was released for PC in the early access of Steam

Guardians of Holme is a game in the Tower Defense genre with elements. Players should use the area in their interests and formulate defensive tactics, strategically placing powerful traps to reflect the endless waves of enemies. In the course of the game, players can acquire new cards, relics and improve existing cards, improving their deck and allowing them to fight more formidable enemies.

In the distant past, the king of demons, which almost destroyed the whole world, was sealed by the legendary hero, and the demons were expelled to the outskirts of civilization. Time passed, people gradually forgot about agony and suffering of that period. Once dormant demons suddenly appeared again and headed for the flourishing royal city, where there were protection circles.

In the face of the onslaught of demonic legions, the player takes on the role of an experienced artisan from the hill to lead the heroic citizens of the kingdom in defense of his homeland. The player must combine his ingenuity with a variety of traps to hold the last line of defense of the kingdom.

Fight enemies, from rustic to royal, in win -win battles. Players will participate in fierce clashes with a wide range of enemies. Looking for a more difficult task? The game offers a gradually complicated complexity mode and daily testing mode, providing new impressions every day.

In the Guardians of Holme version with early access, players can experience two different styles of the game, choosing between two characters, set and Nicole. A large number of traps and artifacts make every attempt to unique. Regardless of whether they are focused on increasing damage from one trap, on the movement of traps to drive enemies into the pit, or on checkpoints in synergy with the area, players can freely develop their own tactics.