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The development of new content for Star Wars: Tor will do another studio. Bioware focuses on Mass Effect and Dragon Age

As it became known to IGN, EA is close to the agreement on the transfer of the current development and operation of MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic from the Boadsword Online Games Biole Studios.

According to sources familiar with this issue, Broadsword and EA signed a letter about intent, and it is expected that the transaction will be completed this month. According to the agreement, The Old Republic will be transferred to the current Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot Broadsword Online, which is controlled by the former co-founder of Mythic Entertainment and Bioware Vice-President Rob Denton, who previously worked on The Old Republic in the first days existence.

Currently, about 70-80 people are part of the main team of The Old Republic developers, more than half of which are expected to be transferred to Broadsword. Those who remain in EA will have the opportunity to look for work elsewhere inside the company, but otherwise they may encounter dismissals.

The Old Republic will still appear planned content updates, such as the upcoming patch 7.3 and the next PVP season, and in the future it is expected more. EA will remain the publisher of the game, and BioWare will concentrate its resources on single -user games, such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Two episodes announced new games in 2018 and 2020, respectively, but since then there were few details about both, and, in particular, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, it seems, is suffering from the outcome of the senior leadership. Last year, QA workers voted for unification in trade unions.

Old Republic is still regularly updated, many extensions have been released over the past decade, and although it has not reached the heights of the competitor of World of Warcraft, as of 2019, its income for all her life amounted to almost $ 1 billion. Last year, its creative director Charles Boyd left the company after 16 years.

The Day Before community said that FNTastic had abandoned them “under the bus”

Levitate user is located on the front line of the Day Before Discord Server since the game launch last week. It has an official FNTastic tag and is listed as a moderator on the zombie game server, but now has added an postscript to his profile "Not a developer", Answering players’ questions about the state of the game.

He claims that they did not hear anything from the developer FNTASTIC, and made statements for the players, based on what they were told before launching, apologizing for the current state of the game – in particular, for the fact that it is more like a shooter with prey and less to MMO.

I shared information about the genre of the game, based on my understanding of the team, like all other participants. I myself, our moderators, our volunteers-we all expected that it would be a MMO game to survive. We talked, based on what we got. It turned out that some aspects of the game developed differently, as a result of which it became more like a game about prey. I apologize for any confusion that caused it. I am as upset as everyone else. My role was focused on our community and volunteers, and not on the development of the game. I transmitted information from the best motives and regret any unintentional misinformation. There was a misunderstanding that led to unexpected expectations. I understand and respect your feelings about this. Please know that my intentions were not to mislead you. I will continue to help the moderators, and then decide what to do, because I do not like it when they are shifted to people who worked conscientiously for the benefit of this community over the past two years.

In Discord, Levitate has repeatedly asked if something was heard from the developers, and he gave an answer like "This is a ghost city". Another user praised that the moderators are at least trying to clarify what is happening, to which Levitate replied: "Well, we can’t do anything else. Moreover, they tried to throw us under the bus because of their shit".

Levitate also added that he is not sure that FNTASTIC will generally turn to what is happening, adding that they have "There have never been direct contact with the developers. Fuck knows where they are now".

Yesterday, the creators of The Day Before announced the closure of the studio after the financial collapse of the game.

It seems that Miles Morales will become the main character of future games about Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2 provided Insomniac a unique opportunity to tell two stories about Spider-Man at the same time. Since in the game it was possible to play both for Peter Parker and Miles Morales, fans were interested in how the studio would work further.

It was expected that the developer will continue this formula, but it seems that Insomniac is using another approach. According to one of the interviews, the studio will continue to use Miles Morales as the main Spider-Man in future stories.

Scriptwriters gave an interview about various things. During the interview, they touched on the topic of the transition of Miles Morales to the role of the main person-Spider. Toward the end of the game, Insomniac has already hinted at this turning point, and the interview makes it almost official. Answering the question of how the developers approached this decision, the narrative director Ben Arfmann said:

Naturally, this does not mean that Peter Parker is leaving. Perhaps the studio is going to give the character a break, allowing him to focus on simpler aspects of his life.

These statements may also mean that the next game about Spider-Man will be dedicated to Milesu Morales, for example, in the form of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales 2, and Peter Parker may appear in the third part of the main series.

Someone is generally interested in his storyline?

Nobody, but you must pretend that the most interesting, otherwise racist, wife, and so on.

To me.
UPD: Oh, I am not a herd and they will go to me, I am not at all surprised)

And she was with him?)

Congratulations, fly to the ban.

In the future, only black Persians and strong women in games await us in the future. All. The rest will merge. The smatus has already been drained. Parker, too, against the background of Miles, a problem is problematic. Well, Mary Jane without a spider copes with bandits only on the road, strong.

They are interested in what is interesting for the audience. Now blacks are in the wake, and they add. Asians will be relevant tomorrow, and Morales’s Asian friend will bite the spider that escaped from the laboratory to give him superpowers. This is a spider man, so the simplest plot is at 12+, if not 8+

American audience, as if everything was spinning around them. People are interested in high -quality games, on the hump of which you can promote any love.

Oh yes, even if you did not know, suddenly the audiences became interesting, ugly, unexplored, strong women. So that it would not be attractive in appearance. Did not know?

Marvel is now the Black Universe

We are black people gifted

The black strip began short :)))

Miles in a spider from Inssniac is the same Peter Parker as a character, only worse, because he is essentially no conflicts – for whatever it will take – everything turns out: everything is fine with the girl, and the whole family knows that he is a spider -man And everyone supports him, and his abilities are better, and he wins all. Peter was interested in following the reason that he fought not only by force, but also by intelligence, torn between his own life and responsibility for others, as a result of which he invariably constantly lost something expensive for himself, but he could not do otherwise.

And just merge such a character into the background … Well, put them at least 50/50, no, Parker must be moved away

Talerant from sausage. I thought Pete after Venom would begin to open up becoming older.

The story is now such, it is necessary to understand

Why are these stubborn, cut off from the world, cannot understand what we are waiting for? Why did they decide that this reckless Negritos will be able to replace Peter Parker, with whom the spider is associated with the emergence of this hero, in comics, cartoons, films, games. Once you are so drawn to change the character, create a man of a spider of a female character, with a good ass and compact breasts, why not? Love LGBT, Okay – let’s make a slope on the female floor, only so that without fat women, and so that everything is slender. Why not? Your black man is a fan loss.bases. There will be a woman in GTA6, this is your chance too.

Once you are so drawn to change the character, create a man of a spider of a female character, with a good ass and compact breasts, why not?

Ahah. Create a strip Mary Jane in a suit, admire. There is already this in the game, she straightens there with everyone no worse than a spider. All your Wishlist does not fit into the world of progressive screamers.

Not "No worse", better)

In the universe there is Marvel A bunch female versions of Spider-Man, and I mean not Gwen. And the same lady cobweb (like I remember correctly), Spider-woman, silk, and these are only the first to come to mind. However, in general, I agree with your comment with your commentary. That they could just make your game with your gag, without affecting the canonical characters.

It will be interesting to see how Miles will suck with a carnage, green goblin, octavius ​​and still heaps of characters. The authors of the comics did not give him his mind in more than 10 years, he was generally made by the replacement of the Ultimate spider and gave characteristics similar to the Parker, but this did not help him. In the game, he is generally an imba from all sides of spider abilities much stronger than Peter’s, the attitude with friends and relatives is perfect and he does not need to hide the secret of personality and generally the main problem to write an essay.

Great move, given the extremely weak sales of the game about him on both platforms. Go in the right direction 🤣

Well, I don’t agree here. Sony eczes are sold with a bang, regardless of quality.

In principle, if this is the case, then I ignore the third spider as well as I did with the spider moral. Right now, passing the second at all there is no desire to see what was in morality. The only thing that amuses his flights with twists like a monkey. the rest of the time is absurd from most of his phrases, from "How to give me an essay?"(here I beat Ege) to love for music and "This is my area". spider-OSC which we were waiting.

Yes, and it’s just not a spider- people shoots lightning, the super-bulper is invisible, maman and all friends know that he is a spider, he prompted Peter with a symbiote. The guys tried very hard in balance.

That is, he will smoke nonsense and sell weapons.

What a pity. The first part was good, a good plot, drama, development of characters. DLS were good, not ideal, but strong.

The plot of Spinof about Marales is such a too measured character with piano from bushes. It is simply uninteresting to observe such a character.

In the second part, the outburst showed their toothlessness, removing the police and nullifying the drama elements, afraid to cut the characters to death for the sake of a loud audience. It seems that the series is rolling on this.

Lol, I wonder if the developers have the statistics of playing time for Peter and Miles in the open world and side effects, where there is a choice for whom to go.

Something tells me that there is percentage 60 – 40 in favor of white, if not more. This is what you need to focus on.

Well, if you take gameplay, then the morals turned out a little stronger. It’s easier to close the side effects for it.

They are the same, Parker is a little better with their raid mod and that’s it

moralizing has more sideways and if everything is done in half, it still turns out a skew towards Miles in side effects

For me, this is how it is more useful for my electric sizes when the crowds of enemies need to be driven away from yourself. Especially if you take into account that you did not go through the plot completely before the side effects. He has his electric sizes before Peter’s open.

At morality "Ult" completely fills the scale of energy. After which you can carry out three finishes in a row that will fill the scale "Ultas" Almost to the end. As a result, it turns out to clog the blanks with finishing with the almost endless shots of invulnerability. Well, as they said above, all this opens earlier and is not lost at certain points in the middle of the game.

And for a long time a spiderman has become black? I do not rummage in modern traditional values, for me a spider is a white Toby Maguire

He did not become black. This is another character with his story. He appeared back in the 90s.

10 years ago he was introduced. Do it persistently. If you take DC, there is a Roster that the Persian design changes from season to season, but Persians like Batman and Joker, for example, remain unchanged. There was also a black two -faced, black woman cat, but the canon did not change. Here for the first time Peter Parker banged for the sake of black. The second time they did not bang, but they made a type on equal terms. For the third time, they try to shove it through multiverse, the epic continues further

There was such a Ultimate universe. Her inelah about Spiddy 2005 like a year. Made it in the early 2000s, as a younger universe of the original. They explained by the fact that the current generation is difficult to follow and keep abreast of all events of the original universe T.To. it has already been going on since the 40s. Everything too, current in profile. There was an event there in the end a global event, after which Tueva a bunch of characters died/missed. Parker also measured. Then they introduced morality. Then it turned out after a while that Parker did not die, etc.D. And then after how many years there was an arch even more global, which united all universes into one, if I did not confuse. And there, most of the Persians were cut out, and the remaining in one universe was stuffed, in which the original characters from the universe 616 mainly survived.

I will not buy the third part.

The great power and great irresponsibility of Parker – someone killed the essence of the man Spider

As for me, this is a bad idea.

Here racists are damaged, take and drain the parker!

How can I have a tolerant niger on this

As far as I know, all this fashion for blacks loses support even from corporations. Even Disney returns white heroes who were leaked for sjw.

it is in America, but globally it will continue. It is enough to see the vidos how the UK looks like now.

This idea comes from the very beginning, after all, it is not for nothing that they are called in the game of both Spider-Man, only Miles he is our spider-man. It is a pity that he, as characters in the game from Insmoniac, is too correct from the very beginning, there is no internal conflict in him and he meets with a disabled girl, so not the 21st century Messiah.
Even conditional bikeon will not help T.To. The spider makes huge sales with his name, the insjaculation will be enough to say that Parker will be in the game and everyone will buy.

And then he has children, pieces of 10-12 and everyone will be spiders and they will be measured by their puree-lesser

Let them play further

What an abomination. Spider man rolled up to the Makak man

After such news, it becomes scared for Wolverine. They will make one game, and then find him a black friend who will be stronger and replace it.

Merge like in a logan.

Well, Logan is still a third part of adventures with a tragic, but appropriate end. And here the second part of Parker is already a loser and without Morales can nothing, and in the third they generally merge.

This is predictable. Say thanks for not Mary Jein.

Here’s the advice on all future Sony games – do not buy them at least until 2 part of the series is released. Recently, they begin well, but to 2 parts they merge GG and they put all sorts of misunderstandings in its place.

This is a piccal. It remains to make him a lover of his own and everything.

Maybe at least they can normally reveal him as a character. I always knew that they could not reveal Miles as a character, all problems and experience gave to the parker, this is his game, his story. Miles? That Miles? I did not write a college to the college? I owe it now jelly? Miles is useless, but at the same time show that he is better than Parker. He does not need to hide the personality from his parents, he has no problems with a girl and friends, his ability is better. How to worry to him?

Miles is certainly not exposed to a whiner, it will offend blacks. They needed to show Peter’s worthlessness against the backdrop of strong merijin and Miles.

yes blah, he is even boring in the comics, why try to make it normal?

If the Miles becomes the next parts, then they add Gwen, which I thought about!

I will move you, but in the game they gave a bold hint of silk – Korean woman Spider. Maman Maisla began dating from Batya Silk in the second spider.

I’m already looking forward to the worst. Silk will be in relations with moral

And Pyu with a cat really has not been opened at least even once, Kazyles. and Maja is all -born, but for it there are adventures in every part

Because Pitja Canon!

I would play for silk.

And someone laughs, from the expression the rotting West Hehe) the trends are such that in a couple of years, you are all awesome from the LGBT agenda here.

Grandmas with their “rotting West” and gluing webcams hurried for 20 years.

Only the question is what you have from this? Do not play their games, do not watch movies. There is a choice, over there "Rus against lizards", For example.

You are not a representative of sex minorities ?You are highly given these trends or something.Full of Americans who are also not very.Too deliberately sang.And what am I wrong, judging by the comments, the people are already ahren) about Japanese, Korean games I will not talk, you do not seem to know about their existence, and the fact that they twisted the agenda in one place.

I am generally parallel to these "Problems". This is their business, a summons, not a summons, black, blue. )) No one forces the power to play it. How to watch. And the fact that people are aggravated for this, on the other half of the globe, this is already some kind of Shiza)

Also an opinion, there is a place to be)

Sweet flair. It was expected.

And what was not cut, they are waiting for the fans to come to terms?: D

Nigga the moment, well, of course.

I don’t understand why the Japanese advance chocolate, and put a noble bolt on their own =) trends and I understand all things, but it is necessary to do Japanese brow, otherwise it is somehow not tolerant. There are films, but I are no games, I don’t think correctly =)))

And what did you want, a new generation, a new direction

A movie from Marvel went along the mall, and the future dot will follow it

Not so, it is necessary to make Mary Jane the main one, and the partner is that deaf black woman, and let them be more than "girlfriends", Then it will generally progressively. Better yet, if they make short red hair with a iron, an ever -indignant expression on the face, especially at the sight of a white spider, and steroid muscles. If I had not been a crazy fan of spider for about 20 years – I would have sent this tolerant trash in the furnace.

And one of the commentators read the original text in general? Or so they understood from the fragment? At least I did not see anything close there, which even gave a hint of refusal from Parker, on the contrary, the authors want to expand the universe and introduced the characters, but there was no question of the original spider.

In the end of the second game, they showed with fat text that Peter is retired. In the context of the game, it turns out that Craven cut him, he was involved with a symbiot and as a spider-man just merged.

In the end of the game, he simply decided to relax, but it is not where he did not say that he left for it at all, so do not exaggerate. This has already been in films (emergency 2) and comics, he more than once refused heroism and temporarily went to rest, but as something happened, Pitt was always returning, so it is not clear at all, the authors were even even more likely in the blog. that they have big plans for all of them, most likely there will simply be a continuation with Miles, as it was before that they will introduce someone else, and then again with Parker and with someone else new. So no one in their right mind will merge him (this is not Joel), he is too popular, and they once wanted to send him to rest, they could kill him as they did in comics and start a new arch in fact, but they did not do this. On the contrary, there was even a hint of the appearance of a carnage in future games and other characters (namely the enemies of Parker), and the bone of the anti-venom of Parker remained besides, so it was strange if he was sent to peace with such prospects, he was more likely to be sent to Only one game to rest, as it was already before and he went on vacation with Mary Jane.

Insomniac explained why Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is not at all like the one that was in the comics

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 turned out to be a very exciting adventure for fans of Spider-Man, but the main star was undoubtedly Venom, one of the most beloved antagonists of a friendly neighbor, Spider-Man.

It is the effect of the symbiont on Peter Parker that will play a key role in the plot of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as well as his new medium, which will come into confrontation with his favorite superhero. A person who, however, is known to fans of the game, is very different from who in comics, films and many other adaptations of the adventures of a spider-man usually becomes a vein.

About why just such a choice was made, in an interview with Gizmodo said the plot of Ben Arfmann.

Here, for obvious reasons, you will find serious plot spoilers, so those who do not want to spoil their impression are better not to read further.

As the fans already know, this time to torment Peter Parker and Miles Moles will not be Eddie Brock, but a figure that many have already begun to suspect the previous chapter. In the storyline of Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 it will be found that this time Venom is none other than Harry Osbourne: Ben Arfmann explained that they carefully analyzed many other versions of the villain and antihero, but for the story that they wanted to tell, this there was the only possible choice.

"You can see the influence of other stories [. ], but when we told our own, we only thought about our Harry Osborne and St. Petersburg and tried to figure out how to put them on a collision course that would give them both an emotional challenge. We like Venom Eddie [Brock], but we wanted to tell our story – unique and interesting, but at the same time based on the narrative that we built".

According to the director, he decided from the very beginning that the main antagonist should be Venom, but in order to make the story personal and dramatic, Harry Osbourne was the only character that could be chosen. And although the final battle, of course, turned out to be emotionally saturated, many fans noted that in terms of gameplay they were disappointed.

Perhaps in the future we will see how else the history of this charismatic anti-hero will deepen, for example, in the form of a separate spin-off.

The enthusiast found out the length of a large ship from the Starfield trailer, which was equal to the Empire-Wilding Building Skyscraper

The trailer for the ambitious role -playing game Starfield, dedicated to a deep cosmos, appeared a few months ago, which began with the frame of a massive black ship flying past the planet. But how great it is? At least one excited fan was thinking about this issue for a long time, and he had just revealed his assessment by applying mathematical calculations confirming the data.

The question of the length of the ship was originally raised on Sunday on the Sabredite Games. The question received more than 130 answers, but none of them reacted to the question too seriously. But at least one person took the opportunity to make a more reasonable assumption: the user Reddit LorefieldMith presented an argument according to which the length of the ship represented in Starfield is almost equal to the height of the New York Empire-promot-Building T.e.1250 feet, or about 381 meters to the roof (to a spire 443 meters).

If you do not know what kind of ship we are talking about, then this is the one from which the video begins below:

While the scale is not defined in the trailer – the only landmarks were a pair of planets and the sun at an indefinite distance, so LorefieldMitch tried to figure out the essence of the issue, considering not a large, but a smaller picture. He used the official source, comparing the bright light emanating from the ship, with the official concept art, released by Bethesda more than a year ago, which shows a girl who is resting on a round window on board a starship.

Assessing that the diameter of this window is about 4.5 feet, based on the scale of the lying girl and her dormant cat, LorefieldMith then measured the size of one of the identical lights on the outside of the ship, compared it with the length of the entire ship and came to the conclusion that the length of the ship is about 1250 feet, or about 381 meters. Completely with the assessment can be found here.

Although the assessment of the size of the ship is far from the official, it caused a discussion in the community. Despite the mathematical calculations, most people were skeptical of the fact that the ship would be so large, some referred to the fact that the size of the cab in the front of the ship is too large for such massive sizes. However, others praised the efforts invested in the measurements: "Great, this is the best answer than about three fathoms".

DLC Theultans ascend for Age of Empires 4 has become the best -selling addition in the history of the series

Age of Empires 4 has established itself as a good real -time strategy, despite a healthy competition with the previous parts of the series. Its DLC is no exception, improving the basic game due to the influx of content and gameplay. The recently released expansion called “Climbing of the Sultans” has become the best -selling DLC ​​in the history of the franchise. This large -scale event was recently confirmed by developers on Twitter.

On the page on Twitter, details about the new achievement are rather short and vague, which leaves a place for many speculations. It is unclear whether the team had in mind that this DLC completely surpassed all other extensions ever released for all Age of Empires games in the past, or sales take into account only the first 24 hours. This will probably be the first scenario due to the delay in the announcement, but sales data were not provided.

Age of Empires 4: The Salts Ascend was advertised as an extension that adds new content to all aspects of the game and leaves almost nothing untouched. The new campaign takes place in the Middle East and includes eight new missions. It rotates around the famous Muslim leaders and subsequent resistance in the struggle against European crusades.

You are waiting for ten new cards, opening items, awards, achievements, two biomes and much more. Nevertheless, the biggest addition is the inclusion of two new civilizations – Japanese and Byzantine – and four game variants of existing civilizations. These options rethink your favorite civilizations, first included in the main version of the game.

Age of Empires 4 was released and received enthusiastic reviews on October 28, 2021 for a PC, and on August 22, 2023 – for Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. She was praised for unique additions, but also criticized for the inability to make innovations to the old formula. Real -time strategy has also received several awards from the moment of its release.

Gabe Newell believes that games do not have to be realistic, because realism is not at all fun

In a recent documentary, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Half-Life, the founder of Valve Gabe Newel shared his thoughts about realism in games, saying that he never thought realism "Funny".

According to Newell, during the development of Half-Life they had conversations when they discussed the design of the game and someone said: "This is not realistic". And Newell answered: "so what? Explain to me what is interesting in it? In the real world, I need to make a list of purchases in a grocery store. Therefore, I never thought that realism is fun. I play games to have fun".

The words of the founder Valve have responded to many fans. For example, the developer Dillon Dillon Rogers shared his quote on Twitter with the signature: "I need to fix these words in the upper part of my forums in Steam. Many people do not understand the difference between realism and fascination".

Gabe Newell is not the only one who shared his thoughts about Half-Life in honor of his 25th anniversary. For example, Dario Casali, who began working in Valve back in 1996, launched a series of programs under the name Half-Life 25 Year Developer Commentary, saying that Half-Life could have another name: Fallout, Dirt, Bolt or even Trash.

In other words, the lack of continuation of the famous franchises under the Tsiphire three is really sad, but such is reality.

Under what, under what figure?

As a true computer, and a programmer, Gabe lives only in such a calculus system: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024. And no one can knock him out of the path of the true!

So realism is somewhat fun. For example, the simulation of physics looks more pleasant than some kind of invented garbage. In some points, realism is still necessary.

Yes, realism is somewhat fun if you take Insurgence. Yes, the shooter is the harsh realities of the Middle Eastern conflict, I would call this symocade because it is a war simulator like Arma and a shooter like Call of Duty 4. It is nice to shoot any weapons here, however, one or two hits into the enemy’s body and all of him is no longer a tenant, so it can happen to the player, the good if some fly past the player, however, this can cause a shock to the character that a player’s review is clouded.

Dad Gamestroy said the base

Yes, full realism is not quite fun, but excessive cartoon/comic – also nothing good.

But then how to fall the victims of marketing new video cards and processors?)

They are just one of the few people who worked for the idea and tried exactly what to impress the players, and did not think about how to poke them cheaply at all costs, whatever quality it may be. Therefore, Gaibu and his team are great respect and long life!

Well, from KS2, the crap came out)

There is always no absolutely successful and correct solutions in business, but their contribution to PC-Haming is difficult not to appreciate their contribution. Behind them, at least several successful releases that have become a legend, and the best digital distribution service.

Yes, I do not reduce his merits at least just for the development of Steam, but I know a lot of people with the updated control. She, in perception, came out somewhere near the level of Varcraft 3 reforms, when people also took the basic warcraft from people and chopped off the servers there, transferring them to Remaster, which even had problems on the old graphics. Half Life Alex released the suitable one, but with the control, what so badly it turned out incomprehensibly and no one quit this renewal and did not rush to release it

For some reason when they discuss Valv, only the CS is remembered, but they absolutely forget about how much Valv made a saving contribution to the Gaming PC when no one else wanted to do this.

I agree with him. Books too "Not realistic", There are only letters on a white background. But nevertheless, when the user of the book reads it, he draws in his imagination the written text in the images. Also with games, in addition to graphics, they can also contain the plot, different heroes and their interaction with each other and with the situation (we do not take into account the tetris), and how this material is submitted to a lesser extent on graphics and to a greater extent From the skill of the author to describe the heroes, the plot and his narrative, Gampleii. So I recently passed Chrono Trigger (Snes9x), the graphics are flat there, but the game itself, heroes, plot, gamplei are made interestingly.

And where did you get the idea that it is about the schedule?

Fucking, confusing books and games. You play the game, and you read the book. Also sagging movies here.

In general, it was meant that, the plot was gone for a long time, you always have to think of it yourself.

Games come out empty! And this is a fact.

Well, play in "Empty" Games are the choice of players themselves. I’m new "Empty" Games are not particularly attracted. There is always a choice. In the same Threads of Fate (PS1) there are excellent heroes and an exciting plot and an interesting gamplei, the graphics may not be the most modern, but pleasant. I liked the game, went on an emulator. So if you do not limit yourself to the temporary frames, you can choose the old, but good game.

Gabe Newell believes that Half Life 3 does not have to come out, because the release is not at all fun.

I agree, it was not really necessary to go out, but the plot break. That’s what strained me. Now, of course – already do not care.

Realism and realism are not the same.

Moreover, this is not only the games. In real life, too, is not much funny. )

You say to Bezos or Mask playing cosmosims in real life. Yes, and Gabe would hardly release his steamdek if it were boring and not interesting.

The more realism is in the game, the less in the game game.

That is why, even now, games from the same prefix Sega are quite cheerful. It is a pity that modern players do not understand this at all, they only think about how to fasten an extra dust on the graphics. As a result, almost all projects come out without a soul. In pursuit of visual, the developers forgot about the main thing: the games should entertain.

Many people also do not understand that realism can give rise to fascination in huge quantities, because a huge amount of fascination is generated by reality.

References to Starfield, apparently. 🙂

In general, of course, he is right. Games used to be children mainly. Well, you know, Dandy, Sega, Sonya 1 and many other consoles of the past. There were many games 18+, and even with realism? No. Realism is not for fun all the same, it is for lovers of simulators and graphomaniacs, which in some sense is not fun. The gaming industry is losing today that once it was more funny and looked more positive.

I completely agree with him. Games are in the 1st entertainment in order to forget about

You played so much that you forgot to add.

Jokes about Half Life 3 and in ten years will be relevant))

The share of realism should be one way or another and the more serious the game, the more realism should be higher.

Where is the seriousness of the game? Each game will find its own community.

Despite the fact that any not realistic element in a serious, close to reality, the game looks ridiculous and breaks the atmosphere. At the same time, the more delusional game the better in it harmonizes the absurdity, fantasy, etc.

It is strange that there is no article on Pega about the most discussed topic. Prices in Steam in one of the neighboring regions Nekilo jumped so.

Gaben Fan Nintendo?

What are you, now you will cut an hourly interview for questions and post?

The next question about toilet paper?

depending on what for realism and how it works in specific games. The most hardcore realism has poor formalization in the game game logic for feedback and is fraught with the fact that the player will lose time and will be furious and unhappy mainly. I arranged a knead with gopniks in the gateway, died through chamilling from bleeding in the hospital, although Fit won as if or thought that he had won. Come on a new one.

as Gaben said so is it!

I never understood this "realism". Especially "stamina", When you start playing a goner, which cannot run five meters, but at the end of the game you can pump up to 15. Super, let’s go more realism, let it always be drunk and just lies

There are many games where the bottom graphics, but the plot captivates and asks for repeated passage

Yes, Beamng Drive, People PlayGround, Teardown, Red Faction Guerrillas are smoked aside.

Well, yes, I play to relax, and not re -strain after work) Therefore, I play Asterix)

Since when did his opinion become authoritative?

Well Gaben himself, a kind of fairy tale.)

Good everything in moderation. It is necessary to competently combine the realism of the same physics and game conventions. And what kind of realism Gabe was talking about is not entirely clear. Milims of monotonous wastelands to trample in real time? Well, here I agree. This is not fun at all at all. Just developers need to be more careful with this term. And then I found out that in one network project they talk about realism, and there you can throw a grenade in a box and lie down nearby and you will not have anything but an announcement.

Realism should manifest itself in the game design. Namely, in the logical arrangement of objects on the map. It’s about household little things that create the effect of immersion. From a trivially scattered trash, to roads and architectural solutions made on the principle "Shobs Bulo".

The game should be pleasure. These can be realistic games and cartoon.

And Head crab is very realistic))

Yes, in realistic Half Life, they somehow get out of the overall picture of the headcrabs XD.

He is absolutely right! I myself was convinced of this with the example of sports games. In the 90s and 00s they were quite far from reality, but damn it, it was interesting to play in them! And when they became very close to reality, they simply became bored in them. The same hockey was turned into a dull fuss of the sides and stupid running around, everything is like in real life 🙁

I agree in principle, the Tarkovs, etc

Therefore, with each update, the COP now looks like a cartoon piece of shit? Such an excuse.

And when the COP was about realism?

When was KS Surs.

Nyukhal is not at all in the subject. Realism is the main thing for a real gamer! How can you play the game and not feel like a real soldier or scientist? And if something "Not realistic", where is the guarantee that zombies or aliens from space will not kill you? Of course, fun is when everything is believable and scary! And now, after all, continuous jokes-fantasia are released under the guise "games".

Yes, and why did Newell have so broken – they never got out with the last episode! How many years have passed already. And then pro "fun" Different. Yes, it would be better he finished his franchise, and not about "realism" said. He himself did nothing realistic, only trailers and promises.

realized? well, I do not. I had more than enough for me in RDR 2. Absolutely old Gabe – to dick realism!

Next, we change the word "Internet" on "realism".

This grandfather created shooters as a genre

Founder of Valv, who created the Steam store, the Half Life Game series, a cone -a -stroke cone, Tim Forters, portal. As well as such games as Dota 2 and Left Ford 2.

Useful isoing, not that these scientists came up with some kind of cancer vaccine, useless)

You never know what exactly he had in mind.. But I still do not agree with him.

Apparently this is why this fat swine to.With Guano 2 cannot make normal, see "realism" This is not fun, but Guano 2 with a bunch of bugs, broken by the sly with the first guano due to the crookedness of the Vyderny Surs of the engine and the shitty cloud of cheaters, this is a fun, everything is delighted!

Him, a piece "Kala", brings him money. And there are people – who bring them there.

Why when they talk about gaybushka, they always recall at first about CS?

Hams immediately begin to move as soon as Gaben farts something on the air

You buy a cage?

I can not stand this lyzostanism and zipolizstvo.. когда старой человек, когда то уважаемый, скажет какую нибудь хрень, и безмозглая толпа жополизов бегает рассказывает как это правильно. XD)

Realism within the framework of the monitor is, in principle, it is impossible, it is an empty three.. Marketing chatter. There is a gameplay, its filling and diversity, and this can be done better and more detailed. There are frank errors in this regard, which are accepted as the norm. For example, in Fall4, doctors and frames do not completely remove radiation, one division remains. This was done in order to allegedly some complication, such as you will have to use anti -radar, it is weakened immunity, the probability of illness, hunger and sleep. No, this is not a complication within the framework of gameplay when you play, this is ѳiotism, and such an ѳiotism is accepted for some norm. About not fun, it would be better to keep silent. In this regard, GTA is very indicative, and others like her all kinds of RDR. Instead of making a rich city, a serious gameplay, as it once began in GTA SA, marketers PR. Dawn that now even a poop in the corners for the game of the year of the year, they could not. They used to be asked where the development of gameplay?! In response, they stated the strategy this development of graphene. In the yard of 2023, you ask where the graphene? Generally the tongue in the ass was put. As a result, neither gameplay nor graphene.. and the dull prayers of those farts who led to this, about realism in games. In general, say that the fart is wrong, this is not to say anything. )

Tim Kane talked about how he modified Greyhawk to work with a secret project on the AI ​​of the Ministry of Defense

The co-author of Fallout/Outer Worlds and the co-founder of Troika Games Tim Kane told the most strange story in his YouTube channel. He already told us about a role -playing game "Lord of the Rings", which was never able to come into the world, about the true purpose of the shelters in Fallout and about the approximate plans of the sequel/extension Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines, the action of which takes place in Barstow and Vegas. A few days ago, he also talked about how he helped to train the artificial intelligence of the US Department of Defense play Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil.

According to Kane, in 2004 he was addressed by a former classmate in graduate school, who went to work in the Ministry of Defense. "He wanted to know if I can take Temple of Elemental Evil and write an API (programming interface) so that the external AI can pass the game", – Kane explains.

Under the contract, Kane and the leading programmer of the original TOEE, Stephen was swimming in creating this version of TOEE at sunset Vampire: The Masquarade – BloodLines. Kane says that they have never encountered the Ministry of Defense AI with their own eyes – he is swarming on the compatible version of TOEE, sent it, and then received comments from the client to adjust her. "We made the external program can control the main functions of Temple of Elemental Evil", – Kane clarifies.

To test his API on his own experience, Kane and the swim created a simple AI, which mainly made a choice randomly, with a positive reinforcement from obtaining XP and negative reinforcement from the death of the character. In the video, Kane tells how even this simple test AI surprised him with his capabilities. Having gone off for lunch, Kane and swells returned in an hour and found that their program "I created a party, wandered around the chommlet, went into the buildings, talked with people, was able to purchase a follower and equipment, left the Hommlet card, moved to another card and fought with giant spiders".

"If this is what random AI can do in an hour", – Kane continues, – "I cannot imagine what can do with a state memory and learning algorithms".

Although the developer does not know the exact deadlines, it seems that Kane and the swimming presented the final Iteration of TOEE for robots in the first half of 2005, somewhere in the midst of the untimely death of Troika. Kane has not heard about her anymore, although he characterizes this version of Toeee as the fourth completed Troika project, along with the original game, Arcanum: of SteamWorks and Magick Obscura and Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodlines.

What is the conclusion here? Somewhere under the Pentagon or in zone 51 there is AI to this day playing the Temple of Elemental Evil, honing his tactical skill and getting closer to break out of his underground prison and deliver the last blow to the leather bags that It was created.

Valve began the process of unlocking users with Windows 7 in Counter-Strike 2

On October 2, 2023, Valve began the process of unlocking users with PC on Windows 7 in Counter-Strike 2 Steam. In fact, Windows 7 users in Counter -Strike 2 were blocked by Valve (VAC – Valve Anticheat System), supposedly, for the use of prohibited utilities, although in fact the players simply launched the Title on the old OS.

“We apologize to everyone. It looks like we made a mistake. We remove an erroneous lock. Now you can play again on the servers of this game protected by VAC, ”Valve reported to users affected by an incident. The company announced their ambulance unlock.

Game experts from the community explained that Valve will take several days to unlock all players in Counter-Strike 2 on Windows 7.

At the end of September, users with a PC on Windows 7 reported on blocking accounts in Counter-Strike 2 due to the use of Chitersky software, although they have nothing to have the same in the system, and the previous version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched stably and without blocking from Sides Steam. Players are strongly advised not to launch Counter-Strike 2 in Windows 7 due to the possibility of obtaining such a ban from Valve.

The player community raised this topic on the Steam forum, where the developers were asked to release a patch against this problem, pay special attention to the incident and update the Title Protection System.

As of the end of August 2023, the Windows 7 operating system used about 1.3% of the total share of users in Steam.

In March of this year, Valve announced that the Steam game platform will stop supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 from January 1, 2024. After this date, the Steam client will only work on a PC with Windows 10/11. Valve asked the players to prepare for this event in a timely manner and update the operating system.

Earlier, MacOS users reported that they could not launch a new Counter-Strike 2 game on their PC. When trying to start starting, the game gives an error. The technical support of Steam replied that the developers do not plan to soon update updates on this issue. The problem is aggravated by the fact that Valve completely removed access to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, replacing it with Counter-Strike 2, but CS: Go had a native version for PC on MacOS.

AVOWED was first developed as Skyrim from Obsidian, developers admit

AVOWED is often compared with The Elder Scrolls 5, then as a spiritual heir, then as a version of Skyrim “on steroids”. Well, it seems that there is a grain of truth in this. After the presentation of the Xbox Games Showcase, the developers from Obsidian told some background, among which, just, the desire to create RPG on the same cast as the last chapter TES, but with some differences.

This was told by Fergus Urkhart, General Director of Obsidian.

“In fact, it was a pitch, our version of Skyrim. So, at least in the beginning it was an idea. Then it turned into something else. We thought about it. Bethesda perfectly coped with her Skyrim. Mojang with its minecraft. Turn10 with her racing games. What makes us special? Our RPG, right?”.

According to the general director, the stronger side of Obsidian is the narrative. To avowed “The Outer Worlds is the last and best example of this ability. As well as Pillars, which was not linear, and its continuation of Pillars of Eternity 2, which was even less linear“, Says Urkhart. Avowed, he explains, will pay a lot of attention to the interweaving of the stories of our adventurers with our stories and with the history of the world that surrounds all the characters.

“We could make a map of 8 km x 8 km, and then deal with the consequences that are associated with it. But this would mean the creation of a completely different type of gameplay and game, and we want to create more “intimate” stories that gamers can enjoy ”.

The words of the CEO are echoing with the words of Carrie Patel, Director of AVOWED:

“I think that the real strength of Obisidian in creating its role -playing games is the ability to create its own worlds, deep stories and write missions that reward an experimental and nonlinear approach. This really makes the players feel an active part of this world. “.

AVOWED is expected on Xbox Series X, Series S, PC in Steam and on the first day on Game Pass. The release date is still unknown, but expected in 2024.